Wolf Cabin (2010)

Udzinarta mze (1992)

The Sun of the Sleepless (Georgian: უძინართა მზე, translit. Udzinarta mze) is a 1992 Georgian drama film directed by Temur Babluani. It was entered into the 43rd Berlin International Film Festival where it won the Silver Bear for an outstanding artistic contribution. The film had been directed since 1985 till 1992. The film was translated into several languages using voice-over technique as well as subtitles (e.g. German, English). Catchphrases and a soundtrack (more precisely melody which is a leitmotif of this film) of the film are very widespread among Georgian people. Occasionally vulgar words occur in the film. The director has dedicated the work to his father, who is also a doctor.

My Friend Rachid (1998)

Concepción Arenal, la visitadora de cárceles (2012)

Pokhishchenie 'Savoi' (1979)

Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II (1992)

Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II is a 1992 documentary film directed by Bill Miles. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

The Stratford Adventure (1954)

The Stratford Adventure is a 1954 Canadian documentary film about the founding of the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, directed by Morten Parker. It was named Film of the Year at the Canadian Film Awards and nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature at the 27th Academy Awards.

Ivan Brovkin na tseline (1958)

Ivan Brovkin on the State Farm (Russian: Иван Бровкин на целине, translit. Ivan Brovkin na tseline) is a 1959 Soviet comedy film directed by Ivan Lukinsky, sequel to the film Private Ivan. The film was a box-office success, it was seen by 44,6 million viewers in the USSR.

nWo: The Revolution (2012)

Cowboys: Gang Life 4 Ever (2008)

Bakku ga daisuki! (1981)

Japanese, subtitled in English. A young girl named Mimei is working hard to get as many “penis prints” as possible. She’s been collecting these works of art since high school, and her goal is to get 100 prints before her arranged marriage within the next month. Seeking help from her lesbian friends Masumi and Rei, she begins chasing various men around Japan. Mimei finally gets her last man and is met with a challenge! He’ll allow her to make a print of his penis only if she can make him achieve ultimate ecstasy. She accepts, but finds out getting what she needs is a lot harder than she imagined! I LOVE IT FROM BEHIND! is jaw-dropping (and, dare we say, pants-dropping) naughty fun!

Zomblies (2010)

90° South (1933)

Det største spillet (1967)

Det største spillet (English: The Greatest Gamble) is a 1967 Norwegian war drama directed by Knut Bohwim, starring Gard Øyen, Carl Henrik Størmer and Sverre Anker Ousdal. The film tells the story about Norwegian resistance member Gunvald Tomstad, and his experience as a double agent during World War II.

Live 8 (2005)

Il pap'occhio (1980)

In the Pope's Eye (Italian: Il pap'occhio) is a 1980 Italian comedy film written and directed by Renzo Arbore. It was released in September 1980, and it was heavily attacked by the Catholic press. Three weeks later it was confiscated "for insulting the Catholic religion and the person of the Holy Pope" on the orders of the L'Aquila prosecutor Donato Massimo Bartolomei. The film grossed 5 billion lire being the 5th best grossing film in Italy in the 1980/1981 season.

The Remake (2006)

The Remake is a 2006 horror film directed by Tommy Brunswick, and written by Todd Brunswick and Dwayne Roszkowski.

Night of the Living Dead: 25th Anniversary Documentary (1993)

The Referee (2010)

The Referee (Swedish: Rättskiparen) is a 2010 Swedish critically acclaimed, award-winning documentary film produced by Freedom From Choice AB and Sveriges Television about Swedish top football referee Martin Hansson and his controversial journey to ref at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. The filmmakers Mattias Löw, Valentina Santi Löw and Orvar Anklew decided to follow the former firefighter from the village of Holmsjö in Blekinge, southern Sweden for a year that turned out to be the most dramatic in Martin Hansson's life. The film features French football player Thierry Henry, former FIFA president Sepp Blatter, Arsenal F.C. manager Arsène Wenger, former football star Pelé, Swedish Football Association, Swedish top coaches Janne Andersson and Mikael Stahre in addition to referee boss Bo Karlsson and acclaimed journalist and author Erik Niva.

