The Last Hunt (2016)

When a convenience store cashier is shot by a thief, memories of his family overseas and hopes to pursue the American dream give him the strength to survive.

Porcelain Stare (2017)

A girl discovers an old woman's terrible secret.

A Chance in the World (2017)

A wounded and broken boy becomes a man of resilience and vision.

Halkaa (2018)

A boy in the Delhi slums tries to raise funds to build a toilet.

15 Scaffolds for a Murderer (1968)

Horse thieves are wrongfully accused of rape and murder. They flee the bloodthirsty lynch mob, taking refuge in an abandoned fort.

Play or Die (2019)

Two passionate gamers participate in an exclusive escape game in an abandoned hospital. They soon realize that only one of them will get out alive.

Mata Batin 2 (2019)

While living and working in an orphanage, Alia meets a girl who possesses inner eyes like hers.

The Player (2012)

To save his father's company, a spoiled playboy is forced to wed a no-nonsense woman who is just as unhappy to be marrying him.

The Blockchain and Us (2017)

A documentary about the blockchain, the underlying technology of bitcoin.

Convict (2014)

Sentenced to death for committing rape, a convict navigates his final trying days alongside his allies and enemies in prison.

Reaction (2011)

Police search for a killer who may be connected to them.

They're Inside (2019)

When two sisters go to an isolated cabin in the woods to film a passion project, family secrets start to get in the way, as do masked strangers filming a passion project of their own.

Assassinaut (2019)

A team of four teenage astronauts braves the alien wilderness of a distant planet to save Earth's president from a deadly assassin.

School of Death (1975)

A mad doctor performs weird experiments on an attractive woman in an 1899 London orphanage.

Your Romeo (2016)

When the budget gets cut for a production of "Romeo and Juliet," the drama geeks have to get creative to save their show.

Unbroken (2018)

People talk about their choice to forgive the murders of their loved ones.

Con el Dedo en el Gatillo I (1958)

A detective, his grandmother and the police commander try to solve several murders.

One Last Summer (2018)

The Ohio United Church of Christ decided to close their campsite at Pilgrim Hills in February of 2017. This story surrounds the final summer at Pilgrim Hills and how the camp affected so many lives.

Breathe (2014)

Two friends prepare for the end of the world.

Elevate (2018)

An overwhelmed woman tries to help people trapped in an elevator.

Yona Yona Penguin (2009)

A girl who dreams of becoming a bird tries to save a race of goblins from a powerful enemy.

Presente imperfecto (2015)

A man receives a confusing present that makes him wonder how others perceive him.

Genesis: Fall of the Crime Empire (2017)

A crime lord seeks a powerful artifact that will give him godlike powers.

The Price for Silence (2018)

After the death of her father, a troubled woman returns home to confront the family that paid for her silence.

The Next Life (2011)

Because of China's one-child policy, the Sichuan Earthquake of 2008 leaves many Chinese families childless. Filmmakers follow a 40-year-old Chinese woman as she attempts to have another child via in vitro fertilization.

Legend of the Grail (2019)

The history of the wars and battles fought over an artifact.

The Mystic Hour (1933)

A hero comes up against a crime boss and the crooked guardian of the woman he loves.

Love to Paradise (2017)

An American in Malta has a life-changing experience when he becomes enamored with a local artist.

Ub Lama (2011)

A 12-year-old boy who lives in a yurt loves hip-hop music and computer games. When he realizes that he is caught between modernity and tradition, he decides to become a Buddhist monk.

Prematho Mee Karthik (2017)

An aloof young man is intrinsically changed after meeting a beautiful woman in India.

Nemiche per la pelle (2016)

Lucia and Fabiola are two extremely different women and declared enemies by an old love rivalry. However, both are forced to reconcile and overcome their differences to take care of a little girl called Pauline.

The Magic Tuche (2018)

After a groundbreaking presidential election, Jeff Tuche becomes the new French president and moves in the lyse with his family to govern the country.

Loved to Death (2019)

A once-loving relationship turns deadly.

El factor Pilgrim (2001)

After an unemployed man buys a strange box from a friend, an executive offers the man a great amount of money for the box's contents. The man tries to discover the truth behind the box and its contents.

