War of the Buttons (2011)

War of the Buttons (original title: La Nouvelle Guerre des boutons) is a 2011 French film directed by Christophe Barratier.

Oklahoma Renegades (1940)

Oklahoma Renegades is a 1940 American Western "Three Mesquiteers" B-movie directed by Nate Watt.

Stockholm Marathon (1994)

Stockholm Marathon is a 1994 film about the Swedish police detective Martin Beck directed by Peter Keglevic, loosely based on the last Martin Beck novel, The Terrorists. The title-song for the film, "Marathon of Life", was written by Ralf Stemmann and performed by Thomas Anders (of Modern Talking fame).

The Hawk (1931)

An outlaw (Norman Kerry) known as "the Hawk" tries to find the real culprit who stole priceless treasures from a mission.

Plan for Destruction (1943)

Plan for Destruction is a 1943 American short propaganda film directed by Edward Cahn. It looks at the Geopolitik ideas of the ex-World War I professor, General Karl Haushofer, who is portrayed as the head of a huge organisation for gathering information of strategic value and the mastermind behind Hitler's wars and plans to enslave the world. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short.

Hayride (2012)

An escaped killer stalks Steven (Jeremy Ivy) and his girlfriend (Sherri Eakin) on a haunted hay ride.

The Fall of Night (2007)

A hunted musician has to confront his past life while trapped in the high desert.

Bicycling With Moliere (2013)

Once-great actor Serge Tanneur (Fabrice Luchini) spends his days alone, painting second-rate portraits and cycling through the windblown landscape of France's Île de Ré. One day his old friend Gauthier (Lambert Wilson), a famous TV star, arrives unexpectedly to coax him into a return to the stage, promising him a role in Molière'sclassic play, The Misanthrope. At first Serge dismisses the idea but slowly, as the pair's relationship begins to echo the play itself, he finds himself being inextricably drawn in... A witty and intelligent buddy comedy that has drawn parallels with The Trip, Cycling with Molière is a beautifully performed and darkly funny dissection of the life and work of actors.

The Dandelions (2012)

Rachel (Juliette Gombert) cannot wait to get away from her parents until she meets Valerie (Anna Lemarchand).

Dead Homiez (1993)

Dead Homiez was filmed on location in South Central Los Angeles. The film stars the Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac. The movie also stars, Treyvon Green and Cynthia Berry. The director of the movie was Billy Wright.

The Inn on Dartmoor (1964)

A young artist aids a policeman in discovering what became of six prison escapees who disappeared without a trace.

Born to Suffer (2010)

A group of women is so generous that each competes to see who can be the most helpful.

Monique (1978)

A lurid discovery about her new husband (John Ferris) pushes an already disturbed woman (Florence Giorgetti) over the edge.

Malamaal Weekly (2006)

Malamaal Weekly is a 2006 Indian Hindi comedy film written and directed by Priyadarshan and starring Riteish Deshmukh Paresh Rawal and the late Om Puri As The Lead. The storyline has similarities with Waking Ned.

Piaf: Her Story, Her Songs (2003)

Remembrances of those who knew the French singer (Raquel Bitton) and her lyrics describe the life of Edith Piaf.

Man Wanted (1995)

Man Wanted is a 1995 Hong Kong action thriller film directed by Benny Chan and Steve Cheng and starring Simon Yam, Yu Rongguang, Christy Chung and Eileen Tung.

Restrisiko (2011)

A meltdown at a nuclear power plant leads to widespread panic.

Who Shot My Father? (2011)

In 1973, Israeli Air Force attache Col. Joe Aldon was assassinated in Maryland and the case remains unsolved. Thirty-eight years later his three daughters search for the truth behind his killing.

Caged Fury (1948)

Caged Fury is a 1948 American drama film directed by William Berke and written by David Lang. The film stars Richard Denning, Sheila Ryan, Mary Beth Hughes, Buster Crabbe and Frank Wilcox. The film was released on March 5, 1948, by Paramount Pictures.

Don't Sleep Alone (1997)

A terrified attempted-rape victim (Lisa Welti) stays with a different man each night but wakes to find each dead or missing.

Lowlands (2009)

The unlikely relationship between the 1996 trial of a Bosnian Serb for crimes against humanity and the paintings of Johannes Vermeer.

YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip (2011)

Filmmakers travel across the U.S. to explore options for environmental sustainability.

I'm in Trouble! (2009)

A third rate poet constantly falls in love.

