Misbegotten (1997)

A sociopath (Kevin Dillon) donates sperm to a childless couple (Nick Mancuso, Lysette Anthony), then stalks them to possess the woman and unborn child.

Hunter Will Get You (1976)

L'Alpagueur is a film adaptation of the original scenario from Philippe Labro directed by him and featuring Jean-Paul Belmondo in the title role and Bruno Cremer as L'Epervier. Released in 1976 and considered as a typical French thriller from the 1970s, it is one of many Belmondo's movie where he is playing the title role. Like in Le Magnifique, L'Incorrigible or Le Marginal, Belmondo is the real star of the show, playing a solitary character and pursuing bad guys. The score from Michel Colombier is typical from this period, mixing piano, modern rhythms and brass instruments. The film was the 19th highest earning film of the year in France with 1,533,183 admissions.

Shaapit: The Cursed (2010)

Shaapit is a 2010 Bollywood horror film directed by Vikram Bhatt, starring Aditya Narayan, Rahul Dev, Shweta Agarwal and Shubh Joshi in the lead roles. The film is based on the story of a family whose daughters have been carrying a curse from generation to generation. It also stars Murli Sharma and Nishigandha Wad. This film was shot in Film City and released on 19 March 2010, under the banner of ASA Film Pvt Ltd.

Straight to Hell Returns (2010)

A group of hapless bank robbers bury their loot and hide out in a seemingly abandoned town in the desert.

Self Storage (2013)

Looking to party, a night watchman invites his friends to the self-storage facility he works at for a wild night of girls and booze. As partiers start disappearing one-by-one, the survivors must outsmart a mastermind, whose horrifying plan is unfolding behind closed doors. Full of gore, suspense and terror, Self Storage is a twisted tale of survival with no way out.

Skeletons (2010)

Davis and Bennett wander in and out of stranger’s lives performing ‘The Procedure’. However, when the duo arrive at a remote family home, they face a challenge unlike anything they've seen before.

Skeleton Man (2004)

Skeleton Man is a 2004 Sci Fi Pictures original film directed by Johnny Martin and starring Michael Rooker and Casper Van Dien. It was aired from Sci Fi Channel on March 1, 2004. In the film, the titular Skeleton Man stalks a squad of soldiers.

Shark Zone (2003)

Shark Zone is a 2003 direct-to-video horror film directed by Danny Lerner.

The Sea Change (1998)

The Sea Change is a 1998 British-Spanish comedy film directed by Michael Bray and starring Maryam d'Abo, Sean Chapman and Ray Winstone. The screenplay concerns a workaholic British banker who neglects his girlfriend.

Slow Burn (2000)

Slow Burn is a 2000 drama film starring Minnie Driver, James Spader, Stuart Wilson, and Josh Brolin.

Shor in the City (2011)

Shor in the City is a 2011 Indian crime comedy-drama film directed by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. starring Tusshar Kapoor, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Preeti Desai, Girija Oak, Radhika Apte, Nikhil Dwivedi, Pitobash Tripathy, Sundeep Kishan, and Amit Mistry. The background score of the film was composed by Roshan Machado. The first look of the film was unveiled on 21 March 2011 while the film was released in India on 28 April 2011.

Through the Olive Trees (1994)

Abbas Kiarostami takes meta­narrative gamesmanship to masterful new heights in the final installment of The Koker Trilogy. Unfolding “behind the scenes” of And Life Goes On, this film traces the complications that arise when the romantic misfortune of one of the actors—a young man who pines for the woman cast as his wife, even though, in real life, she will have nothing to do with him—creates turmoil on set and leaves the hapless director caught in the middle. An ineffably lovely, gentle human comedy steeped in the folkways of Iranian village life, Through the Olive Trees peels away layer after layer of artifice as it investigates the elusive, alchemical relationship between cinema and reality.

