Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins (1975)

An armed woman (Sally Kellerman) and a runaway girl (Mackenzie Phillips) force a California clerk (Alan Arkin) to drive them to Louisiana.

To Kill A Priest (1988)

A Polish militia officer (Ed Harris) plots the assassination of a priest (Christopher Lambert) who supports the Solidarity movement.

Tattooed Hit Man (1977)

Tokyo's most notorious assassin soon finds himself hunted by some brutal criminals during a gang war.

Second-Hand Hearts (1981)

A drifter (Robert Blake), his new wife (Barbara Harris) and her awful kids head to California in their beat-up station wagon.

Max Lucado's God Came Near (2014)

A celebration of the true meaning of Christmas.

The Golden Disc (1958)

Two young entrepreneurs (Lee Patterson, Mary Steele) open a coffee shop, while a singer (Terry Dene) hits the big time.

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment (1985)

After graduating in the first "Police Academy," Carey Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg) and the rest of his hapless fellow officers are assigned to a precinct commanded by Capt. Pete Lassard (Howard Hesseman), whose district is being harassed by a gang led by Zed (Bob Goldthwait). Given 30 days to shape up or lose his post, Lassard struggles to discipline his incompetent new charges, while subordinate Lt. Mauser (Art Metrano) plots to take his job away.

Prison (1987)

An innocent convict returns from the grave and seeks vengeance against the warden responsible for his death 25 years ago.

Puss In Boots (1988)

A miller's son, Corin (Jason Connery), is disappointed to have inherited only a cat from his father. But he's stunned to find that, when the cat puts on a special pair of boots, it appears as a human being (Christopher Walken). Even better, the cat is remarkably clever, and devises a scheme to help Corin move up in the world. He spreads the rumor that Corin is, in fact, a marquis, and soon attracts the attention of the king (Yossi Graber) and his winsome daughter (Carmela Marner).

Puppet Master 4 (1993)

Blade, Pin Head and the other puppets help their new boss, Decapitron, battle puppet twins called totems.

Phantasm 3: Lord Of The Dead (1994)

The evil alien known as the Tall Man (Angus Scrimm) has infiltrated the minds of Mike (A. Michael Baldwin) and Reggie (Reggie Bannister). The two friends embark on a journey to find and kill him, only to discover that he has destroyed town after town, leaving zombies in place of the living. Along the way, Mike and Reggie meet several characters who share their goal, including a murderous boy named Tim (Kevin Connors) and two young women who are excellent fighters.

The Painted Desert (1931)

A tungsten miner (Bill Boyd) loves his father's rival's daughter (Helen Twelvetrees) and fights off her other suitor (Clark Gable).

Amazing Grace (1974)

A feisty old woman (Moms Mabley) forces moral support on a big-city candidate (Moses Gunn) for mayor.

Bloodstone: Subspecies 2 (1993)

Killers of vampires hunt a particularly bad one (Anders Hove) with a folklore scholar (Denice Duff) and her sister, back in Transylvania.

Dukes Of Hazzard: The Beginning (2007)

Bo (Jonathan Bennett), Luke (Randy Wayne) and Daisy Duke try to prevent Boss Hogg from seizing Uncle Jesse's (Willie Nelson) farm.

The Dentist (1932)

A dentist (W.C. Fields) becomes furious when his daughter falls for the iceman (Arnold Gray).

Gabriel (2007)

Sent on a mission to rescue humanity, an angel (Andy Whitfield) tries to save one (Samantha Noble) of his own.

Hollywood Safari (1997)

California teens set out to find the real culprit when their trained cougar is blamed for attacking humans.

High Voltage (1997)

Amateur robbers, led by wannabe gangster Johnny Clay (Antonio Sabato Jr.), pull off a big heist, only to realize that the bank they just held up is really a front for a money-laundering operation linked to the Mafia's drug activities. Headed by kingpin Victor Phan (George Kee Cheung), the mobsters come after the robbers, looking to recover their money and take revenge on the crooks. Shoot-outs ensue as Johnny tries to keep himself and his partners alive.

How Awful About Allan (1970)

Mental patient Allan (Anthony Perkins) comes home to his unbalanced sister (Julie Harris) and hears voices.

