The Winds of Autumn (1976)

In 1884, an 11 year old Quaker boy sets out on his own to seek revenge against a gang of outlaws who senselessly murdered his family.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks (1924)

The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks (Russian: Необычайные приключения мистера Веста в стране Большевиков, translit. Neobychainye priklyucheniya mistera Vesta v strane bolshevikov) is a 1924 comedy film by Soviet director Lev Kuleshov. It is notable as the first Soviet film that explicitly challenges American stereotypes about Soviet Russia.

Cover Up (1949)

Sam Donovan (Dennis O'Keefe) is an insurance investigator sent to a small Midwest town, to find out whether the death of one of its policyholders was a suicide or murder. Sam is convinced that he was murdered but the entire town, led by the sheriff (William Bendix), is not talking. It's only when local girl Anita (Barbara Britton) breaks her silence does Sam begin to uncover the truth.

Farah Goes Bang (2013)

Farah Goes Bang is a 2013 American road-trip comedy directed by Meera Menon, and written by Menon and Laura Goode. The film was produced by Goode, Erica Fishman, Danielle Firoozi, and Liz Singh. The film was Menon's feature film debut and premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival where it won The Nora Ephron Prize. The film was picked up for distribution by Seed&Spark, and received a VOD release in April 2015.

Heleno (2012)

Heleno is a 2011 Brazilian biographical drama film directed by José Henrique Fonseca, a Brazilian film director. The film stars and was produced by Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro.

Arise (2012)

Women around the world share a profound intellectual and spiritual understanding of what it takes to live in harmony with nature.

1895 (1995)

A history of the 1895 invasion of Taiwan by Japan.

Fake Orgasm (2010)

An investigation of people who feign sexual pleasure.

Queen of Montreuil (2012)

Queen of Montreuil is a 2012 French comedy-drama film directed by Sólveig Anspach and starring Florence Loiret Caille.

The Suitor (1962)

The Suitor (French: Le Soupirant) is a 1962 French comedy film directed by and starring Pierre Étaix. It was entered into the 13th Berlin International Film Festival and the 3rd Moscow International Film Festival.

She Knew All the Answers (1941)

She Knew All the Answers is a 1941 romantic comedy film made by Columbia Pictures, directed by Richard Wallace, and starring by Joan Bennett and Franchot Tone. The screenplay was written by Kenneth Earl and Curtis Kenyon, based on story by Jane Allen and Harry Segall.

Welcome to Argentina (2013)

Marcus and Antoine travel to Argentina to attend their cousin's wedding and discover the many pleasures of Buenos Aires.

A che punto è la notte (1994)

An inspector seeks an assassin who killed a priest during an impassioned sermon.

Ori (2011)

A young Georgian woman tries to push her life forward.

Secrets of the Village (2012)

Abbas and his wife live in a remote mountain cabin cut off from the world. One day he discovers a child and her mother hiding in the woods, and the woman exhibits a strange disease.

Pompeya (2012)

Pompeya hides secret of the Russian and Korean mafia.

Becoming Redwood (2012)

Redwood Forrest Hanson dreams that if he can beat Jack Nicklaus at the 1975 Masters of golf, he'll reunite his parents forever.

Apni Boli Apna Des (2009)

A wealthy family goes through a difficult financial crisis, leading to a conflict between the son and the father. The son is left with no choice but to choose between his love or his family.

Black Russian (2009)

A gorgeous assassin uses her sexual charms to lure in her targets before killing them.

Red Eye (2005)

Red Eye is a 2005 South Korean horror film.

Hot Ice (1955)

Hot Ice is the 165th short film released by Columbia Pictures in 1955 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard). The comedians released 190 short films for the studio between 1934 and 1959.

Die Sturmflut (2006)

A presumed-dead man returns in time to save his family from a flood.

Methodic (2007)

Sentenced to life at a state mental hospital, a young man fights to control the demonic presence that lurks within him and forced him to murder his parents.

Teenage Dirtbag (2009)

Teenage Dirtbag is a 2009 drama film starring Scott Michael Foster, Noa Hegesh and written and directed by Regina Crosby. The film is distributed by Vivendi Entertainment and Lightyear Entertainment.

Alibi (1942)

Alibi is a 1942 British mystery film directed by Brian Desmond Hurst and starring Margaret Lockwood, James Mason and Hugh Sinclair. It was based on the novel L'Alibi by Marcel Achard.