Ultra Warrior (1990)

Ultra Warrior, also known as Welcome to Oblivion, is a post-apocalyptic 1990 film directed by Augusto Tamayo San Román and Kevin Tent. Set in a futuristic dystopia, a nuclear holocaust creates mutants who inhabit the radioactive areas. One man emerges as the leader of a group of survivors called "Muties". The main character, portrayed by Dack Rambo, is looking for zirconium which is used to make bombs to prevent aliens from destroying Earth. This B list film is notable for its excessive use of stock footage and its poor quality. Some footage comes from other New Horizons films such as Lords of the Deep, Crimezone, Battletruck, Battle Beyond the Stars, Wheels of Fire and Dune Warriors. In fact, even a sex scene comes from stock footage, as the character in the scene has long, blond hair, while Dack Rambo’s hair is dark and short. The Concorde theatrical release was filmed in Peru and was later cut up for the VHS release.

Venice/Venice (1992)

Venice/Venice is an American film starring Henry Jaglom, Nelly Alard, Melissa Leo, Suzanne Bertish, Daphna Kastner, David Duchovny, John Landis and written and directed by Henry Jaglom.

Vampire Diary (2007)

Vampire Diary is a 2007 horror film starring Anna Walton first released in the United Kingdom by Peccadillo Pictures. The film was directed by Mark James and Phil O'Shea and produced by Michael Riley (film producer) and Margaret Matheson.

Video Games: The Movie (2014)

Video Games: The Movie is a documentary film by Jeremy Snead about video games. After Indiegogo and Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns in 2012 and 2013 respectively, the film was released in 2014.

Voltron: Fleet of Doom (1986)

Voltron: Fleet of Doom is a television special involving heroes of both Voltron series working together to defeat their sworn enemy, King Zarkon who aligns with the remnants of Emperor Zeppo's Drule Empire to create a mighty armada called the Fleet of Doom.

Virus (1996)

Virus is a 1996 bio-hazard thriller starring ex-Seattle Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth. It was directed by Allan A. Goldstein, best known for Death Wish V: The Face of Death.

A Very Serious Person (2006)

A Very Serious Person is a 2006 drama film directed by Charles Busch.

Visiting Hours (1982)

Visiting Hours (also known as Get Well Soon and The Fright) is a 1982 slasher film directed by Jean-Claude Lord and starring Michael Ironside, Lee Grant, Linda Purl, William Shatner and Lenore Zann. The plot focuses on a feminist journalist who becomes the target of a serial killer who follows her to the hospital after attacking her in her home.

Vigilante Force (1976)

Vigilante Force is a 1976 American action film concerning a Vietnam War veteran (Kris Kristofferson) and his buddies, who are hired by his brother (Jan-Michael Vincent) and others in a small California town for protection from rowdy oil-field workers.

Velvet Smooth (1976)

Velvet Smooth is a 1976 American blaxploitation film about a crime lord who hires a female private detective to find out who's stealing his business.

Virgin Witch (1972)

Virgin Witch is a 1971 British horror exploitation film about a prospective model who ends up joining a coven of witches. The film was directed by Ray Austin, and stars sisters Ann Michelle and Vicki Michelle.

The Three Stooges (2012)

The Three Stooges is a 2012 American slapstick comedy film based on the film shorts of the mid-20th century comedy trio of the same name. The film was produced, written and directed by the Farrelly brothers and co-written by Mike Cerrone. It stars Chris Diamantopoulos, Sean Hayes, and Will Sasso, re-creating the eponymous characters played by Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Curly Howard. The film's story places the Stooges in a modern setting. After over a decade of casting problems, principal photography took place from May to July 2011. The film was released on April 13, 2012.

To Save A Life (2010)

To Save a Life is a 2009 Christian drama film directed by Brian Baugh. The film was released theatrically in the United States on January 22, 2010, and was written by Jim Britts. It stars Randy Wayne, Deja Kreutzberg, Robert Bailey Jr., Steven Crowder and Sean Michael Afable. The United States rights were acquired by Samuel Goldwyn Films from New Song Pictures. To Save a Life was produced on a budget of about $1 million, but nearly doubled that in its opening weekend. The film was released to 441 theaters on January 22, 2010, and has grossed $3,777,210 domestically. It was received with mixed to generally negative reviews from film critics.