Inside (1996)

Under apartheid in South Africa, Col. Kruger (Nigel Hawthorne) is a merciless interrogator who symbolizes an era's cruelty. Among his victims is professor Marty Strydom (Eric Stoltz), who is jailed for engaging in rebellious activities. Recognizing a willful spirit, Kruger works hard to break his subject. But when, 10 years later, the tables have turned and Kruger is put to question by the new government, he must face an ex-prisoner-turned-questioner (Louis Gossett Jr.).

Too Young to Die (2002)

A 73-year-old Korean confectionery vendor (Park Chi-gyu) and a 72-year-old folk musician (Lee Sun-ye) meet and fall in love.

Lucky Dog (2013)

A lonely puppy searching for a family of his own is adopted by a wealthy woman who wants to win a dog show. When he is kidnapped and held for ransom, she realizes her pet means more to her than winning a competition.

Night Vision (1998)

Detective Dakota Smith (Fred Williamson) and his new partner (Cynthia Rothrock) close in on a killer who uses high tech to target women.

Number One with a Bullet (1987)

Detectives Barzak (Robert Carradine) and Hazeltine (Billy Dee Williams) are trying their hardest to bring down a drug ring, but they're meeting with trouble at every turn, which leads the officers to suspect a mole in their midst. When the detectives are dissuaded by their superiors from following a lead about the man behind the whole operation, Barzak and Hazeltine are forced to find the truth on their own without the support of their department.

Payback (1990)

Jason (Roger Rodd) is hired to track down a militant group called Strikeforce to stop its kidnapping and murder spree before it can obtain a top-secret weapon.

Stuff Stephanie In The Incinerator (1990)

Rich thrill seekers (Catherine Dee, William Dane) act out a scenario of decadence and murder with another couple.

Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowlarama (1988)

Sorority boss Babs (Robin Rochelle) orders pledges (Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens) to steal a bowling trophy, but they drop it and free an imp.

Sacred Ground (1983)

An Oregon trapper (Tim McIntire) and his pregnant Apache mate (Serene Hedin) make their home on a Paiute burial ground.

Savages (1972)

Members of a primitive culture venture onto a palatial estate and take on the behavior that reflect this environment.

Scrooge (1970)

Ebenezer Scrooge (Albert Finney) is the definition of a miser. He is rich, but completely stingy with his money, and he exploits the good nature of his employee Bob Cratchit (David Collings). On Christmas Eve, however, Scrooge is in store for a rude awakening when he is visited by the ghost of his old business partner, Jacob Marley (Alec Guinness), who informs him that he is going to be visited by three ghosts, including the Ghosts of Christmas Past (Edith Evans) and Present (Kenneth More).

Santa and the Three Bears (1970)

In this animated movie, two bear cubs that are being raised by their mother discover the story of Santa Claus when they hear it from a park ranger. The curious little bears become determined to meet Santa, a goal that doesn't fit in very well with their mom's winter hibernation plans. As the three bears try to settle down for their cold-weather slumber, the restlessness of the cubs makes sleep impossible, and they remain determined to see jolly old Saint Nicholas.

Shame (1968)

Former musicians Jan Rosenberg (Max von Sydow) and his wife, Eva (Liv Ullmann), have left the city to avoid a civil war and now live on a rural island where they tend a farm. While the situation seems idyllic, the couple's isolation begins to wear on their relationship, and eventually the armed conflict that they've tried to flee arrives on the quiet island in the form of soldiers. Try as they might, Jan and Eva ultimately can't evade either the war or their own marital problems.

The Silence (1963)

Traveling through an unnamed European country on the brink of war, sickly, intellectual Ester (Ingrid Thulin), her sister Anna (Gunnel Lindblom) and Anna's young son, Johan (Jorgen Lindstrom), check into a near-empty hotel. A basic inability to communicate among the three seems only to worsen during their stay. Anna provokes her sister by enjoying a dalliance with a local man, while the boy, left to himself, has a series of enigmatic encounters that heighten the growing air of isolation.

Tempo (2003)

Complications arise when a thief's (Melanie Griffith) boyfriend (Hugh Dancy) falls for a clerk (Rachael Leigh Cook) in the jewelry store they plan to rob.

Thursday (1998)

An architect's (Thomas Jane) former crime partner (Aaron Eckhart) shows up with drugs and gangster business, attracting a slew of unsavory characters.

Tom Thumb (1958)

In a mythical land, woodcutter Jonathan (Bernard Miles) agrees not to chop down the oldest tree in the forest in return for three wishes granted by the Forest Queen. After he wastes two wishes bickering with his wife, the third brings them Tom (Russ Tamblyn), a thumb-sized child. The couple dote upon him, but are unable to protect him when, on his way to the village, the innocent Tom falls in with villainous Ivan (Terry-Thomas) and Tony (Peter Sellers).

