Doing Life (1986)

Murderer Jerry Rosenberg (Tony Danza) studies law in prison and has his sentence changed from death to life.

Her Own Rules (1998)

Meredith Sanders (Melissa Gilbert) is a successful writer who nonetheless feels lonely and unfulfilled. She sets out for England, where she was born but has not visited since being adopted in America as a young girl. Grappling with her distant memories, she undertakes a search for her birth mother's grave, only to discover something incredible -- her mother is alive. As she struggles to cope with this information, she meets and falls for an attractive architect (Jeremy Sheffield).

Whipsaw (1935)

Hot jewels from London make their way to New York, where they are stolen by racketeer Ed Dexter (Harvey Stephens), who hides them with the help of his vivacious girlfriend, Vivian Palmer (Myrna Loy). Federal agent Ross McBride (Spencer Tracy) goes undercover to infiltrate Dexter's gang and, suspecting Vivian can lead him to the jewels, comes to her aid when she is chased by a rival gang. The two flee to the Midwest with both gangs in pursuit -- but Vivian is not as gullible as Ross thinks.

It's the Earth not the Moon (2012)

A portrait of life on the island of Corvo, which has fewer than 500 inhabitants in its one town.

Where Love Has Gone (1964)

A divorced couple's (Susan Hayward, Michael Connors) teenage daughter stands trial for stabbing her mother's latest lover.

Holy Water (2009)

A band of hapless thieves hides a stolen shipment of Viagra in a dying town's Holy Well.

A Distant Thunder (1978)

Some seek repentance and others reject God as final judgments are enacted upon humanity.

Dead Letter Office (1998)

Alice (Miranda Otto) sends out letters to her estranged father, but each one comes back to her unread -- courtesy of the dead letter office. In hopes of locating him, she secures a job working for the office, where she meets department head Frank (George DelHoyo), a Chilean political refugee with a tragic past. Touched by her need to find closure, Frank attempts to help Alice in her search. But soon he's doing more than that: He's writing Alice letters pretending to be her father.

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes (1974)

In 1950s Harlem a vicious Italian gangster (Frank deKova) tries to muscle in on a black racketeer's (Paul Harris) numbers game.

Birds Do It (1966)

A janitor blunders into an experiment that gives him the power of flight and makes him irresistible to women.

Flirtation Walk (1934)

Richard "Canary" Dorcy (Dick Powell) is a young soldier stationed in Hawaii, with no real ambition to become an officer. That changes when Gen. John Fitts (Henry O'Neill) visits the army base with his daughter, Kit (Ruby Keeler). After falling in love with Kit, Dorcy is shattered when she has to break off their romance for reputation's sake. Determined to prove himself, Dorcy applies to West Point -- where, four years later, he finds himself opposite Kit in the annual musical revue.

Angele (1934)

A French pimp seduces a peasant (Orane Demazis), but her father's helper (Fernandel) brings her back.

Out of It (1978)

A leftist lawyer (Pierre Richard) winds up on the run with his client (Victor Lanoux) after a jailbreak and a misunderstanding.

The Exterminator (1980)

A New York police detective (Christopher George) follows a vigilante's (Robert Ginty) gory trail of justice.

Beau Geste (1966)

After his business partner embezzles funds, American Beau Graves (Guy Stockwell), innocent of the crime, takes the fall. To avoid capture, Graves joins the French Foreign Legion on a deployment to North Africa and is stationed at a desert fort. Commanders of the fort, Lt. De Ruse (Leslie Nielsen) and Sgt. Maj. Dagineau (Telly Savalas) have greatly different approaches -- Dagineau is known for his brutality. Eventually, Graves' brother (Doug McClure) joins him, but his plight only worsens.

Buried Loot (1935)

An embezzler breaks out of prison and returns to the spot where he hid his stolen money.

Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter (1966)

Maria Frankenstein (Narda Onyx) puts a monster's brain in the body of Jesse James' (John Lupton) sidekick (Cal Bolder).

All's Fair (1989)

A tycoon (George Segal) and his pals play a weekend war game against his wife (Sally Kellerman) and women trained by a mercenary.

A Tale of Two Critters (1977)

A lost raccoon and a bear cub search for their families in the wilderness.

Le dernier souffle (1999)

A cop (Luc Picard) finds his neo-Nazi brother (Michel Goyette) brutally murdered at a crime scene, and his investigation leads to startling discoveries.

The Butcher Boy (1917)

Buster Keaton is an unruly customer in Fatty Arbuckle's store.

Coney Island (1917)

A woman catches the eye of a married man (Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle).

Like a Fish Out of Water (1999)

In Israel, an Argentine actor looks to his Hebrew teacher for help in perfecting his accent so that he can win a role on an Israeli soap opera.