Libera Me (2000)

Libera Me is a 2000 South Korean action blockbuster film about a mentally-unbalanced arsonist and the firefighters who struggle to stop him.

Moomins and the Comet Chase (2010)

Moomins and the Comet Chase is a 2010 3D stop motion animated fantasy adventure comedy family film compiled from the Comet in Moominland-based episodes of the 1977–1982 The Moomins TV series animated at Se-ma-for in Poland, restored and re-soundtracked with multiple voice actors replacing the single narrator. It is the second such Moomin film produced by Finnish children's film company Filmkompaniet, the first being Moomin and Midsummer Madness, and the first one converted to stereoscopic 3-D. A similar revision of the remainder of the series for high-definition television of all 78 episodes will follow and is currently in production. The same novel has been adapted into film at least twice before, with the 1978 Russian stop motion serial Mumi-troll and the 1992 Japanese traditional animation feature Comet in Moominland. International version of the film features the voices of known Swedish actors like Stellan Skarsgård, Peter Stormare, Alexander Skarsgård. Musician and Moomins fan Björk also wrote an original song for the film. The international debut was at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2010. In Finland, it arrived in movie theaters on 6 August 2010 and will later be broadcast on the MTV3 channel. The film will also be produced in dozens of other languages and will subsequently receive global distribution.

Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore (2010)

John Waters, Joe Bob Briggs and Frank Henenlotter are among those interviewed in a career overview of exploitation-film titan Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Slow Food Story (2013)

The Slow Food Story is the essential one-stop critical guide to the history, ideas and structure of the Slow Food movement. With the simple concept of good, clean, fair food, the Slow Food movement has already won more than 150.000 members worldwide.

Haunted Spooks (1920)

Haunted Spooks is a 1920 American silent comedy film starring Harold Lloyd and Mildred Davis.

Endless Summer (2012)

Keith (Gordon Timothy) spends his entire life dreaming about Alicia and spends his last day in town trying to be noticed by her. His plans get foiled by his embarrassing grandmother, bullying sister, demanding father, and Alicia's boyfriend.

The Town Christmas Forgot (2010)

A stranded family (Lauren Holly, Rick Roberts) helps residents of a small town organize a Christmas pageant.

Call of the Cuckoo (1927)

Call Of The Cuckoo (1927) is a Hal Roach two reel silent film released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The film's principal star is Jewish comedian Max Davidson, though the film is just as well known for cameos from other Roach stars at the time. These cameos include renowned supporting player Jimmy Finlayson (the source of Homer Simpson's "D'oh!" catchphrase), the oft underrated/ignored Charley Chase, and a pre-teaming Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.

The Dracula Saga (1973)

Count Dracula plans a gruesome family reunion for his pregnant granddaughter (Tina Sinz) and her husband (Tony Isbert).

The Paradigm Shift (2008)

A history professor assigns a controversial task, which catches a teaching assistant in the middle.

The Peddler (1987)

The Peddler is a 1987 Iranian drama film directed by Mohsen Makhmalbaf. This film has been music composed by Majid Entezami.The film starring Mahmoud Basiri, Behzad Behzadpour, Zohreh Sarmadi and Esmail Soltanian in the lead roles.

Gardiens De L'ordre (2010)

Two police officers have to prove their innocence in a shooting by infiltrating a drug ring.

No Limit (1936)

No Limit is a 1935 British musical comedy starring George Formby and Florence Desmond. The film, which was directed by Monty Banks, was made on location at the TT motorcycle race on the Isle of Man. It was the first of eleven films that Formby made with Associated Talking Pictures. Although Formby had already made two films which returned their very-low budget many times over, No Limit was the film that put him on the road to stardom. It is still regarded as one of his best and funniest featuring good songs, humorous scenes and numerous stunts.

Out Of Print (2013)

Filmmaker Vivienne Roumani confronts the problems of the modern literary world.

The Driftin' Kid (1941)

A government agent, in his search for a gang of rustlers who have stolen a herd of two hundred wild horses, poses as a rancher.

Wolvesbayne (2009)

Wolvesbayne is a horror film directed by Griff Furst and starring Jeremy London as a newly transformed werewolf working with vampire hunters to stop a vampire cult with plans to resurrect Lilith, the mother of all vampires. It co-stars Yancy Butler, Christy Carlson Romano, and Marc Dacascos. Wolvesbayne premiered on Syfy's 31 nights of Halloween in 2009.