Tortured (2008)

Tortured is a 2008 crime thriller film written and directed by Nolan Lebovitz and starring Cole Hauser, Laurence Fishburne, and James Cromwell. It was released direct-to-DVD in the U.S. on September 16, 2008. The movie was filmed in Canada, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Tornado! (1996)

Tornado! is a 1996 American television film starring Bruce Campbell and Shannon Sturges, released on May 7, 1996. It was written by John Logan and directed by Noel Nosseck.

Thumbelina (1992)

Thumbelina goes on a journey to save her father's dam and warn the little people of the danger.

Tactical Force (2011)

Tactical Force is 2011 Canadian action film written and directed by Adamo Paolo Cultraro, and starring Steve Austin, Michael Jai White, Candace Elaine, Keith Jardine, Michael Shanks, Michael Eklund, Darren Shahlavi, and Lexa Doig. It was released on August 9, 2011 in North America by Vivendi Entertainment, and went on to become #10 in the top ten best selling DVDs in the United States for the month of August 2011. It was released by Entertainment One in the United Kingdom and other foreign territories beginning October 31, 2011.

Katrina's Children (2008)

A portrait of kids from areas of post-Katrina New Orleans.

Atom Nine Adventures (2010)

An outer-space oddity turns a scientist (Christopher Farley) into a superhero.

More Than Just a Game (2007)

More than just a game is a 2007 semi-documentary film directed by Junaid Ahmed. The film shows how political prisoners on Robben Island in South Africa founded the Makana F.A. in 1966. Alternating interviews with Mark Shinners, Anthony Suze, Sedick Isaacs, Lizo Sitoto and Marcus Solomon are intercut with re-enacted scenes.

Goin' All the Way! (1982)

A teenager (Deborah Van Rhyn) makes her boyfriend (Dan Waldman) jealous just in time for the senior prom.

Shadowchaser (1992)

Project Shadowchaser, also known as Shadowchaser and Project: Shadowchaser, is a 1992 science fiction film by director John Eyres. It is the first installment in the Project Shadowchaser film series.

The Objective (2008)

The Objective is a 2008 science fiction horror film directed by Daniel Myrick who also directed The Blair Witch Project and Believers, starring Jonas Ball, Matthew R. Anderson, and Michael C. Williams. It premiered in Morocco in April 2008 and in the United States in February 2009.

Fighting Spirit (1992)

A two-fisted fighter becomes involved in a battle to the death to rescue his sister from a band of thugs.

Sounds of Sand (2007)

Sounds of Sand (original title Si le vent soulève les sables, literally "If the Wind Raises the Sands") is a drama film directed by Marion Hänsel about a family in the Horn of Africa making a trek to find sufficient water during a drought. The film is a Belgium-France coproduction, released in 2006. It is based on the novel Chamelle (ISBN 2709623889) by Marc Durin-Valois.

The Musician Killer (1976)

The Musician Killer (French: L'Assassin musicien) is a 1976 French drama film directed by Benoît Jacquot and starring Anna Karina.

American Tickler (1977)

A treasure hunt links parodies of Westerns, game shows, evangelists and horror films.

Beg (2010)

A serial killer haunts the streets of Salem just as Jack Fox, a burnt out detective, is being forced into retirement; he must decide if he can still help a rookie stop the killing spree.

The Omegans (1968)

A world-renowned artist concocts an unearthly plot to destroy his wife and her lover in a radioactive Malaysian river.

Dagmar's Hot Pants, Inc. (1971)

Complications stymie the efforts of a Copenhagen-based prostitute to sell her business in order to marry the doctor she put through school.

Children Make Terrible Pets (2011)

Lucy, a young bear, meets a little boy in the forest and brings him home.

Charlie Chan on Broadway (1937)

Charlie Chan on Broadway is a Charlie Chan film. This is the 15th film starring Oland as Chan and produced by Fox.

