Dangerous Davies (1981)

An old-time British sleuth (Bernard Cribbins) with a red convertible plows his way through a stalled case of murder.

Barbecue-Pejo (2000)

Bad luck befalls a poor African farmer (Jean Odoutan) and his family when he sells his land to buy his dream car.

Black Cobra 3: Manila Connection (1991)

An agent (Forry Smith) teams up with his father's buddy (Fred Williamson) on a jungle mission to recover stolen weapons.

Son Of A Gunfighter (1965)

A young man (Russ Tamblyn) crosses the Rio Grande to find the aging outlaw (James Philbrook) who killed his mother.

Where the Boys Are '84 (1984)

Coeds Jennie (Lisa Hartman), Sandra, Carol (Lorna Luft) and Laurie (Lynn-Holly Johnson) go to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., for spring break.

Jaffa, the Orange's Clockwork (2010)

An examination of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

El Médico de las Locas (1956)

Various comical and musical situations where Tin Tan manages to entertain himself with his dance moves.

Jess & Moss (2011)

Two second cousins recall shared memories of companionship and sexual awakening.

The Cream Farewell Concert (1969)

Filmed in London's Albert Hall, the concert highlights the songs of the 1960s band Cream.

The Pinto Bandit (1944)

The Texas Rangers (Jim Newill, Dave O'Brien, Guy Wilkerson) stop a horse thief.

The River Fuefuki (1960)

When the eldest son (Somegoro Ichikawa) of a medieval Japanese farmer decides to become a warlord's retainer, his brothers soon follow in his footsteps.

Farewell to Spring (1959)

Five friends learn an important lesson about the past and future when a hometown reunion gives them the opportunity to examine the paths their lives have taken.

The Chicago Kid (1945)

A young man falls into a life of crime because of his stubborn determination to seek revenge for his father's death.

Piano Players Rarely Ever Play Together (1982)

A portrait of three New Orleans piano players.

Children of Chance (1949)

A group of women formerly involved in the black market winds up taking charge of an orphanage.

Pledge Night (1990)

A fraternity pledge returns from the grave to even the score with the members who caused his death 20 years ago.

Code of the Fearless (1939)

A Texas Ranger pretends he has been discharged from service to trick outlaws into accepting him into their gang.

Invasion of the Space Preachers (1990)

Two urban dropouts (Jim Wolfe, Guy Nelson) meet an alien blonde (Eliska Hahn) on the trail of an evangelist and his far-out flock.

Le grain de sable (1964)

A ruthless business power play results in a trio of heinous murders.

Chandani: The Daughter Of The Elephant Whisperer (2010)

Chandani wants a job that is traditionally given to a male.

East Hastings Pharmacy (2012)

Pharmacists in Vancouver's East Side observe clients who are taking daily doses of methadone.

Running With Demons (2012)

Recovering drug addict Todd Crandell competes in extreme endurance events all over the world and promotes his nonprofit organization, Racing for Recovery.

Extreme Vengeance (1990)

A vicious gangster is released from prison and goes after the cop who put him away. When the cop's family is caught in the crossfire he begins a one-man war for revenge.

Gumby: The Movie (1995)

Aqua-hued adventurer Gumby seeks canine Lowbelly, kidnapped by Blockheads coveting the pearl drops he weeps.

Dirty Dishes (1978)

With two sons and a pushy husband (Pierre Santini), a French housewife (Carole Laure) tries diversions to change her life.

The Whipping Boy (1994)

An 18th-century prince (Nic Knight) starts a war in his kingdom and flees with an orphan (Truan Munro) who catches rats for a living.

Proof of the Man (1977)

When a young American (Joe Yamanaka) is stabbed to death, police Detective Munesue Yusaku (Yûsaku Matsuda) and his American counterpart (George Kennedy) are assigned to solve the murder. While pursuing the case, he solves mysteries from his past.

It's Great to Be Young (1946)

Young performers (Leslie Brooks, Jimmy Lloyd, Jeff Donnell) impress a Broadway producer with a borscht belt show.

My Love, My Bride (2014)

The honeymoon is over for two newlyweds (Jo Jeong-Seok, Min-a Shin) who begin to constantly bicker.