Bottled Up (2013)

In this modern day drama, Oscar®-winner Melissa Leo beautifully conveys the heart-wrenching struggle that comes with love and addiction, while also lightheartedly depicting a woman rediscovering romance. She plays hopelessly hopeful Faye, mother to Sylvie (Marin Ireland) who, many months after a car accident, continues to complain of back pain. After refusing physical therapy, it becomes clear to everyone but Faye that her daughter is addicted to pain killers. When earnest environmentalist Beckett (Josh Hamilton) moves to town, Faye quickly befriends him, hoping that he will be the solution to Sylvie’s problems. As Beckett finds himself further intertwined in their lives, he inadvertently helps Faye realize the depth of her family’s problem, even as he brings a touch of happiness. Before too long Faye’s hand is forced, and she must decide whether to protect her daughter or find the happiness that she has long denied herself.

Där regnbågen slutar (1999)

A financially troubled young couple (Gran Stangertz, Camilla Lunden) move into a trailer park as they attempt to raise funds to stage a rock musical.

The Mad Executioners (1963)

Scotland Yard searches for a link between a series of bizarre beheadings and mysterious sex crimes plaguing London.

Three on a Ticket (1947)

Private detective Michael Shayne becomes embroiled in a case involving bank loot hidden in a railroad storage locker.

Raw Herring (2013)

Once a national Dutch icon, the Dutch herring fleet has dwindled to two fishing vessels.

We're the Weakerthans, We're from Winnipeg (2010)

Filmmaker Caelum Vatnsdal follows the Canadian rock group the Weakerthans.

Who Took the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour (2010)

The band documents its final tour and spotlights its 10-year history.

The Misery Brothers (1995)

Two misfits embark upon an odyssey to reverse their unlucky family's misfortunes.

Isn't Life Terrible? (1925)

Isn't Life Terrible? is a 1925 American film starring Charley Chase and featuring Oliver Hardy and Fay Wray. It is the debut of director Leo McCarey. This short is a parody on D. W. Griffith's 1924 drama Isn't Life Wonderful (1924).

Keep Smiling (2013)

A mischievous young girl visits Hollywood and sets the movie capital on its ear.

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001)

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter is a 2001 cult film from Odessa Filmworks which deals with Jesus' modern-day struggle to protect the lesbians of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, from vampires with the help of Mexican wrestler El Santo.

One, the Story of a Goal (2010)

The history of El Salvador's 1982 World Cup soccer team.

The Salesman (2011)

The Salesman (French: Le Vendeur) is a 2011 Canadian drama film directed by Sébastien Pilote. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and had a theatrical release in Quebec on 11 November 2011. Shot in the small city Dolbeau-Mistassini, in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region of the province of Quebec, the film looks at the effects of a declining economy on a sexagenarian car salesman.

Karamoja (1955)

Karamoja was a 1954 film produced by exploitation filmmaker Kroger Babb. A documentary film of a native tribe from Uganda, the film was marketed by Babb to focus on the imagery that would be shocking to an American audience, including advertising which claimed that the tribe wore "only the wind and live[d] on blood and beer."

Some Nudity Required (1998)

Filmmakers Odette Springer and Johanna Demetrakas examine the exploitation of women in B movies.

Crows Zero II (2009)

Crows Zero 2 is a 2009 Japanese action film directed by Takashi Miike with a screenplay by Shogo Muto. It is the second film based on the manga Crows by Hiroshi Takahashi, and a direct sequel to 2007's Crows Zero. The film stars much of the cast from the first film, including Shun Oguri, Kyōsuke Yabe, Meisa Kuroki, and Takayuki Yamada reprising their roles. It was released in Japan on April 11, 2009.

The American Standards (2008)

A middle-age man (Corin Nemec) experiencing marital difficulties notices cracks in his parents' (James Brolin, Joanna Cassidy) relationship.