The Rough House (1917)

A man (Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle) runs a seaside resort.

The Day the Fish Came Out (1967)

When a NATO plane carrying nuclear weapons loses power over the Aegean Sea, it is forced to dump its cargo into the water, save for a mysterious box, which orders say must make landfall. The pilot (Colin Blakely) and his navigator (Tom Courtenay) are stranded with no clothes or money on a remote island, where American special agents disguised as developers have been dispatched. A mass influx of tourists follows the developers, raising the stakes for finding the cargo, including the elusive box.

Fin (2012)

Old friends get together for a weekend in a remote cabin, but lurking behind the laughter is a murky episode from their past. When an apocalyptic event threatens their lives, a new natural order is unveiled to them.

Count Dracula's Great Love (1973)

A vampire count (Paul Naschy) eyes 19th-century travelers who stop by his Spanish castle.

The Annihilators (1985)

Specially trained veterans (Christopher Stone, Andy Wood, Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs) regroup stateside to clear punks off the streets of Atlanta.

The Light Touch (1951)

Burglar Sam Conride (Stewart Granger) usually reports to black market kingpin Felix Guignol (George Sanders), but when the crook nabs a priceless painting, he decides to stash the loot and fence it himself. To appease the skeptical Felix, Sam enlists brilliant artist Anna Vasarri (Pier Angeli) to forge a version of the stolen painting. Eventually both Felix and the authorities discover that Sam still has the original painting, so he and Anna are forced to flee for their lives.

Touch Me in the Morning (1999)

A troubled youth (Giuseppe Andrews) spends his days singing and riding mechanical bulls.

Blue Eyelids (2007)

A woman invites a male stranger along on a vacation, and they find that compatibility leads to love.

The Spell of Amy Nugent (1941)

A college student (Derek Farr) tries to contact the spirit of the woman that he loves.

The Lash (1930)

A Mexican rancher (Richard Barthelmess) delivers cattle to a crooked U.S. official, by stampede.

Girl From Tenth Avenue (1935)

Driven to drink over losing his girlfriend, Valentine (Katharine Alexander), to a rich man, Geoff Sherwood (Ian Hunter) goes on a bender, creating a drunken disturbance outside the church at Valentine's wedding. When shop girl Miriam Brady (Bette Davis) rescues him, Geoff convinces her to join him drinking, and the next morning they wake up married. Geoff surprises Miriam by agreeing to try married life, and the couple just begin to find contentment when an unhappy Valentine confronts Miriam.

Lamb of God (2008)

A daughter returns home to help her kidnapped father.

Half Moon (2010)

A prostitute's (Tori Black) latest client (Marek Matousek) is a man who turns into a werewolf.

Arizona (2004)

Phoebe holds her own as the only female resident of an Old West town, until she meets drifter Peter Muncie, whose rugged charm softens her gruff exterior.

Battle Beyond the Sun (1963)

Newer footage of sexually symbolic monsters at war blends with older footage from an obscure Soviet space-race movie.

Killers of Kilimanjaro (1959)

In colonial Africa, American railroad engineer Robert Adamson (Robert Taylor) sets out from Mombasa, Kenya, to Lake Victoria to plot out a route for Africa's first transcontinental railroad. He is accompanied on this treacherous task by Jane Carlton (Anne Aubrey), whose father and fianc have both disappeared in the wilds of the African veldt, and a spunky young Arab boy, Pasha (John Dimech), whose slave-trader father, Ben Ahmed (Grgoire Aslan), is working with a rival railroad firm.

Exposed (1947)

A private eye (Adele Mara) and her sidekick solve the case of a dead client.

The Alien Dead (1980)

A sheriff (Buster Crabbe), reporter (Ray Roberts) and game warden hunt houseboat zombies in a Florida swamp.

Mars (1997)

A law enforcement officer (Olivier Gruner) from Earth seeks vengeance for his brother's mysterious death on Mars.

Solo Sunny (1980)

An aging female musician (Renate Krner), once a factory worker, faces difficulty seeking true love and a solo career.

The Lone Rider and the Bandit (1942)

Tom disguises himself as a musician to find out who is terrorizing miners into selling their claims at a low price.

Arizona Days (1937)

A singing cowboy (Tex Ritter) saves his stranded medicine show by collecting back taxes for a commission.

The Prisoner of Shark Island (1936)

Dr. Samuel Mudd (Warner Baxter) is arrested for being an accomplice to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln (Frank McGlynn Sr.) when he unknowingly aids an injured John Wilkes Booth (Francis McDonald) following the shooting at Ford's Theater. He's sentenced to life in prison and sent to a treacherous penal colony on a remote island in the Dry Tortugas. But when yellow fever breaks out on the island and strikes the prison's doctor, Mudd's medical training becomes invaluable.