Saint Petersburg (2014)

When Elliot is forced to meet Fyodor, his half-brother, he instantly falls in love with Fyodor's girlfriend. She finds herself drawn to Elliot, too, prompting a love triangle in one of the world's most-beautiful cities.

Layover (2001)

During a business trip, Dan (David Hasselhoff) meets volatile jewelry dealer Jack (Gregg Henry). Dan confides his worry that his wife (Sherri Alexander) is cheating, and Jack similarly frets over the fidelity of his own wife, Vickie (Yvonne Sci). On his next flight, Dan has sex with an anonymous woman. When he lands, he runs into Jack again and is invited to dinner -- where he discovers that Jack's wife is the woman he slept with. The next morning, Jack is dead, and Dan is the main suspect.

Dead Slow Ahead (2015)

A hypnotic rhythm of gears reveals the continuous movement of a freighter as it crosses the ocean and devours its workers.

Woodfalls (2015)

Conflict ensues when a family moves to a rural town, and the locals consider them gypsies.

The Driver's Seat (1974)

Identikit is a 1974 Italian drama film directed by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi. Based on the novella The Driver's Seat by Muriel Spark, it is a psychological drama starring Elizabeth Taylor and Ian Bannen, and featuring Andy Warhol.

Projet-M (2014)

Four astronauts have to live in a space station for 1,000 days to prove a trip to one of Jupiter's moons is possible. The project goes well until something goes wrong on Earth.

Union Bound (2016)

A captured Union soldier is freed and helped by slaves.

The Bad Kids (2016)

The Bad Kids is a 2016 documentary film about students at risk of dropping out who attend an alternative school in Yucca Valley, California.

The Crooked Hearts (1972)

The Crooked Hearts is a 1972 American made-for-television comedy film starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Rosalind Russell. It was directed by Jay Sandrich and was Russell's last film. The film originally aired as the ABC Movie of the Week on November 8, 1974.

#nightslikethese (2013)

When a night's escapade takes a disturbing turn, two teenagers learn how disconnected social media has made them.

The Last Home Run (1996)

The Last Home Run is a 1996 film directed by Bob Gosse. It tells the story of Jonathan Lyle, an elderly man in a nursing home (played by Seymour Cassel) who is transformed by a mystic, for five days, into a 12-year-old boy (played by Tom Guiry) playing Little League Baseball. The Last Home Run also starred Jordi Vilasuso and Vinnette Justine Carroll (in her last film appearance), and included cameos by former Major League Baseball players Gary Carter and Dave Winfield. It was based on a story by Roger Flax who wrote the screenplay along with Ed Apfel. The independent film was produced in 1995, and was released direct-to-video on March 23, 1996. The movie marked the only film appearance by the real Marley, the Labrador Retriever that was the central character of the successful best selling 2005 book Marley & Me. Author John Grogan devoted Chapter 16, "The Audition", in detailing the dog's escapades during filming at a Lake Worth, Florida hotel parking lot. Marley got a screen credit "Marley the Dog...As Himself" for his two minutes of screen time.

Dirty Country (2007)

Dirty Country is a 2007 documentary film that tells the real-life story of Larry Pierce, a small-town factory worker and family man who happens to be the raunchiest country music singer in America. Since 1993, Larry has quietly released over a dozen dirty country albums at truck stops across the country. Without the time or money to pursue a "legitimate" career in country music, Larry is content to lead an ordinary life and moonlight as a dirty country singer. But when he is forced into early retirement at his factory job of 30 years, Larry faces an uncertain future. That is, until an unexpected turn of events thrusts his songs out of obscurity and into the spotlight.

Beauty Investigator (1992)

Two Hong Kong policewomen find plenty of action when they go under cover as taxi dancers.

Behind The Sun (1995)

Samir Majan, a Muslim college student who studies in the United States, is a Christian when he returns to his homeland.