Death Spa (1988)

Customers at an exclusive fat farm are haunted by a force which turns exercise equipment into deadly killing machines.

Beer Is Cheaper Than Therapy (2011)

Filmmaker Simone de Vries investigates the rise in suicides among young American veterans and soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sea of Death (2009)

A deadly disease spreads like wildfire after an accident on an oil platform.

Trap (2007)

Two abused spouses (Amanda Lamberti, Ed Nahhat) each kill their respective mates.

Arturo's Island (1962)

A teen (Vanni de Maigret) falls in love with the new wife of his estranged father while the last is away on a trip.

Gangsters, Guns & Zombies (2012)

Q, Tony, Danny and Steve think the police are their biggest problem after they pull off a robbery. But when the dead rise from the grave, they have to hide out with a woman and her grandmother in a fortified windmill.

Otley (1968)

Rival spies converge on a lazy Londoner (Tom Courtenay) who unwittingly has something they want.

The Lady Hermit (1971)

A master swordswoman recruits two students to help her defeat the evil Black Demon.

Fully Loaded (2011)

An encounter with a stranger (Dweezil Zappa) changes the lives of two single moms (Paula Killen, Lisa Ann Orkin).

Daughter of the Nile (1987)

A young woman (Yang Lin) working in a fast-food restaurant and her burglar brother (Kao Jai) try to stay financially afloat.

Les Croix De Bois (1932)

French soldiers endure the horrors of World War I.

Splinters (2012)

Filmmaker Adam Pesce examines the evolution and impact of surfing in a village in Papua New Guinea as residents prepare for their first-ever national surfing championship.

The Mad Bunch (1989)

After a powerful man is kidnapped, his daughter hires a team of specialists to rescue him.

Lonely Hearts (1982)

An Australian bank clerk (Wendy Hughes) seeks love with a middle-aged piano tuner (Norman Kaye) met through a dating service.

The Last Betrothal (1973)

The wife (Marthe Nadeau) of a gravely ill man (J. Lo Gagnon) secretly decides to die alongside her husband in their home.

The Best Of Benny Hill (1974)

Benny is joined by other British comics for a hilarious look at life and its complexities.

Six Days In Roswell (1998)

Filmmaker Timothy B. Johnson follows Richard Kronfeld, who hopes to be abducted by aliens, to an alleged crash site on its 50th anniversary.

There's Something About a Soldier (1943)

Wally Williams (Tom Neal) and Frank Malloy (Bruce Bennett) are friends at an officers' school. Tension builds between them when they befriend Carol Harkness (Evelyn Keyes), a secretary at the school. While both men vie for Carol's affections, Wally alienates himself from the rest of the squad with his brashness. He has a change of heart when Carol tells him about Frank's heroic military service. He alters his behavior and wins Carol's heart in the process.

Summer of Tomorrows (2003)

The life of a mentally disabled man (Christopher Johnson) magically improves following an accident.

The Hungry Bachelors Club (2004)

To raise enough money to open the restaurant of her dreams, a woman (Jorjan Fox) agrees to be a surrogate mother for a friend's boss.

The Life Coach (2009)

Max has a chance to pay off considerable debt by helping the boss's wimpy nephew close a deal without him knowing he is being coached.

Precious Knowledge (2012)

Tucson, Ariz., high-school seniors become academic warriors to save their classes.

Simon Konianski (2009)

To bury his dad, Simon goes on a road trip with his 6-year-old son, his crazy aunt and uncle, the body -- and his father's ghost.

WWE: The True Story of WrestleMania (2010)

The evolution of professional wrestling's biggest event spotlights key players who made it popular.

49th Parallel (1941)

In the early days of World War II, a German U-boat is sunk in Canada's Hudson Bay. Hoping to evade capture, a small band of German soldiers led by commanding officer Lieutenant Hirth (Eric Portman) attempts to cross the border into the United States, which has not yet entered the war and is officially neutral. Along the way, the German soldiers encounter brave men such as French-Canadian fur trapper Johnnie (Laurence Olivier) and soldier Andy Brock (Raymond Massey).

Fighting With Kit Carson (1933)

Kit Carson and cavalrymen search for the outlaws who have stolen a shipment of government gold. From the serial.