Spare a Copper (1941)

Spare a Copper is a 1940 British, black-and-white, musical comedy war film, directed by John Paddy Carstairs and starring George Formby, Dorothy Hyson and Bernard Lee. It was produced by Associated Talking Pictures. It is also known as Call a Cop. The film features the songs, "I'm The Ukulele Man", "On The Beat", "I Wish I Was Back On The Farm" and "I'm Shy". Beryl Reid makes her film debut in an uncredited role, while Ronald Shiner appears similarly uncredited, in the role of the Piano Mover and Tuner. Working on the film as associate producer and writer, this was an early assignment for director Basil Dearden: "it was relatively easy to fit the Formby films into the new demands thrown up by the war: whereas George had typically had to overcome rogues and villains in his 1930s films, these were now simply replaced by spies and saboteurs."

This Very Moment (2003)

This Very Moment (German: Milchwald) is a 2003 film directed by Christoph Hochhäusler.

Down Dakota Way (1949)

Down Dakota Way is a 1949 Trucolor American Western film starring Roy Rogers.

Big Fella (1937)

Big Fella is a 1937 British musical drama film directed by J. Elder Wills and starring Paul Robeson, Elisabeth Welch and Roy Emerton. It is loosely based on the novel Banjo by Harlem Renaissance writer Claude McKay.

The Black Balloon (2012)

After a stressed man accidentally releases 100 balloons into the sky, a lone black balloon escapes the rest and comes to life. It returns to the city and learns that humans are very complicated, while it searches for a companion.

Kiara the Brave (2011)

After her father's evil brother takes him captive, a courageous princess sets out to rescue her father and restore him to the throne.

Pure Race (1995)

Car trouble strands college students (Fred Hunting, Gregg Haynes) amid a meeting of radicals seeking to create a chosen race.

A Fallible Girl (2013)

A woman (Sang Juan) and her friend set up a mushroom farm between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but when a personal tragedy calls her back to China, she finds she must repay her debts before she can leave.

The Naked Venus (1959)

A French nudist (Patricia Conelle) must fight for custody of her daughter after her husband (Don Roberts) caves in to his mother's demands and files for divorce.

My Pink Shirt (2007)

After her mother contracts the AIDS virus, a 15-year-old (Milly Crnogorac) must work as a prostitute to survive.

The Wise Guys (1965)

The Wise Guys (French: Les Grandes Gueules) is a 1965 French comedy film directed by Robert Enrico. It is based on a novel by José Giovanni.

Shaolin Brothers (1977)

Brothers skilled in the martial arts take revenge upon a rebel who disrupts their gymnastic show.

Summer Time Machine Blues (2005)

Summer Time Machine Blues is a 2005 Japanese film directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro. The film stars Eita as a member of a university science-fiction club, and Juri Ueno and Yoko Maki as part of the neighboring photography club.

Deformed Monsters (1997)

The Creeps is a 1997 American comedy horror film written by Benjamin Carr and directed by Charles Band.

Vigilante Terror (1953)

Vigilante Terror is a 1953 American Western film directed by Lewis D. Collins and written by Sidney Theil. The film stars Wild Bill Elliott, Mary Ellen Kay, Robert Bray, I. Stanford Jolley, Henry Rowland and Myron Healey. The film was released on November 15, 1953, by Allied Artists Pictures.

Killer God (2010)

A professor tries to prevent Balinese gods from avenging the desecration of their statues.

The Murder Game (2006)

The Murder Game is an American horror film starring Steve Polites, Katie Sirk, Samuel Klein and directed by Robert Harari. The film is distributed by Warner Bros. and Lightyear Entertainment.

In the Hour of Victory (2012)

The discovery of a long-lost bundle of letters reveals the story of an Allied soldier who died on the battlefields of World War II.

The Classic (2003)

The Classic (Hangul: 클래식; RR: Keulraesik) is a 2003 South Korean romance melodrama film directed by Kwak Jae-yong.

A Decent Arrangement (2014)

A Decent Arrangement is a film which released in India on 7 November 2014. This film stars Shabana Azmi, Adam Laupus, Lethia Nall, Farid Currim, Shreya Sharma, Vikram Kapadia, Navniit Nisshan, Adhir Bhat and is directed by Sarovar Banka.

To Go Viking (2015)

The Texas-based Jomsborg Elag, a Viking Age re-enactment group consisting of fighters, craftspeople, and living-history enthusiasts, spends a year participating in the troupe's productions.

Night of the Beast (1993)

Starlets are kidnapped by a horror-film producer's creepy minions and find themselves locked up in the bowels of the studio.