The Eternal (1998)

A woman (Alison Elliot) returns home to Ireland to try to get well and finds out the curse of a Druid witch is making her sick.

The Teacher (1974)

A killer (Anthony James) stalks a student (Jay North) and an older woman (Angel Tompkins) who are having an affair.

Princess from the Moon (1987)

Having lost a child, Taketori-no-Miyatsuko (Toshirô Mifune) and his wife (Ayako Wakao) can't believe it when a bright light deposits a baby in the forest by their house. They decide to keep her, naming her Kaya (Yasuko Sawaguchi), and are amazed when she grows overnight from infancy to childhood. The sale of some gold she had with her enables the family to move to a bigger house, by which time Kaya is a already a grown woman attracting suitors who are curious about her strange origin.

Three Wishes (1995)

When single mother Jeanne Holman (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) turns to avoid hitting a dog with her station wagon, she unwittingly hits bearded drifter Jack McCloud (Patrick Swayze). Against the protests of her scandalized neighbors, Holman insists that the injured man stay at the Holman residence to heal. As the eccentric McCloud recovers from the accident, he becomes a positive influence on -- and an unexpected father figure to -- her young sons, Tom (Joseph Mazzello) and Gunny (Seth Mumy).

Undoing (2007)

Samuel returns home, after mysteriously disappearing, to mourn the death of his best friend.

Venom (1981)

A German terrorist (Klaus Kinski), his gang and hostages are trapped with a deadly snake in a London house.

Saints and Sinners (1994)

A policeman (Damian Chapa) returns to his hometown, where he uses his drug-dealer best friend (Scott Plank) and a wily seductress (Jennifer Rubin) to set up a sting.

Scarred (1984)

An unwed teenage mother becomes a Hollywood hooker to support her baby.

Dracula (1979)

A man washes ashore in England after a shipwreck and is found by Mina Van Helsing (Jan Francis). The man introduces himself as Count Dracula (Frank Langella) of Transylvania, and proceeds to integrate himself into the lives of Mina and her friend Lucy Seward (Kate Nelligan). However, when Mina dies and her father, Prof. Van Helsing (Laurence Olivier), attributes her death to a vampire, evidence indicates that Count Dracula is the monster, and Lucy is his next target.

The Desperados (1969)

A Confederate (Jack Palance) and his sons become postwar marauders and face another son (Vince Edwards) who left them, in Texas.

El Condor (1970)

After escaping from a chain gang, Luke (Jim Brown) partners with tough prospector Jaroo (Lee Van Cleef) to search for gold in a Mexican fort. The enterprising duo manage to convince Apache chief Santana (Iron Eyes Cody) and his tribe to help them infiltrate the fort, which is defended by Mexican military officer Chavez (Patrick O'Neal) and his men. While things don't go according to plan, Chavez's lover, Claudine (Mariana Hill), falls for Luke, which proves helpful to the scrappy bandits.

How Sweet It Is! (1968)

A photographer (James Garner) and his wife (Debbie Reynolds) flirt with others while in Europe with their hippie son.

Hide In Plain Sight (1980)

Tom Hacklin (James Caan) is a blue-collar worker in Buffalo, N.Y., whose estranged wife, Ruthie (Barbara Rae), has taken up with a local mobster, Jack Scolese (Robert Viharo). When Scolese agrees to testify against his former Mafia bosses, the state puts him in the witness protection program along with Ruthie and the two children she shares with Tom. Trouble is, Tom has no idea where they've gone, and, since no one will tell him, he's forced to seek them out on his own.

The Invisible Boy (1957)

Timmie (Richard Eyer), a mischievous 10-year-old boy, is plopped in front of a supercomputer by his scientist father, Dr. Tom (Philip Abbott). The computer, however, secretly gives Timmie super-intelligence and he's soon able to reanimate a robot named Robbie. Timmie and Robbie become best friends, embarking on a series of lighthearted pranks. But when Robbie starts taking orders from the evil supercomputer, Timmie must choose between his best friend and the safety of the world.

24 Hours On Craigslist (2006)

Filmmaker Michael Ferris Gibson explores the wide -- and often quirky -- range of products, services and groups advertised on the San Francisco area's Craigslist.