Twice Upon a Time (1968)

Deux fois is a 1968 experimental film by Jackie Raynal. Raynal stars in the film, her first as a director; she had previously worked for several years as a film editor, most notably for films in Éric Rohmer's "Six Moral Tales" series. The film's title, which literally translates as Twice and is sometimes translated into English as Twice Upon a Time, refers to the occasional repetition of scenes or actions.

The Night Seekers (2014)

Friends go on their yearly retreat to Astro Island, and upon their arrival, they are told not to go into a forbidden zone. They take a risk and explore the area, and during the night, something happens to them all.

Caribbean (1952)

Caribbean Gold is a 1952 American pirate film directed by Edward Ludwig and starring John Payne, Arlene Dahl and Cedric Hardwicke. It is based on the novel Carib Gold by Ellery Clark. It is known by the alternative title Caribbean. It earned an estimated $1.4 million at the US box office in 1952. It has played uncut in restored Technicolor on the original incarnation of the American Movie Classics channel in the 1990s. The cinematography was by Lionel Lindon.

Multiplex (2013)

A sheltered college student's summer is turned upside down after starting a job at a movie theater.

Throttle (2005)

Throttle (also known as No Way Up) is a 2005 American thriller film starring Grayson McCouch. Other cast members include Adrian Paul and Amy Locane. It was filmed entirely in Denver, Colorado.

Lupin the 3rd: Castle of Cagliostro (1979)

When master thief Lupin III (Yasuo Yamada) discovers that the money he robbed from a casino is counterfeit, he goes to Cagliostro, rumored to be the source of the forgery. There he discovers a beautiful princess, Clarisse (Sumi Shimamoto), who is being forced to marry the count so he can find the legendary treasure of Cagliostro. In order to rescue Clarisse and foil the count, Lupin teams up with his regular adversary, Inspector Zenigata, as well as fellow thief Fujiko Mine.

Noi 4 (2014)

James prepares for his eighth grade oral exams.

Riding With Death (1976)

An invisible U.S. agent (Ben Murphy) delivers an unstable new fuel.

The Ace of Spades (1935)

The Ace of Spades is a 1935 British drama film directed by George Pearson and starring Michael Hogan, Dorothy Boyd and Richard Cooper.

Cyborg 2087 (1966)

Cyborg 2087 is a 1966 science fiction film directed by Franklin Adreon and written by Arthur C. Pierce. The film stars Michael Rennie, Karen Steele, Wendell Corey, and Warren Stevens. It was part of a series of nine low budget films produced by United Pictures Corporation. The films were intended for TV distribution, but they had theatrical releases. The writer and director's next film, Dimension 5, also featured time travel.

Tamanchey: Pyar Mein Dil Pe Maar De Goli (2014)

Tamanchey is an Indian romantic crime comedy film released on 10 October 2014. The film is directed by Navneet Behal and stars Nikhil Dwivedi and Richa Chadda in leads.

The Four Horsemen (2008)

Four high-school football stars enlist in the Marines to serve their country in Iraq. The ones who return home have difficulty readjusting to civilian life.

More (1998)

More is a 1998 short film created by Mark Osborne using stop motion animation. More has won several awards, and was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Animated Short Film in 1998.

Niagara: Miracles, Myths And Magic (1986)

Niagara: Miracles, Myths and Magic is a 1986 IMAX film directed and produced by Kieth Merrill. The film, currently shown hourly at Niagara Falls State Park's Adventure Theater on the American side of the border and multiple times daily at the IMAX Theatre located on the Canadian side of the border, shows the history of the Niagara Falls, dating back to the earliest legends.

Hail (1973)

Hail! is an American political comedy film directed 1970-1971 by Fred Levinson to a screenplay by Phil Dusenberry and Larry Spiegel. The film was screened 1972, but not released until 1973.

Come Fill The Cup (1951)

Come Fill the Cup is a 1951 film starring James Cagney and Gig Young, directed by Gordon Douglas. Young's performance was nominated for an Academy Award and Golden Globe. Cagney plays an alcoholic newspaperman. He has a memorable line, "Don't you see? I am home," in response to the query, "Why don't you go home?" at two points in the film, once near the beginning when he is drinking; once at the end when he is at work.