Sleepytime Gal (1942)

Sleepytime Gal is a 1942 American comedy film directed by Albert S. Rogell, written by Art Arthur, Albert Duffy and Max Lief, and starring Judy Canova, Tom Brown, Billy Gilbert, Ruth Terry, Thurston Hall, Elisha Cook, Jr. and Jerry Lester. It was released on March 5, 1942, by Republic Pictures.

The Trouble With Bliss (2012)

The Trouble with Bliss (formerly titled East Fifth Bliss) is an American drama film released on March 23, 2012 in the United States.

Haunted Ranch (1943)

Haunted Ranch is a 1943 American film directed by Robert Emmett Tansey, one of the entries in the Range Busters series.

How To Cheat (2011)

While he and his wife (Amber Sealey) struggle to conceive a child, a man (Kent Osborne) uses online dating sites to find a mistress.

Secret of the Blue Room (1933)

Secret of the Blue Room is a 1933 American pre-Code murder-mystery film directed by Kurt Neumann and starring Lionel Atwill, Gloria Stuart, Paul Lukas and Edward Arnold. The plot is based on the German film Geheimnis des Blauen Zimmers, made the previous year. Universal remade it twice: as The Missing Guest in 1938 and as Murder in the Blue Room in 1944; the latter is played mostly as a comedy with songs, though still largely faithful to the original plot.

Freight (2010)

A gang of Russians sells Eastern Europeans in Britain, until they start a war with locals.

Northwest (2013)

Nordvest is a Danish action-drama film from 2013, directed by Michael Noer and written by Rasmus Heisterberg. It is Noer's first solo project as a movie director, after he directed the critically acclaimed prison film R (2010) together with Tobias Lindholm. Nordvest received generally good reviews. It ended up selling 88,849 tickets in Danish cinemas, and has won awards including at the French Festival de Beaune and the Romanian Transilvania International Film Festival. Nordvest got its world premiere at the Rotterdam International Film Festival in January, and was also the opening film at the Copenhagen film festival.

Dark Frontier (2009)

Lucky Country is a 2009 Australian film starring Aden Young. It was shot in 16mm in late 2008.

The Prize (2011)

The Prize is a 2011 Mexican drama film directed by Paula Markovitch. The film was screened In Competition at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival.

Just like a Woman (1939)

Just like a Woman is a 1939 British comedy film directed by Paul L. Stein and starring Felix Aylmer, Jeanne de Casalis and Fred Emney. The film's plot follows a group of private detectives working for a jeweller who pursue a gang of thieves in Argentina. It was made at Elstree Studios.

Come on George! (1940)

Come On George! is a 1939 British comedy film directed by Anthony Kimmins which stars George Formby, with Pat Kirkwood and Joss Ambler in support. It was made by Associated Talking Pictures. Hal Erickson wrote in Allmovie, "Come on George! was a product of George Formby's peak movie years." It concerns the world of horse racing, and Formby, who had once been a stable apprentice, did his own riding in the film. Songs featured are "I'm Making Headway Now", "I Couldn't Let The Stable Down", "Pardon Me", and "Goodnight Little Fellow, Goodnight".

Run & Jump (2013)

Run & Jump is a 2013 Irish comedy-drama film starring Maxine Peake, Edward MacLiam, Ruth McCabe and Will Forte. It is directed by Academy Award nominee Steph Green and produced by Tamara Anghie. Run & Jump is a romance film, a voyeuristic reveal of changing family dynamics and a story of physical and emotional recovery.

Murder at the Baskervilles (1937)

Silver Blaze is a 1937 British, black-and-white crime and mystery film, based loosely on Arthur Conan Doyle's short story "Silver Blaze". It was directed by Thomas Bentley, and was produced by Twickenham Film Studios Productions. It stars Arthur Wontner as Sherlock Holmes, Ian Fleming as Dr. Watson and Ronald Shiner (uncredited) as Simpson the Stable Boy/Jockey. In the United States the film was released in 1941 by Astor Pictures, where it was also known as Murder at the Baskervilles, retitled by distributors to capitalize on the success of the Basil Rathbone Holmes film, The Hound of the Baskervilles.

The Peachy Cobbler (1950)

A poor cobbler feeds his last crust of bread to some birds that are really elves, who show their gratitude by finishing all his work while he sleeps and giving 'Tex Avery' a chance to show off lots of shoe gags.