Between Two Ferns: The Movie (2019)

Zach Galifianakis hits the road to do celebrity interviews to restore his reputation.

Secret Life of John Paul II (2014)

An unlikely friendship develops between a ski instructor named Lino Zani and Pope John Paul II during his stay at Lino's family ski lodge.

Doggy Style (2010)

The reasons behind a dog leash shortage can be explained by a curious fashion craze that has gripped New York City.

Les arrivants (2010)

Families who are seeking asylum in France face a multitude of challenges.

Chef Challenge (2013)

When one of France's greatest chefs begins to die, he searches for a worthy successor.

Say It With Flowers (1934)

When two florists fall on hard times, their friends stage a variety show to raise funds for them.

Espejos (2015)

A housewife initiates a dangerous sexual fling while her husband's hidden infidelity takes him down a dark path.

Another Way: With Vegetables (2015)

Going from Brussels to Zagreb to explore the viability of a social experiment, community-supported agriculture, which aims to closely link farmers and consumers.

Salvation Jane (2014)

A serial killer's plan to murder his date goes poorly.

Lesser Cousin (2017)

A man comes to his estranged aunt's deathbed only to receive an uncomfortable dying wish.

Lost and Found (2018)

A grieving man finds solace after honoring his father's final wish.

10 Days in Sun City (2017)

A woman becomes a celebrity after winning a beauty contest.

Raven the Little Rascal (2012)

Raven enters a race to win the prize money needed to restore the stock the animals need to survive.

Nakhodka (2015)

A morose and unsociable man finds an abandoned baby in the forest.

Louis, the Child King (1993)

The formative years of King Louis XIV.

Everything Must Fall (2018)

An investigation of the FeesMustFall student movement in South Africa.

Sameer Abu Alneel (2013)

Disliked for his miserly habits, Samir's life turns upside down when he suddenly receives a windfall and launches a television channel.

Marion (2012)

A secret rendezvous with a beautiful woman.

Reese the Movie: A Movie About Reese (2019)

Five of YouTube's top ASMR artists discover the ultimate way to eat Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

Landing Lake (2017)

Satellite technicians repairing a remote dish help rescue the survivors of a plane crash. They all quickly realize something in the lake is affecting their minds and the passage of time.

Heavy Water (2015)

Nathan Fletcher and other surfing legends discuss the culture and roots of the sport they love.

Black Diamond (2016)

A fun-loving bachelor goes on a romantic getaway and winds up pretending to be married to a complete stranger to take advantage of a booking mix-up.

The Lion Kid (2019)

A lion becomes the new sheriff of a Western town.

Forgotten Voices: Women in Bosnia (2008)

Bosnian women share their experiences with war.

Kismat (1995)

A young woman refuses to get an abortion, giving her son up for adoption instead.

El soborno del cielo (2016)

Conflict escalates between a small community and a Catholic pastor who refuses to allow a person who died by suicide to be laid to rest on church grounds.

Petra Quintero (2015)

The story of Petra Quintero, a determined woman from Coahuila, Mexico, who despite a myriad of problems, manages to get ahead and give the best to her children and anyone who needs her help.

Castle Sinister (1948)

A British agent travels to the remote Glennye Castle in the wilds of Scotland to investigate a mysterious murder by a masked phantom.


Un hombre jura vengarse porque cuando era niño fue testigo de cómo asesinaron a su padre en un juego de póker.

Haunted Maze (2017)

Clancy the Clown and his carnival full of sinister weirdos roll into a sleepy town.

Happy Days (2007)

Eight youngsters become a close-knit group after attending engineering college and sharing their experiences.

Prema Katha Chitram (2013)

Four friends decide to commit suicide together in a farmhouse because of their failures. A ghost possesses one of the friends and creates havoc in the friends' lives.

All the Brothers of the West Support Their Father (1972)

A young adventurer and a beautiful hooker gather the pieces of a treasure map.

Lilith (2016)

A female vampire tries to make her way in an unwelcoming city.

On the Road (2017)

Follow the band Wolf Alice as they road tour Great Britain.