Search for the Great Sharks (1995)

"Search for the Great Sharks" takes viewers on a round-the-globe expedition to encounter the most notorious creature of the sea. From the coast of California to the remote reefs off Western Australia, the film pursues blue sharks, whale sharks, and the most-well-known of all, the white shark.

Skyward (1985)

A conservationist's efforts to restore nature's ecological balance at Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary in St. Petersburg, Fla., focus on the development of a family of Canada geese and explore the relationship between people, birds and the environment.

Film Adventurer Karel Zeman (2015)

Film Adventurer Karel Zeman is a 2015 Czech documentary film about Karel Zeman. Film focuses on Zeman's life and work. The film also features reconstruction of famous scenes of Zeman's films made by animation students. The film primarily documents creation of Zeman's films.

Gamera vs. Barugon (1966)

Gamera vs. Barugon is a 1966 Japanese kaiju film directed by Shigeo Tanaka. It is the 2nd entry in the Gamera film series and was released directly to television in the United States by American International Television.

Time of the Apes (1987)

After taking refuge in a capsules to escape an earthquake, a woman and her children emerge into a future ruled by apes.

Fires of Kuwait (1992)

Fires of Kuwait is a 1992 American documentary film on the Kuwaiti oil fires directed by David Douglas. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.. The film was the winner of the 2005 Hall of Fame Award from Giant Screen Cinema Association.

The yellow house (2007)

La Maison jaune is a 2007 Algerian film.

Zombies Gone Wild (2007)

Three friends go on a trip and hope to hook up with frisky coeds, only to find their erotic quest ruined by the an outbreak of cannibalistic corpses.

Having It All (1982)

A bicoastal fashion designer (Dyan Cannon) has a husband (Barry Newman) in New York and a husband (Hart Bochner) in Los Angeles.

Antony And Cleopatra (1972)

Antony and Cleopatra is a 1972 film adaptation of the play of the same name by William Shakespeare made by the Rank Organisation. The film stars Charlton Heston and Hildegarde Neil in the title roles, with Eric Porter, John Castle, Fernando Rey, Carmen Sevilla, Freddie Jones, Peter Arne, Douglas Wilmer, Julian Glover and Roger Delgado. It was directed by Charlton Heston and produced by Peter Snell from a screenplay by Federico De Urrutia and the director.

The Zero Boys (1986)

A group of friends travel to a wilderness area to play a survival game. Soon they unexpectedly find themselves in a real-life survival situation.

Valentino (1951)

Valentino is a 1951 American drama film billed as the life story of film legend Rudolph Valentino. Valentino was played by near lookalike actor Anthony Dexter.

I Aim at the Stars (1960)

I Aim at the Stars is a 1960 biographical film which tells the story of the life of Wernher von Braun. The film covers his life from his early days in Germany, through Peenemünde, until his work with the U.S. Army, NASA, and the American space program. The film stars Curt Jürgens, Victoria Shaw, Herbert Lom, Gia Scala, and James Daly. The movie was written by Jay Dratler based on a story by George Froeschel, H. W. John, and Udo Wolter. It was directed by J. Lee Thompson. The film was premiered in Munich on 19 August 1960; it subsequently opened in New York City and Los Angeles on 19 October and London on 24 November. In Germany the film was titled Ich greife nach den Sternen ("I Reach for the Stars"). In Italy the film was released as Alla Conquista dell' Infinito. Satirist Mort Sahl and others are often credited with suggesting the subtitle "(But Sometimes I Hit London)", but in fact the line appears in the film itself, spoken by actor James Daly, who plays the cynical American press officer. Dell published a comic book adaptation of the film with art by Jack Sparling as Four Color #1148 (Oct. 1960).

Autumn Ball (2007)

Autumn Ball (Estonian: Sügisball) is a 2007 Estonian drama film directed by Veiko Õunpuu, adapted from Mati Unt's 1979 novel of the same name. The film depicts six desolate people of different yet similar fates in characteristically Soviet pre-fabricated housing units (khruschevka).