Zatôichi Challenged (1967)

A blind swordsman (Shintaro Katsu) battles yakuza after reuniting a widower with his son.

The Desert Trail (1935)

John Scott (John Wayne) is a rodeo rider, assisted by his buddy Kansas Charlie (Eddy Chandler). But while the duo is settling a debt with their promoter, Farnsworth (Henry Hall), thieves Pete (Al Ferguson) and Jim (Paul Fix) murder and rob Farnsworth and manage to pin the crimes on John and Charlie. The accused then flee, assume two new identities, take up with a shopkeeper named Anne (Mary Kornman) and set out to clear their names and bring the real killers to justice.

The Tale of Zatôichi Continues (1962)

The discovery of a feudal lord's secret puts the blind swordsman-masseur's life in danger.

The Phantom Express (1932)

Railroad foes cause terror on the tracks with the illusion of a ghost train.

No Regrets for Our Youth (1946)

Yukie (Setsuko Hara) is a young woman living in 1930s Japan, blissfully unaware of the tumultuous political changes occurring around her. She is shocked into reality, though, when her father, a college professor, is forced to resign after preaching anti-fascist views. As she becomes more aware of the world around her, Yukie falls in love with one of her father's students who shares his radical views, even as the government seeks to crush anyone who openly opposes it.

Bloodlock (2008)

Something evil lurks behind a locked basement door in a couple's new house.

Heroes of Shaolin (1977)

A warrior searches for the man who wronged his family.

The Four Shaolin Challengers (1977)

A martial-arts master encounters a violent gang of thugs.

The Guy With the Secret Kung Fu (1981)

Two brothers battle corrupt judges, powerful warlords and deadly zombies.

Desert Victory (1943)

British cameramen brave the front lines to document the Eighth Army's defeat of Rommel's forces in Africa.

The Kid's Last Fight (1933)

Shirley Temple's first films were part of the "Baby Burlesque" theater in which young toddlers acted the parts of adults. In this episode, we see Diaper Dampsey, the diaper-weight champion, on a mission to defend his title.

Phantom from Space (1953)

An invisible alien lands on Earth, where he needs a spacesuit with helmet to survive.

Elvis Through the Years (2007)

This highly entertaining documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look at the life of Elvis Presley, including rare film footage, press conferences, interviews, outtakes and more!

They Call Him Marcado (1971)

The arrival of El Marcado changes everything.

Corner Store (2011)

A day in the life of a Detroit liquor store.

War Babies (1932)

A group of soldiers watch a dancer in a café. But soon things turn nasty when two soldiers start vying for her attention.

Ancient Alien Question: From UFOs to Extraterrestrial Visitations (2012)

Join Philip Coppens, star of the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" series, as he provides proof that UFO's helmed by Extraterrestrials from other worlds came to Earth millennia ago.

Crawl (2011)

A young bar waitress (Georgina Haig) is taken hostage after a seedy bar owner double crosses the Croatian man he hired to commit murder.

Van Halen: The Van Halen Story (2003)

The Van Halen Story: The Early Years chronicles the rise of four young musicians from their formative years to their transformation into a worldwide phenomenon.

Mysteries of the Great Lakes (2008)

The geography, ecology, science, and history of the Great Lakes region.

Zatôichi Meets the One-Armed Swordsman (1971)

Zatoichi meets Wang Kang, a Chinese swordsman protecting a brutally orphaned young child. Despite the language barrier, the men forge a friendship until their enemies trick them into fighting each other.

Bill Bellamy's Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour (2013)

Bill Bellamy's groundbreaking, "Ladies Night Out," Comedy Tour brings together some of today's hottest male comics to showcase to the ladies of America, starring Ali Siddiq, Jay Reid and D’Lai.

Zatôichi in Desperation (1972)

Zatoichi accidentally causes the death of an elderly woman and sets out to find her daughter. He discovers the daughter is a forced servant in a geisha house, and faces a desperate battle to free her.

Gary Gulman: In This Economy? (2012)

Blockbuster is dead, and Gary Gulman couldn't be happier. The Last Comic Standing alum delivers a hilarious tirade about these absurd economic times that inspire "buffet mentality" in all of us.

The Muppets All-Star Comedy Gala (2012)

Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and the rest of your favorite Muppets host a night of star-studded comedy you won't soon forget. Featuring humans Jim Breuer, Adam Hills, and more.