The First Traveling Saleslady (1956)

The First Traveling Saleslady is a 1956 American film, starring Ginger Rogers and Carol Channing. Commercially unsuccessful, it was among the films that helped to close RKO Pictures.

Crisis (1950)

Crisis is a 1950 drama film starring Cary Grant and José Ferrer and directed by Richard Brooks (making his directorial debut). The story of an American couple who inadvertently become embroiled in a revolution, it was based on the short story "The Doubters" by George Tabori.

Kemper (2008)

Kemper: The CoEd Killer is a 2008 American direct-to-video horror film directed by Rick Bitzelberger, and written by Jack Perez. The film is loosely based on the murders committed by California serial killer Edmund Kemper.

She Had to Eat (1937)

She Had to Eat is a 1937 American comedy film directed by Malcolm St. Clair and written by Samuel G. Engel. The film stars Jack Haley, Rochelle Hudson, Arthur Treacher, Eugene Pallette, Douglas Fowley and John Qualen. It was released on July 2, 1937, by 20th Century Fox.

Crop Circles: Quest for Truth (2002)

Researchers discuss theories about the origin of crop circles and what this particular phenomenon implies for the future of Earth.

Other Side Of The Game (2010)

A drug dealer resorts to desperate measures after he is framed for theft and murder.

Playing for Change (2003)

Music producer Mark Johnson, founder of the global music education initiative Playing for Change Foundation, examines the passions that drive some musicians to take to the streets with their art. Drawing on interviews with and footage of a diverse range of musical talents from Los Angeles, New Orleans and New York City, Johnson celebrates the unbridled yearning to create and perform that is common to these performers, who span all musical styles and walks of life.

Orchids to You (1935)

Orchids to You is a 1935 American drama film directed by William A. Seiter and starring John Boles, Jean Muir and Charles Butterworth. The screenplay concerns a flower shop owner and a married attorney who begin a romance after meeting in court.

Bloody Reunion (2006)

Horror strikes a group of former students when they reunite with a dying teacher (Mi-hee Oh).

Who Shot My Father? (2011)

In 1973, Israeli Air Force attache Col. Joe Aldon was assassinated in Maryland and the case remains unsolved. Thirty-eight years later his three daughters search for the truth behind his killing.

A Windy, But Pleasant Day (1980)

Three young men come of age in 1980s Seoul.

Ek Baar Kaho (1980)

Ek Baar Kaho is a 1980 Hindi-language film produced by Tarachand Barjatya and directed by Lekh Tandon. The film stars Navin Nischol and Shabana Azmi in lead roles, with a supporting cast of Kiran Vairale, Madan Puri, Rajendra Nath, Jagdeep, Anil Kapoor, Dilip Dhawan and Suresh Oberoi.

Caged Fury (1948)

Caged Fury is a 1948 American drama film directed by William Berke and written by David Lang. The film stars Richard Denning, Sheila Ryan, Mary Beth Hughes, Buster Crabbe and Frank Wilcox. The film was released on March 5, 1948, by Paramount Pictures.

Don't Sleep Alone (1997)

A terrified attempted-rape victim (Lisa Welti) stays with a different man each night but wakes to find each dead or missing.

Hide Your Smiling Faces (2014)

Hide Your Smiling Faces is a 2013 American drama film written and directed by Daniel Patrick Carbone. The film stars Ryan Jones, Nathan Varnson, Colm O'Leary, Thomas Cruz, Christina Starbuck and Chris Kies. The film was released on March 25, 2014, by Tribeca Film.

High Powered (1945)

High Powered is a 1945 American film directed by William Berke. It is also known as High Man.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped (2005)

The Beat That My Heart Skipped (French: De battre mon cœur s'est arrêté) is a 2005 French film directed by Jacques Audiard and starring Romain Duris. It tells the story of Tom, a shady realtor torn between a criminal life and his desire to become a concert pianist. The film premiered on 17 February 2005 at the Berlin Film Festival. The film was given limited Release to theaters in North America and grossed $1,023,424 and $10,988,397 worldwide.

I'm in Trouble! (2009)

A third rate poet constantly falls in love.

The Evolution of Dad (2010)

Filmmaker Dana H. Glazer investigates the effects of absentee fathers on children.

Brothers (2000)

Young Britons consume alcohol and chase women while on vacation.