The Ghost Camera (1933)

A chemist (Henry Kendall) becomes involved in a mystery when a camera containing evidence of a murder lands in the back seat of his car.

Mystery on Monster Island (1981)

Loosely based on a Jules Verne tale, this creature feature follows a group of international explorers who become stranded on a remote island while sailing around the world. The shipwrecked crew must not only find a way off the unaccommodating isle, they also have to deal with its ferocious inhabitants, which include dinosaurs and other aggressive animals. Also appearing is the enigmatic and villainous Skinner (Terence Stamp), who has his own devious agenda.

Crackpot (2006)

An eccentric homeless man inspires others.

Beyond Reason (1977)

An unorthodox criminal-ward psychologist (Telly Savalas) has job-related hallucinations.

The Power and the Glory (1933)

After the suicide of hated industrialist Tom Garner (Spencer Tracy), Henry (Ralph Morgan) discusses his former boss' career. Flashbacks show Tom taking the younger Henry under his wing, teaching him how to stand up for himself, and securing him a spot in the railroad business. As the years pass, Tom is shaken by a labor dispute that leads to many accidental employee deaths, and his home life is touched by a tragedy involving his first wife and a stunning revelation concerning his second.

Greatest Lover (1988)

An illegal immigrant (Chow Yun-Fat) in Hong Kong goes to the wrong rendezvous point and meets a woman (Anita Mui) and others who change his life.

Main Street Lawyer (1939)

A prosecutor's career and his adopted daughter's happiness hang in the balance when he is blackmailed by a gangster.

Where the Streets Have No Name (2010)

A man works for 20 years to alleviate homelessness in Cairns.

Let's Make Music (1941)

An elderly schoolmarm (Elisabeth Risdon) makes a hit in New York after a bandleader (Bob Crosby) jazzes up her corny song.

Black Water Gold (1970)

Mexican historian Alejandro Zayas (Ricardo Montalban), marine archeologist Christofer Perdeger (Keir Dullea) and scuba diver Ray Sandage (Aron Kincaid) are looking for treasure. Somewhere on the coast of the Bahamas is a sunken Spanish galleon, and it's filled with gold. But they're not the only ones after the underwater loot. Treasure hunter Lyle (Bradford Dillman) is also searching for the gold, and he'll kill anyone who tries to beat him to it.

The Journey (2007)

A couch potato (Andres Londono) follows his ex-girlfriend to Mexico.

Scampolo (1958)

An architect helps to bring happiness to a melancholy orphan girl.

Spin a Dark Web (1956)

An ex-GI gets mixed up with underworld elements in London when his girlfriend is kidnapped.

You May Be Next (1936)

Neil, the chief engineer of a radio station, is kidnapped by a gangster after he accidentally jams the police radio signals.

The Curse of Blanchard Hill: Raped by Nature (2006)

A man disappears for 22 years after he awakened a deadly Native American curse and returns to unleash a killing spree.

Ajab Gazabb Love (2012)

Rajveer has a successful life until he falls in love with a woman who dislikes luxurious lifestyles.

Island Etude (2007)

Ming-Hsang, a deaf college student, meets interesting people as he cycles around Taiwan before he graduates from college.

Question of Love (1978)

Police suspect a woman and her lover when an architect is killed in front of his house.

The 70 Percent Club (2010)

A group of friends prepares for a friend's wedding and struggles with being single.

Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu (2012)

Ganga, a camerawoman, helps Rambabu, a fiery mechanic, become a journalist. When Rana, an evil politician, kills a journalist, Rambabu decides to destroy his political career.

Trailer Park Jesus (2012)

A college student makes a bargain to get home with a sheet of acid when he becomes stranded in a trailer park in Mississippi.

Asura (2012)

A savage and enraged orphan fends for himself in a barren wasteland. When he crosses paths with civilization he has to learn to tame his inner beast.

Les vécés étaient fermés de l'intérieur (1976)

An investigator searches for the murderer of a subway conductor found in a bathroom locked from the inside.

Inspiración (2001)

A teen falls in love and realizes his life is about to change.

Hell Harbor (1930)

After her abusive father decides to marry her to an unattractive local merchant, a woman (Lupe Velez) does everything she can to escape from her island home.