My Little Bride (2004)

To fulfill her grandfather's (Kim In-mun) wish, a high-school student (Moon Geun-Young) marries a childhood friend (Kim Rae-won).

Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker (2013)

Filmmakers follow a new generation of Internet poker professionals during the meteoric rise and sudden crash of the multibillion dollar online poker industry during the 2000s.

Disciples of Shaolin Temple (1985)

Martial artists (Dongyu Fan, Qing He) make use of their fighting skills.

Tom Papa: Live in New York City (2011)

With a shiny happy exterior, an offbeat, demented interior, Tom Papa’s “Live In New York City” attacks our hilarious attempts at happiness as life piles up around us. His take on fatherhood in the 21st century is sure to delight.

The Grand Heist (2012)

Eleven people have to make all the royal ice blocks disappear for a night to stop corrupt officials from price fixing.

Abominations of Humanity: The Evil Within (2014)

The history of mankind's abuse of its own species.

RiffTrax Live: Manos - The Hands of Fate (2012)

The stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 riff the classic “Manos” the Hands of Fate" LIVE in front of a nationwide audience! Run, don’t stumble-walk-with-accursed-goat-legs to watch RiffTrax Live: “Manos” the Hands of Fate!

The Bullet Vanishes (2012)

Two detectives become the targets of a phantom killer as they investigate the strange death of a girl at a bullet factory.

Freeload (2014)

Filmmaker Daniel T. Skaggs spends a year documenting the people who still ride in America's freight trains.

The Legend of Lucy Keyes (2006)

Guy Cooley (Justin Theroux) moves with his wife, Jeanne (Julie Delpy), and daughters to the New England countryside, where he plans to rebuild the energy infrastructure. When Cooley unveils a proposal to erect a series of power-generating windmills in a historic area, he meets with great resistance from the community. And, as whispers spread alluding to the ghosts of a long-dead woman and her missing daughter, a haunting presence descends upon the Cooleys' new home.

Curse of the Axe (2012)

"Curse of the Axe" traces a groundbreaking investigation of a mysterious iron object which was buried in a Huron-Wendat village, 100 years before European contact. This discovery could rewrite American history forever.

The Dead and the Damned 2 (2014)

During a mission to bury his fallen family at sea, a lone soldier encounters a small band of human survivors in the middle of a quarantine zone full of hungry zombies.

Hong quan xiao zi (1975)

A wandering martial artist takes a job in a textile mill and teaches his co-workers how to defend themselves against attacks from their rivals at another mill.

Hercules Reborn (2014)

A young man's courage inspires Hercules to return from exile and help the man rescue his kidnapped bride.

A World Ruled by Evil (2015)

A group of extremely powerful people control the world through manipulation, marketing, propaganda and force. These are not the usual suspects. Welcome to the world of a very real and powerful secret society.

Brian Gaar: Jokes I Wrote At Work (2015)

In his first hour-long comedy special, Twitter sensation Brian Gaar tackles everything from the challenges of fatherhood to trying to keep his gamer cred in his 30s. Filmed live at the Spider House Ballroom in Austin, Texas.

Jimmy Dore: Sentenced To Live (2015)

Comedian and author, Jimmy Dore has been Sentenced To Live. His outrageous political humor promises to make you think, while you laugh. From the President, to the media, to his dog - he covers it all. Filmed live in Los Angeles, CA.

Four Of The Apocalypse (1975)

A sadistic bandit hunts four criminals in the harsh terrain of Utah.

The Princess of France (2014)

After the death of his father, Victor returns to Buenos Aires to produce a radio play with five women he is involved with romantically.

For Sale (2012)

Nacar, a young lab technician with huge debts, visits her mother's tomb every Sunday to talk to her. Her mother's spirit tells her to sell the family's tomb to pay bills and keep the family afloat.

Mayday at 40,000 Feet! (1976)

The captain (David Janssen) and co-pilot of a disabled jetliner have an armed killer on board.

Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk (2002)

Filmmaker Marc Fafard examines the rewards of human progress and personal accomplishments.

Hathi (1998)

Indian teenager Makbul (Noorullah) becomes increasingly fascinated with the work his father (Sabu Saab) does as an elephant handler. Against the wishes of his mother (Begum Jamila), Makbul leaves school to apprentice with his father. Eventually, Makbul is given a newborn calf named Vikrama to train and nurture, but as the need for elephant labor wanes, the animal is put up for sale. Unfortunately, the separation has devastating consequences for both Makbul and his elephant.