The Cleaner (2012)

The Cleaner (Spanish: El limpiador) is a 2012 Peruvian drama film written and directed by Adrián Saba. The film was selected as the Peruvian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.

Saving Face (2008)

Matt Kern is followed through the Florida Criminal Justice System.

Fatal Games (1984)

Fatal Games (originally known as The Killing Touch and also released as Olympic Nightmare) is a 1984 American slasher film written and directed by Michael Elliott and starring Sally Kirkland, Lynn Banashek, Sean Masterson, Michael O'Leary, Teal Roberts, and Spice Williams-Crosby. The plot consists of a mad slasher wielding a javelin killing off various members of a high school gymnastics team. The film shares many of its plot points with an earlier slasher film, Graduation Day.

The Daredevil Drivers (1938)

Daredevil Drivers is a 1938 American crime film directed by B. Reeves Eason and written by Sherman L. Lowe. The film stars Beverly Roberts, Dick Purcell, Gloria Blondell, Gordon Oliver, Charley Foy and Donald Briggs. The film was released by Warner Bros. on February 12, 1938.

Babe's and Ricky's Inn (2013)

Babe's & Ricky's Inn is a documentary film directed by Ramin Niami about the famed blues club, Babe's & Rickey's Inn. The film premiered April 5, 2013 at Laemmle Monica in Santa Monica, California.

Brides of Blood (1968)

Brides of Blood is a 1968 Filipino horror film, directed by Eddie Romero. It was the first movie actor John Ashley made in the Philippines, beginning a long association between Ashley and that country.

Tutti giù (2012)

Three sports-oriented teenagers (Lara Gut, Yanick Cohades, Nicola Perot) come to a realization about their lives.

Kill Squad (1982)

Kill Squad is a 1982 American martial arts action film written and directed by Patrick G. Donahue and starring Jean Glaudé, Cameron Mitchell .

Children Galore (1955)

Children Galore is a 1955 comedy film directed by Terence Fisher. It stars Eddie Byrne and June Thorburn.

Virgin Beasts (1991)

Twisted animation is combined with live action footage in this bizarre sci-fi comedy from Australian animater Toby Zoates.

New York Says Thank You (2011)

A child from New York inspires the country to donate toys and other goods to the victims of wildfires in Southern California.

Los que volvieron (1948)

Los que volvieron is a 1948 Mexican film. It stars Sara García, and includes Malú Gatica.

Sasek a královna (1988)

The Jester and the Queen is a 1987 Czechoslovak comedy film directed by Věra Chytilová.

The Circle (1957)

The Vicious Circle is a 1957 British thriller film directed by Gerald Thomas and starring John Mills, Noelle Middleton, Wilfrid Hyde-White and Lionel Jeffries. A leading Harley Street specialist is forced to work with the police to nail a gang of international criminals, after being falsely accused of murder. It was based on My Friend Charles (1956), a TV serial written by Francis Durbridge.

Trouble at Timpetill (2008)

Trouble at Timpetill (French: Les Enfants de Timpelbach) is a 2008 French fantasy adventure film written and directed by Nicolas Bary, based on the novel of the same name by Henry Winterfeld. The film won the TFO Prize for Best Youth Film at the 2011 edition of the Cinéfranco film festival.

Sing As We Go! (1934)

Sing As We Go is a 1934 British musical film starring Gracie Fields, John Loder and Stanley Holloway. The script was written by Gordon Wellesley and J. B. Priestley. Considered by many to be British music hall star Gracie Fields' finest vehicle, this film was written for her by leading novelist J.B. Priestley. In this morale-boosting depression movie, set in the industrial north of England, Fields stars as a resourceful, spunky working class heroine, laid off from her job in a clothing mill, who has to seek work in the seaside resort of Blackpool. This gives her the opportunity both to fall into many misadventures and, of course, to sing. The decision to film on location brings the film a life and immediacy all too absent from most films of the period. The film provides us with a snapshot of life in a seaside resort in the 1930s. The final scene of the millworkers returning to the re-opened mill while Fields leads them in the rousing title song has become an almost iconic film cliché.

Siddhartha (1972)

Siddhartha is a 1972 American film based on the novel of the same name by Hermann Hesse, directed by Conrad Rooks. It was shot on location in Northern India, and features work by noted cinematographer Sven Nykvist. The locations used for the film were the holy city of Rishikesh and the private estates and palaces of the Maharajah of Bharatpur.