Midnight Frolics (1949)

Various strip teases, dance routines, comedic performances, tumblers and vocal acts performed at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles.

Dead Enders (2010)

Robert has to survive booby trapped mazes, torture and an evil presence after he is kidnapped by a crazed woman.

As Summers Die (1986)

As Summers Die is a 1986 American made-for-television drama film starring Scott Glenn, Jamie Lee Curtis, Bette Davis and Beah Richards, directed by Jean-Claude Tramont. The film is loosely based on Winston Groom's 1980 novel of the same name about greed, bigotry and justice in late 1950s segregationist southern Louisiana. It was filmed in Valdosta, Georgia and premiered on HBO on May 18, 1986. It was later released on VHS.

Don't Turn the Other Cheek (1971)

Long Live Your Death (aka Don't Turn the Other Cheek!, originally titled Viva la muerte... tua!) is a 1971 Italian/Spanish/German international co-production spaghetti western/ action comedy film directed by Duccio Tessari. The film is mostly a send up of "political" Spaghetti Westerns (also called Zapata Westerns), like A Professional Gun and Compañeros.

Disaster (2003)

The leader (Jim Davidson) of a cult searches for his fiancee (Marnie Alton) after she flees to Las Vegas.

The Homestretch (1947)

The Homestretch is a 1947 American drama film directed by H. Bruce Humberstone and written by Wanda Tuchock. The film stars Cornel Wilde, Maureen O'Hara, Glenn Langan, Helen Walker, James Gleason, Henry Stephenson and Margaret Bannerman. The film was released on May 4, 1947, by 20th Century Fox.

Haunted (1977)

Jacob (Steve Lanza) goes to the desert seeking solitude, but something follows him.

Frisco Waterfront (1935)

Frisco Waterfront is a 1935 film.

The Fall of the House of Usher (1928)

The Fall of the House of Usher (French: La Chute de la maison Usher) is a 1928 French horror film directed by Jean Epstein, one of multiple films based on the Gothic short story The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe. Future director Luis Buñuel co-wrote the screenplay with Epstein, his second film credit, having previously worked as assistant director on Epstein's film Mauprat from 1926. American critic Roger Ebert included the film on his list of "Great Movies." In 1995, Ivan Fedele composed an original soundtrack for the film. In 2012 famous Czech composer Varhan Orchestrovich Bauer composed new original soundtrack and performed with Basel Sinfonietta in Switzerland and Germany. In 2015 Anna Coogan wrote and performed her score for the film.

Slap the Monster on Page One (1972)

Slap the Monster on Page One (Italian: Sbatti il mostro in prima pagina) is a 1972 Italian drama film directed by Marco Bellocchio. It depicts the daily life of a fictitious Italian daily newspaper Il Giornale (The Journal). The newspaper caters to a conservative, fascist, borgeouis public and its chief-editor Bizanti tries in all manners to give a right-wing slant even to the most trivial news items, while at the same time edulcorating and desensitizing the thornier issues, such as unemployment, police brutality and so on. The whole editorial staff is thrown in a tantrum when a young girl is found raped and killed, going as far as soliciting death penalty nostalgias (capital punishment has been abolished in Italy since the fall of Fascism) and to actually derail the investigation leading the police to a false culprit: a young left-wing student which becomes the "ideal" scapegoat for the newspaper's prejudiced readership. The movie, a searing j'accuse on the perils of press manipulation, closes with no happy ending in sight, with the public opinion totally mesmerized by Bizanti and his cronies for the satisfaction of their backers and financers. Two years after the movie's distribution a right newspaper called Il Giornale was actually started in Italy by Indro Montanelli.

Machete Language (2012)

Ray and Ramona hate injustice and fight for a just world until Ray's self-sabotage drags them down until they commit an act of poetic terrorism.

Voices from the Front (1992)

Efforts by AIDS activists and patients to increase funding and research and to promote public awareness of the disease.