Gallipoli (2005)

This documentary reconstructs the epic World War I battle between the Turks and the combined forces of Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Using actual diaries and other historical material that survived, the story is told from both sides' points of view through interviews with experts, narrated firsthand accounts, reconstructions and 3-D computer simulations. The filmmakers also make use of location shooting and underwater photography to enhance the experience.

Spectres of the Spectrum (2000)

In the post-apocalyptic future of 2007, the scientist Yogi (Sean Kilcoyne) discovers an "electromagnetic wormhole" where his psychic/telepathic daughter, Boo Boo (Caroline Koebel), can travel through the history of television. Exploring the airwaves, she discovers a far-reaching government cover-up disseminated through mass media. Craig Baldwin's experimental sci-fi film was almost entirely assembled through found footage from old educational, defense department, science and newsreel films.

Christine (1937)

After the death of her husband, Christine sets out to visit each man who danced with her at a ball many years earlier.

Pandora (2006)

In the aftermath of Greece's civil war, a mysterious woman changes the life of a small town.

The Kung Fu Mummy (2005)

An ancient mummy (Swimmy) roams Hollywood with jewels worth $200 million.

Black Jack (1996)

Black Jack may not have a medical license, but that hasn't stopped him from becoming the world's most in-demand surgeon. Blessed with inhuman medical abilities, he operates for hire for anyone who has enough money. But in addition to curing those who are ill, he has another mission: to protect humanity from a race of superhuman beings who want to destroy mankind. Using his medical skills, Black Jack works to discover where these evil beings came from and how they can be stopped.

Love Stalker (2011)

A ladies man gets dumped by the woman of his dreams and has his life turned upside down.

With Eyes Shut (2010)

Gabo (Carlos Luis Zamora) bonds with his granddaughter Delia (Carol Sanabria) as they travel to the Caribbean to spread his wife's ashes.

Legend of the Flying Swordsman (2000)

A drunkard (Dave Wang) tries to change his ways to please his unhappy wife (Gigi Lai-Chi).

Synchronicity (2008)

A man (Brandon Hursell) embarks on a quest to find his missing brain.

Chronicles Of An Exorcism (2008)

Amateur filmmakers chronicle priests' attempts to banish demons from a girl's body.

The Hatchet Man (1932)

Top assassin Wong Low Get (Edward G. Robinson) hears word that he must end the life of his longtime confidant, Sun Yat Ming (J. Carroll Naish). In his last moments of life, Sun asks Wong to care for his soon-to-be-orphaned daughter, Toya San (Loretta Young). Wong agrees, and takes in Toya as his own. When fellow Chinatown thug Harry En Hai (Leslie Fenton) falls for Toya, it ignites a deadly and passionate love triangle that will test the true depth of Wong's loyalty to his fallen friend.

Daku Sultana (2000)

A woman makes it her life's mission to get justice from the men who continually harass her.

Happy New Year (1973)

When jewel thief Simon (Lino Ventura) is released from prison early, the police trail him to locate the still-missing goods. Simon, a veteran criminal, knows the cops are following, so he ditches them and tracks down his former partner, Charlot (Charles Grard). They swap stories of better times and their jewel heist, and Charlot hands over Simon's cut. With his freedom and fortune, Simon decides to locate Franoise (Franoise Fabian), his former lover, and revive their romance.

Mardi Gras Massacre (1978)

The police hunt a serial killer who ritualistically murders women during Mardi Gras.

Should Married Men Go Home? (1928)

Laurel (Stan Laurel) and Hardy (Oliver Hardy) go the the golf course and try to impress the ladies.

Zoning (1986)

Two construction workers seek revenge on the tenants of a recently completed building.

Apnea (2011)

Dimitri dives into the water of a dark pool after a successful European Championships and recalls his relationship with Elsa, who has mysteriously disappeared.

The Man from Clover Grove (1975)

A rival toy manufacturer sends a spy to steal the creations of a toymaker whose work brings joy to the town's orphans.

Revolution (2013)

Filmmaker Rob Stewart sheds light on important environmental topics and suggests ways that people can work to curtail damage that has been done already.