Frieda (1947)

An RAF pilot who was shot down during WWII returns home to his English village with his new bride. The trouble is that she is the German lady who helped him escape. Then her brother arrives.

Horsey (2002)

Horsey is a 1997 Canadian independent film starring Holly Ferguson and Todd Kerns that was directed by Kirsten Clarkson. Described in its tagline as "A Gritty Tale of Love, Ambition, and Addiction", the film was the first film for actors Kerns and Ferguson, as well as for director and writer Kristen Clarkson. Although Ferguson would go on to act in several other films and TV series (including 2005's Dark Water), neither Kerns nor Clarkson would work on another film (as of 2007).

The Shamrock Handicap (1926)

The Shamrock Handicap is a 1926 American romance film directed by John Ford. Prints of the film still exists in the Museum of Modern Art film archive and Cinematheque Royale de Belgique.

Invitation Only (2009)

Invitation Only (絕命派對 or Jue ming pai dui) is a Taiwanese horror film directed by Kevin Ko and released in April 2009. The film was billed as "Taiwan's First-Ever Slasher Horror".

Private Property (1960)

Private Property, sometimes shown as Private Property!, is a 1960 American independent crime film, directed by Leslie Stevens and starring Corey Allen, Warren Oates and Stevens' wife, Kate Manx. The film was considered disturbing at the time of its release and was condemned by the Catholic Legion of Decency. Its initial distributor went out of business, and by 1994 it had not been in circulation for thirty years, and was considered a "lost film." It was restored and re-released in 2016 to critical acclaim.

Hyperfutura (2013)

Hyperfutura is a 2013 science fiction film from American filmmaker James O'Brien, starring Eric Kopatz, Karen Corona, Gregory Kiem, Scott Donovan, Celine Brigitte, Alysse Cobb, Lionel Heredia, Gary Kohn, Edward Romero and William Moore. It draws elements from the mashup video movement, Ed Wood, time travel and transhumanism, and pays homage to such counterculture works as The Church of the SubGenius and the fictional experimental filmmaker James Orin Incandenza from the David Foster Wallace novel Infinite Jest. Utilizing both stock footage and a live action narrative, it takes the viewer on a psychedelic voyage into the subconscious of a hybrid robot human sent back in time. The film is based on the epic poem Hyperfutura by Eric Kopatz. The screenplay is by James O'Brien. The film was edited by Brando McClure and Ron Soha, with cinematography by Ama MacDonald, visual effects by John Younger and sound design by Jesse Bilson. It has been compared to Spectres of the Spectrum by experimental filmmaker Craig Baldwin, Eraserhead by David Lynch and the cinema of Andy Warhol. Hyperfutura premiered in Santa Monica, California, in July 2012 at the video store Vidiots. It was released by PanGlobal Entertainment worldwide in 2013.

Goth (2003)

Goth is a 2003 American horror film directed by Brad Sykes.The film starring Phoebe Dollar, Laura Reilly, Dave Stann, Larry Sprock and Todd Livingston in the lead roles.

Some May Live (1967)

Some May Live is a 1967 British war film directed by Vernon Sewell and starring Peter Cushing, Joseph Cotten and Martha Hyer. It is also known as In Saigon Some May Live. During the Vietnam War, a security leak in Saigon has to be plugged, when U.S. decoder Kate Meredith is faced with the dilemma of her husband pressuring her to give him information.

Rasa Yatra (2012)

A meditative journey reaches from the Himalayas into Vrindavana.

A Connecticut Yankee (1931)

A Connecticut Yankee is a 1931 American Pre-Code film adaptation of Mark Twain's 1889 novel, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. It was directed by David Butler to a script by William M. Conselman, Owen Davis, and Jack Moffitt. It was produced by Fox Film Corporation (later 20th Century Fox), who had earlier produced the 1921 silent adaptation of the novel, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. A Connecticut Yankee is the first sound film adaptation of Twain's novel. As in The Wizard of Oz, many of the actors in the film play more than one role, a character in the real world and one in the dream world. The film stars Will Rogers as Hank Martin, an American accidental time traveler who finds himself in Camelot back in the days of King Arthur (William Farnum, a Fox star for many years). Myrna Loy and Brandon Hurst play the evil Morgan le Fay and Merlin, who must be overcome by Hank's modern technical knowledge, while Maureen O'Sullivan plays Alisande. Fox was likely inspired to produce A Connecticut Yankee based on the success of the 1921 silent film. The 1931 version was likewise successful, and was re-released in 1936. It is unrelated to the 1927 musical also titled A Connecticut Yankee. The hero's name was changed from Hank Morgan to Hank Martin, possibly because the original name sounded too similar to that of actor Frank Morgan. A trailer for the film exists at the Library of Congress.