The Honor of the Press (1932)

A reporter (Edward J. Nugent) uncovers corruption at his newspaper.

8.5 Hours (2008)

Four employees at a failing Irish software company will do anything to keep their financial futures secure.

I Vicerè (2007)

Following the funeral of a princess, members of a family fight over the inheritance.

Cremaster 5 (1997)

The Queen of Chain (Ursula Andress) sings a mournful aria while watching a past lover (Matthew Barney) leap into the Danube and become transformed.

SOS Coast Guard (1937)

A guardsman (Ralph Byrd) and a newswoman (Maxine Doyle) trap an inventor (Bela Lugosi) of disintegrating gas.

Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair (1952)

Lazy Pa (Percy Kilbride) and hard-working Ma Kettle (Marjorie Main) get set to compete in the Cape Flattery County Fair, where they are up against Birdie Hicks (Esther Dale), their old nemesis. The events include a harness race, for which Pa purchases a worn-down, out-of-shape mare named Emma, and a bread and jam contest that puts Ma's cooking skills to the test. The Kettles need the prize money to send daughter Rosie (Lori Nelson) off to college, but Birdie intends to win every competition.

Losing Ground (1982)

A philosophy professor (Seret Scott) prides herself on being liberal but is jealous of her artist husband's (Bill Gunn) gorgeous model (Maritza Rivera).

Ma and Pa Kettle at Home (1954)

The Kettles try to make their dilapidated farm into an efficient, model operation as they compete for a scholarship.

Ridin' the Cherokee Trail (1941)

Two cowboys (Tex Ritter, "Arkansas Slim" Andrews) and a resourceful heroine come to the aid of ranchers being victimized by a villain.

Lucky Star (1929)

Two veterans of World War I fall in love with the same woman (Janet Gaynor).

Juke Girl (1942)

Fruit picker Steve Talbot (Ronald Reagan) sides with Greek farmer Nick Garcos (George Tobias) in his feud with packing-plant owner Henry Madden (Gene Lockhart). That causes trouble for him in his small Florida farming town, which Madden rules with an iron fist. Even Steve's buddy Danny Frazier (Richard Whorf) joins with the all-powerful oligarch. Seemingly the only person with the guts to stand up for Talbot is a roadhouse juke girl named Lola Mears (Ann Sheridan).

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (1999)

To strengthen his masculine image, a soap star with a longtime male lover plans to marry a woman.

Je sens le beat qui monte en moi (2012)

Rosalba suffers from a strange affliction -- whenever she hears music she begins to dance.

Wicked (1931)

A pregnant woman (Elissa Landi) comes before a jury for attempted manslaughter in an accidental incident.

The Tell-Tale Heart (1953)

An animated version of Edgar Allan Poe's classic story.

Alien Zone (1978)

A psychotic photographer, a modern-day Scrooge and a pack of evil children dominate this collection of macabre tales.

The Headhunter's Sister (1997)

Visits by a sibling (Elizabeth Schofield) spur a middle-aged New Yorker's (Bob McGrath) contemplation of his relationships and lifestyle.

The Porcelain Horse (2012)

Paco spends his days smoking crack with his brother, Luis. When Luis decides to steal from his parents, a violent fight erupts between them and their father, with tragic consequences.

Le Quattro Volte (2010)

An old shepherd drinks church dust to stave off death.

Ánima Buenos Aires (2012)

Various characters explore the evolution of Buenos Aires in one of four tales utilizing different animation techniques.

Life's a Jungle: Africa's Most Wanted (2012)

A pampered pup must reluctantly adapt to a new way of life after becoming separated from his family during an African safari.

The Widows of Thursdays (2009)

A mystery unfolds as a woman (Ana Celentano) returns home to find her husband (Pablo Echarri) and his two friends dead.

De martes a martes (2012)

A man (Pablo Pinto) witnesses a terrible crime, and the incident changes his outlook on life forever.

Merry Wives of Reno (1934)

One woman's infidelity threatens the marriages of two others, a newlywed (Margaret Lindsay) and a longtime wife.

Monstro! (2010)

The sea rises in a tide of blood when people go into the water.

Bad Man of Deadwood (1941)

A cowboy (Roy Rogers) hides from his past in a fake professor's (George "Gabby" Hayes) medicine show and helps town outcasts fight civic reformers.

Vacanze in America (1984)

A group of students from a school for boys takes a holiday trip through the United States. Father Don has a hard time controlling the group, and he is distracted by the pretty mother of one of the students.

Super Nothing (2013)

Guto (Marat Descartes), an aspiring actor, dreams of hitting the big time by appearing on an old-fashioned show starring Zeca, an old-school TV comedian who is on his last legs. When Guto's act catches the eye of a producer, he gets his chance.