Una loca Navidad catracha (2014)

Brothers Filiberto and Quiro choose the city of Tegucigalpa to spend the best Christmas ever, Honduran style.

María Pistolas (1963)

A miner decides to join Pancho Villa's troops with his young protégé, who is really a girl dressed as a boy.

El que busca encuentra (2017)

Marcos and Esperanza experience the joy of young love, but circumstances force them to take different paths in life.

Women & Sometimes Men (2018)

Engaged for one day, Sara decides to call off her marriage. Having had a short relationship with a woman in college, she seeks that feeling again, but how can she have a woman's touch without giving up men entirely?

Siete niños de Écija (1946)

In 19th-century Spain, the Seven Children of cija become lavish, independent bandits and stop being guerrillas.

Homestate (2016)

A troubled young man shows up at his sister's house unannounced, disrupting her ordered, suburban Texas life.

El pueblo del terror (1970)

Two men are sent to San Andrés to end the terror inspired by an evil local chief and his gang of thugs.

Hindustan Ki Kasam (1999)

A pair of twins are separated at birth, where one grows up as a Hindu in India, the other is raised a Muslim in Pakistan. However, due to the issues between the countries, they are forced to be against each other.

18 Frames/Sec (2010)

A young man travels across Germany in a Volkswagen bus and documents his trip with a Super 8 camera.

Escape (2012)

Kidnap victims (C. Thomas Howell, John Rhys-Davies) in Thailand clash over religious philosophy and plot their escape from human traffickers.

Gutland (2017)

When a German drifter wanders into a seemingly idyllic town in the Luxembourg countryside and decides to put down roots, everything is not as it appears.

The Classified File (2015)

A detective and a fortune teller join forces to find a kidnapped child.

For Blood (2015)

Friends play a high stakes game of poker as a Wild West scene materializes around them.

The Doctor Is In (2014)

A psychiatrist goes out to lunch with a seasoned colleague.

The Life of Baldrick (2017)

A sexist narcissist creates a reality TV show about himself.

The Death of Santa Claus (2012)

Santa's workshop is a magical place, but when Santa Claus is killed on Dec. 1, everything changes. It's a gruesome murder with gruesome intent, and the consequences extend deep into the real world.

Good Favor (2017)

A wounded teenage stranger who stumbles into an isolated village of devout Christians gradually reveals his motives.

The Apizaco Shaman (2017)

The stormy life of the Mexican bullfighter Rodolfo Rodrguez Gonzalez, who worked as a baker, gravedigger, bundles loader, seller of gelatinas before becoming a bullfighter.

Hillary (2016)

When Hillary gets dumped, she discovers that karma and fate have a sense of humor.

Born to Love You (2013)

A middle-aged man, still hurting from a past romance, begins a relationship with an 18-year-old singer discovering love for the first time.

Birds Are Singing in Kigali (2017)

During the Rwandan genocide, a Polish ornithologist saves a Tutsi girl from death. After several years, they return to Africa on an emotional journey full of painful memories.

Date & Time (2017)

A young couple's fragile bond is tested when they go back in time.

The Final Escape (2010)

As a key figure in the Spanish resistance, Miguel Núñez paid a heavy price for confronting the Franco regime. After being diagnosed with a serious illness, his final battle became the right to a dignified death.

Wildlands (2017)

Writer Rusty Young returns to Bolivia to uncover the realities of the cocaine trade.

Pottu Amman (2000)

A man kills 27 babies, each born under a different star, to attain extraordinary powers. However, he realizes that he has to kill one more baby born under a rare star to become omnipotent.

Boonchu 5 (1990)

Boonchu tries to impress his girlfriend by running for university president.

The Beatles: Made on Merseyside (2018)

The history of the band and why it took so long to find success.

Fail State (2018)

An investigation into the dark side of higher education.

Mes meilleurs copains (1989)

Five aging friends recall their youth at a reunion with a woman (Louise Portal) from their '60s rock band.

L'Amour aller-retour (2008)

A French writer travels to Canada to get her ex-boyfriend's permission to publish a book about their relationship.

Mariage chez les Bodin's (2008)

Journalists film the everyday life of a 50-year-old man who lives with his mother.