Submerged Queer Spaces (2012)

Urban archaeologists examine the history of San Francisco's gay community.

Fourplay (2013)

Couples in four American cities share their sexual intimacies.

In God We Teach (2011)

A Kearny high school student secretly records his history teacher and accuses him of proselytizing in class.

Permanent Vacation (2007)

Permanent Vacation is a dark comedy film written, directed, and produced by W. Scott Peake and is based upon the novel, What We Did On Our Holidays by Geoff Nicholson. Permanent Vacation is Scott’s first feature film after a career in directing commercials and music videos. It was shot on 35mm film.

The Old Crowd (1979)

George and Betty throw a party in their new home despite not having furniture or working bathrooms.

Alice in the Navy (1961)

Alice in the Navy (Greek: Η Αλίκη στο ναυτικό) is a 1961 Greek comedy film directed by Alekos Sakellarios.

Total Badass (2010)

Total Badass is a 2010 documentary by American director / producer Bob Ray that first premiered on May 19, 2010. Forgoing the usual route of signing a deal with a film distributor, the film will instead be showcased at different venues around the United States, along with some of the filmmaker's other independent films; such as the 2007's documentary Hell on Wheels.

Festival (1996)

Festival is a 1996 South Korean drama film directed by Im Kwon-taek, and based on the novel of the same title by Lee Cheong-jun.

The Misadventures of Buster Keaton (1950)

A compilation of the legendary Buster Keaton's classic comedy gems.

The Profession of Arms (2001)

The Profession of Arms (Italian: Il mestiere delle armi) is a 2001 Italian film directed by Ermanno Olmi.

The Aurora Encounter (1986)

The Aurora Encounter is a 1986 American Weird Western science fiction film directed by the Jim McCullough Sr., written by Melody Brooke and Jim McCullough, Jr., and starring Jack Elam, Mickey Hays, Peter Brown, Carol Bagdasarian and Dottie West. It was based on the Aurora, Texas, UFO incident.

Romance on the Run (1938)

Romance on the Run is a 1938 American film directed by Gus Meins.

Zion Canyon: Treasure of the Gods (1996)

Filmmaker Douglas Memmott explores the history and beauty of the Zion Canyon area.

Amateur Crook (1937)

Amateur Crook is a 1937 American film directed by Sam Katzman. The film is also known as Crooked But Dumb (in the United Kingdom) and Jewel Thief (American TV title).

Killing Spree (1987)

Killing Spree is a 1987 horror film written and directed by Tim Ritter. Its plot follows a man who becomes jealous of the imagined affairs of his wife and kills everyone she meets, only for them to come back as zombies.

Barbecue-Pejo (2000)

Bad luck befalls a poor African farmer (Jean Odoutan) and his family when he sells his land to buy his dream car.

Britney, Baby, One More Time (2002)

A filmmaker (Mark Borchardt) takes a road trip to New Orleans with a man (Robert Stephens) who impersonates Britney Spears.

The Pace That Thrills (1952)

The Pace That Thrills is a 1952 American action film directed by Leon Barsha and written by Robert Lee Johnson and DeVallon Scott. The film stars Bill Williams, Carla Balenda, Robert Armstrong, Frank McHugh and Michael St. Angel. The film was released on March 21, 1952, by RKO Pictures.

KJ: Music and Life (2009)

Filmmaker King-wai Cheung documents the life of pianist KJ.

Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II: Subhumanoid Meltdown (1991)

Class of Nuke 'Em High Part 2: Subhumanoid Meltdown is a 1991 American science-fiction action horror comedy film, and the first sequel to the 1986 film Class of Nuke 'Em High. There are no characters carried over from the first film, possibly because of the sequel's production being in Los Angeles as opposed to the original's New York-based production.

The Parade (1984)

After seven years in prison, a man (Frederic Forrest) comes home and disrupts the lives of his mother, wife (Michael Learned) and daughter (Rosanna Arquette).

Street Soldiers (1991)

Street Soldiers is a 1990 martial arts film starring and produced by taekwondo master Jun Chong. The film would be the only Hollywood production to feature kung fu villain actor Hwang Jang-Lee, who is credited in the film as "Jason Hwang".