Water and Sugar: Carlo Di Palma, the Colours of Life (2017)

The life and work of the Italian cinematographer.

Áll the Sins of the Past (2009)

While propagating witchcraft and unhealthy rituals, tribal culture leaders limit both education and the dissemination of scientific information.

Love Ka Spin (2015)

Jai's college friends are always supportive of him and value his friendship. When they learn that he has fallen in love with a career-oriented doctor, they help unite the couple.

The Missing Corpse (1945)

Fearing a murder probe, a publisher and his chauffeur embark on a hapless quest to dispose of a rival's corpse.

Too Many Crooks (1959)

Fingers (George Cole) and his gang of incompetent crooks try to rob the rich Bill Gordon (Terry-Thomas), but they come up empty-handed. Undeterred by the failure, Fingers plots to kidnap Gordon's daughter and hold her for ransom. But they can't even get that right, and instead they abduct Gordon's wife, Lucy (Brenda De Banzie), by mistake. Shockingly enough, Gordon is happy to be rid of his spouse, and ignores the ransom demands, so Lucy works with the gang to plot revenge.

The Woman Hunter (1972)

A rich man's (Robert Vaughn) wife (Barbara Eden) in Acapulco thinks a killer jewel thief is out to get her.

Mandela's Lost Children (2015)

Over 7,000 people living on the streets of Cape Town fight back against the disregard for their plight.

Ghosts on the Loose (1943)

Preparing for the wedding of his sister, Betty (Ava Gardner), to engineer Jack (Rick Vallin), Glimpy (Huntz Hall) receives help from his gang -- especially leader Mugs (Leo Gorcey), who helps them lie their way into getting a tuxedo and flowers. Prior to the wedding, Jack learns the neighboring house to the one he's purchased is haunted and reluctantly decides to sell. Unaware, the boys hope to surprise the couple by decorating the home -- only to discover very strange happenings next door.

Ghost Fever (1987)

Police partners (Sherman Hemsley, Luis Avalos) stop at a Southern mansion haunted by a slaveholder and other ghosts.

The Ghost Train (1941)

After his hat flies out the window of a speeding train, passenger and music-hall performer Tommy Gander (Arthur Askey) yanks the emergency brake, causing the train to stop. All the passengers are stuck in rural Cornwall, England that night, unable to get a connecting train for hours. The stationmaster, Saul Hodgkin (Herbert Lomas), wants them gone for mysterious reasons, so he tells them a scary story about a ghost train that passes through every night, hoping that will do the trick.

Visit to a Small Planet (1960)

A flying-saucer spaceman (Jerry Lewis) with psychic powers discovers love, pain and beatniks on Earth.

For the Love of It (1980)

Spies chase a model (Deborah Raffin) and a medical student (Jeff Conaway) who unwittingly have top-secret Soviet data.

It's All Happening (1963)

A record-company talent scout (Tommy Steele) organizes a fundraising concert for an orphanage.

Terror at London Bridge (1985)

A detective (David Hasselhoff) thinks Jack the Ripper's ghost came to Lake Havasu City, Ariz., with the bridge.

My Gun Is Quick (1957)

After private detective Mike Hammer (Robert Bray) defends a prostitute (Jan Chaney) from a violent thug, she's killed in what looks like a hit-and-run accident. But her ring -- once stolen by Nazis -- is again missing. After Capt. Pat Chambers (Booth Coleman) briefs Mike, he embarks on a search to find the ring and unravel the mystery surrounding the murder. Along the way, he meets a beautiful widow, Nancy (Whitney Blake), and must confront a gang of jewel smugglers.

Love Takes Flight (1937)

A stewardess (Beatrice Roberts) jilted by a pilot (Bruce Cabot) seizes a plane for a daring solo flight.

Dreaming Out Loud (1940)

Country storekeepers Lum 'n' Abner (Chester Lauck, Norris Goff) try to run things in Pine Ridge, Ark.

More Than Blue (2009)

A terminally ill man (Kwon Sang-Woo) tries to find a suitable husband for the friend (Bo-young Lee) he has loved since childhood.