Moi, Michel G, Milliardaire, Maître Du Monde (2010)

A powerful businessman agrees to be interviewed by an impertinent journalist.

Speechless (2013)

Although a woman who works as a telemarketing phone operator for a financial institution thought she had heard every excuse for non-payment, a phone call with a customer leaves her speechless.

Moi à ton âge (2012)

A single mother and her rebellious daughter switch bodies.

The Mountain (2015)

A 14-year-old becomes the man of the house while his grandfather is in the hospital.

Bones of Contention (2017)

Filmmaker Andrea Weiss explores LGBT repression under the Franco regime in Spain.

Cradle (2016)

A 14-year-old girl tries to outwit the failing computer system on a crippled spaceship.

Laila at the Bridge (2018)

Laila Haidari battles a severe drug crisis in Kubul, Afghanistan, through her narcotics anonymous program.

Kaaliyan (2017)

An aggressive fisherman's children have to face the consequences of their father's mistakes.

Gachinko Fighting (2010)

An epic gang battle ensues when Saeki, the former gang leader of East Asuka High School, transfers to West Asuka.

Lechmi (2017)

A dramatic event changes the lives of four bachelors.

Minnaminungu the FireFly (2017)

The life of a single mother in Kerala.

Mythily Veendum Varunnu (2017)

After losing her father, a young woman moves to the city to earn money. When she finds a job at a mysterious bungalow, her worst nightmares come true.

A Sors Akarata (2018)

A man is in debt and faces down the local village criminals by protecting his girlfriend from them.

Mes amis (1999)

Two friends panic when they discover a dead woman in their apartment.

Le colis (2011)

A debt-ridden man agrees to kidnap an arrogant businessman on behalf of an unscrupulous creditor.

Dream Wife (2014)

A man meets the girl of his dreams on the day he's supposed to marry another woman.

Retribution (2017)

Shortly after the death of her parents, an accomplished flautist attends a music academy and falls in love with a fallen angel.

A Photo of Me (2017)

A child wakes up to the flickering images of a film noir.

The Tesla World Light (2017)

Nikola Tesla spends the finals days of his life in New York.

City Council: Parrhesia in the Commons (2014)

A city council meeting in Pennsylvania devolves into chaos.

Fun in Boys Shorts (2014)

An anthology of shorts about the gay experience.

Paranormal Retreat 2: The Woods Witch (2016)

Paranormal investigators encounter something in the forest.

Live (2018)

A private detective uncovers the horrors of the dark web while searching for a woman who was abducted while streaming on Facebook.

Chronicles of Humanity: Renegades (2014)

Human rebels search for a way to drive their alien overlords back into space.

Last Days in Shibati (2017)

Filmmaker Hendrick Dusollier visits the rapidly industrializing Chinese city of Chongqing to witness the dismantling of the last standing pre-modern hutong.

Un clavo saca otro clavo (2013)

Viviana steals a huge sum of money from El Pollo, a drug dealer, and wants to hide her loot in her ex boyfriend Bernando's shop.

Have You Seen My Movie? (2016)

Drawing on clips from hundreds of films, filmmaker Paul Anton Smith recalls the myriad ways in which movies have been publicly exhibited, from opulent movie palaces to drive-ins and seedy porn theaters.

The Green Standard (2016)

Activists fight to end marijuana prohibition in America.

Run for Your Life (2015)

A high school student with a troubled past is stalked by a horrific creature after a near-death experience. His world becomes a mix of murder and self-mutilation as he digs into his mind to find out the truth.

Ya te cargó el payaso (2003)

Two police officers deal with the consequences of trying to put a stop to drug trafficking and corruption.

El que murió de amor (1945)

When a man is dying of love and refuses to eat, his troubled family enlists the help of a specialist in occult arts.

Danik, el viajero del tiempo (1996)

A man is visited by an alien, who leaves a little alien boy in charge of him, and the kid helps the man beat his alcohol addiction.

The Wholly Family (2011)

An American family travels to Naples, Italy, to have magical adventures.

Historia de un canalla (1964)

A woman loses her mind when she finds out a man has betrayed her, and out of desperation and spite, she decides to kill him.