Painted Fire (2002)

Chi-hwa-seon or Chwi-hwa-seon, (also known as Painted Fire, Strokes of Fire or Drunk on Women and Poetry), is a 2002 South Korean drama film directed by Im Kwon-taek about Jang Seung-up (Oh-won), a nineteenth-century Korean painter who changed the direction of Korean art.

Mushrooming (2012)

Mushrooming (Estonian: Seenelkäik) is a 2012 Estonian comedy film directed by Toomas Hussar. The film was selected as the Estonian entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards, but it did not make the final shortlist.

Buster's Bedroom (1991)

Buster's Bedroom is a 1990 independent German comedy film directed by Rebecca Horn. The film follows a young woman with an infatuation for Buster Keaton. The film was shown at the Marché du Film of the Cannes Film Festival in May 1990. Later that year it was shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles together with Horn's exhibition. The objects of the exhibition were connected to the film, as themes, character references and props. The film was released in Germany on 9 May 1991. The film stars Amanda Ooms, Donald Sutherland and Geraldine Chaplin.

Fish Meat (2012)

Fish Meat is a 2012 documentary by Fish Navy Films that analyzes and questions current fish farming practices. It was an official selection at the Blue Ocean Film Festival, Idyllwild Film Festival, San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, Catalina Film Festival and. It has also screened around the country, including at the University of Colorado and at University of Massachusetts Amherst. The documentary examines different methods used in modern aquaculture from Atlantic bluefin tuna ocean pens, to trout closed system farms, to old fashioned carp farms and concludes that the fish from lower in the food chain is better for sustainable aquaculture.

Daggers Drawn (1964)

Five men embark on an ill-fated quest to retrieve sunken Nazi treasure.

Born in Flames (1983)

Born in Flames is a 1983 documentary-style feminist science fiction film by Lizzie Borden that explores racism, classism, sexism and heterosexism in an alternative United States socialist democracy.

Everybody Has a Plan (2012)

Everybody Has a Plan (Spanish: Todos tenemos un plan) is a 2012 Argentine crime thriller film directed by Ana Piterbarg and starring Viggo Mortensen and Soledad Villamil. A joint production of Argentine and Spanish companies, it was written by Anna Cohan and Ana Piterbarg.

Happy Husbands (2011)

Happy Husbands is a Hindi comedy film, directed by Anay Sharma and produced by Suresh Sharma. The film was released under the Phenomenal Craft banner.

Tropic of Cancer (1972)

In San Luis Potosi, Mexico, residents survive by hunting animals and selling them on the freeway.

Winning Streak (2012)

Winning Streak (Spanish: The Pelayos) is a 2012 Spanish comedy-drama film directed by Eduard Cortés. It stars an ensemble cast that includes Daniel Brühl, Lluís Homar, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Eduard Fernández and Blanca Suárez. It is based on the exploits of the García-Pelayo family. The film premiered on 21 April 2012 at the 15th Málaga Film Festival.

Nancy Steele Is Missing! (1937)

Nancy Steele Is Missing! is a 1937 American drama film directed by George Marshall and Otto Preminger and starring Victor McLaglen, Walter Connolly and Peter Lorre. The film's sets were designed by the British art director Hans Peters.

Houston: The Legend of Texas (1986)

Gone to Texas is a 1986 American made-for-television biographical film originally titled Houston: The Legend of Texas. It stars Sam Elliott in the title role, and is a biopic of Sam Houston's years as Governor of Tennessee through his involvement in the Texas Revolution.

Noroît (1976)

Noroît (Une vengeance) is a 1976 experimental adventure fantasy drama directed by Jacques Rivette. The title is an alteration of nord-ouest (north-west), meaning the direction or the wind from that direction (in English, a "nor'wester"). The story is loosely based on Thomas Middleton's The Revenger's Tragedy. The film stars Geraldine Chaplin and Bernadette Lafont as pirates. Noroît would have followed Duelle (1976) as the third episode of the intended four-film series Scènes de la vie parallèle (the first being a supernatural love story and the fourth a musical).

Underground President (2007)

Blow is searching for his identity and a connection to his past amidst the backdrop of the most vicious gang war that Florida has ever seen. Intrigue, deception, and a secret that threatens to unravel all Blow has ever known, drive the forces that will decide who will become the next Underground President.