Restoration (2016)

In a near-future world where individuals have their memories downloaded for backup, a man awakens in someone else's body.

Thupparivaalan (2017)

While investigating the killing of a dog, a detective uncovers a series of bizarre and seemingly unrelated crimes.

Little Superman (2014)

A 12-year-old comic book fan discovers he has telekinesis and the power to fly.

We Are EC: The Untold Story of East Chicago Basketball (2017)

East Chicago, Ind., is an industrial city that is home to over 70 nationalities and an unrivaled basketball tradition. This is a celebration of a great basketball city in a basketball crazed state.

Birth Reborn (2013)

Medical professionals and mothers in Brazil talk about the increasing number of caesarean deliveries with traumatic and unnecessary interventions, as opposed to natural labor.

Uncharted Waters (2013)

A look at the humble beginnings of Australian surfer Wayne Lynch in his seaside town of Lorne, the story of the path to surfing, and how he used it to run from conscription and the Vietnam War.

Rites of Passage (2013)

Teenagers deal with the dangers of youth.

Legend of Hallowaiian (2018)

After unleashing a mythical monster upon the Hawaiian islands, three young friends must use local legends to restore peace to their home.

Harry Me! The Royal Bitch of Buckingham (2015)

A woman is dissatisfied with her status and decides to travel to England to find a wealthy husband.

Lousy Neighbor (2015)

A small-town makeup artist moves to the big city to find her fortunes.

Perfect Girl (2014)

Childhood friends reunite years after high school. The two must admit their feelings before the weight of adulthood consumes them.

Coco (2018)

A woman gets caught up in a drug smuggling operation.

Livingston Taylor: Life Is Good (2017)

The singer-songwriter gives back to the music that nurtured him through his teachings at the world renowned Berklee College of Music.

Sunset at Chaopraya (1988)

A Japanese naval officer falls in love with a Thai resistance fighter during World War II.

Searching for Hell (2015)

Filmmakers explore different notions of hell.

Wretch (2018)

After a night of partying in the woods, three friends find themselves haunted by a presence they can't explain. As they piece together their memories of what happened that night, they begin to realize that some monsters are more human than animal.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2017)

A kindhearted doctor unleashes his murderous alter-ego.

Stealing Sunrise 2: Malibu Trail (2017)

Two strangers team up to track down the man responsible for a violent crime spree.

On the Night Stage (1915)

A stagecoach robber turns over a new leaf after he falls in love with a saloon girl.

Mais qui a tué Pamela Rose? (2003)

Two FBI agents investigate a stripper's death.

Inner Revolution (2017)

Three young men embark on a journey of self-discovery as they sail from northern Brazil to Ushuaia in Argentina.

Le Plus beau jour de ma vie (2004)

Before the announcement of the marriage of some friends, the members of a couple who live together for a long time begin to discuss and separate.

Dos Fantasmas y Una Muchacha (1958)

En un viejo teatro viven dos fantasmas que se odian, pues se mataron uno al otro por el amor de una muchacha.

La Tribu (1990)

A doctor investigates the needless death of a teenager who was denied hospitalization by local politicians.

Sojourn (2014)

A diverse group of surfers explores the Indian Ocean.

Dr. Sugarloaf (2016)

A frumpy woman joins a dating website and meets a mysterious stranger.

Gathering (2014)

Australian surfer Dave Rastovich explores the tension between the industrial and the natural.

Wrecked (2009)

A child suffers in the aftermath of a car accident.

The Bathroom Attendant (2013)

A bathroom attendant reveals the secrets of his trade.

All In (2016)

A girl from the city heads to a rural ranch to figure her life out.

The End of Meat (2017)

Philosophers, scientists, artists and activists offer their insight and progressive ideas about the role of animals in society.

The Trees of Eden (2016)

When Esarhaddon, a cruel Assyrian King, conquers an unsuspecting nation, a mysterious old man appears and forces the king to experience the life and memories of those he has sought to destroy.

Face (2014)

A man becomes enamored of his own image in the mirror.

Cindy (2015)

Cindy discovers that she has been cursed and must burn alive any boy who happens to touch her.

Sharon (2015)

Sharon, an ordained priest, discusses the role of women in the Church of England.