Illusions (1982)

The French, They Are a Funny Race (1955)

The French, They Are a Funny Race — known in France as Les Carnets du Major Thompson (The Notebooks of Major Thompson) and in the U.K. as The Diary of Major Thompson — is a 1955 comedy film written and directed by Preston Sturges, based on the novel by Pierre Daninos, and starring Jack Buchanan and Martine Carol. This was the last film directed by Preston Sturges as well as the last film for actor Jack Buchanan before his death from Spinal Cancer on 20 October 1957.

Un día con Sergio (1977)

Wolves Hunt at Night (1952)

Wolves Hunt at Night (French: Les Loups chassent la nuit), is a French comedy film from 1952, directed by Bernard Borderie, written by Bernard Borderie, starring Jean-Pierre Aumont and Louis de Funès.

Clinton (2012)

Jerry Springer: The Opera (2005)

Basta guardarla (1970)

Basta guardarla (Just Look at Her) is a 1970 Italian comedy film directed by Luciano Salce.

I Not Stupid Too (2006)

I Not Stupid Too (Chinese: 小孩不笨2; pinyin: Xiǎohái Bù Bèn Èr; literally: "Children are not stupid 2") is a 2006 Singaporean satirical comedy film and the sequel to the 2002 film, I Not Stupid. It portrays the lives, struggles and adventures of three Singaporean youths — 15-year-old Tom, his 8-year-old brother Jerry and their 15-year-old friend Chengcai — who have a strained relationship with their parents. The film explores the issue of poor parent-child communication. The director and screenwriter, Jack Neo, was inspired to make the film by a book about appreciating education. The movie was produced by Mediacorp Raintree Pictures on a budget of S$1.5 million. It stars Jack Neo, Xiang Yun, Huang Yiliang, Shawn Lee, Joshua Ang and Ashley Leong. Filming took place at several Singapore schools in June 2005. I Not Stupid Too was released in cinemas on 26 January 2006, and earned over S$4 million in total. The film became the second-highest grossing Singaporean film in history, with only Money No Enough grossing more. At the 2006 Hong Kong Film Awards, it was nominated for Best Asian Film, but lost to Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles. Critical reception was also generally positive, although some criticized the movie as overly preachy. A serialised version of the film was aired later that year. There was also a Malay language remake of it done 4 years later.

Left Handed Johnny West (1965)

Left Handed Johnny West (Italian: Johnny West il mancino, also known just as Johnny West) is a 1965 Italian spaghetti western film directed by Gianfranco Parolini.

Resident Demon (2004)

Your Hat (1932)

As a clerk in a hat store, George sells a customer his own hat, and draws Gracie in as his next client.

The Clan - Tale of the Frogs (1984)

The Clan – Tale of the Frogs (Finnish: Klaani: Tarina Sammakoitten suvusta) is a 1984 Finnish drama film directed by Mika Kaurismäki. It was entered into the 14th Moscow International Film Festival.

Red Riding Hood (1931)

Red Riding Hood is a 2006 American musical film starring Morgan Thompson as "Red", Henry Cavill as "the Hunter", and Joey Fatone as "the Wolf".

No compteu amb els dits (1967)

Walking the Baby (1933)

Gracie Allen is a governess taking a baby through the park when she stops to converse with George Burns, a street cleaner.

Aufstellung (2005)

Terry Pratchett: Facing Extinction (2013)

Dickey Betts & Great Southern: Back Where It All Begins - Live at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum (2005)

Monkey Drummer (2000)

Sender Unknown (1995)

Sin Remitente (also known as Return to Sender and Sender Unknown) is a 1995 Mexican drama film written and directed by Carlos Carrera. The film was entered into the main competition at the 52nd edition of the Venice Film Festival. It also won three Ariel Awards, for best picture, best direction and best actor.

The Dancing Bear (1937)

Proroki i uroki (1967)

OSS 117 prend des vacances (1970)

OSS 117 takes a vacation/Hot Holidays for OSS 117/OSS 117 prend des vacances is a French/Brazilian international co-production 1970 spy film directed by Pierre Kalfon who also co-wrote and co-produced the film. It starred Luc Merenda, Edwige Feuillère and Elsa Martinelli. The film is one of the OSS 117 series of films, and was based on the 1968 novel Vacances Pour OSS 117 by Josette Bruce the widow of Jean Bruce who also co-wrote the film. The film was shot in Guarujá.

Kokain - Das Tagebuch der Inga L. (1986)

St. Pauli Nachrichten: Thema Nr. 1 (1971)

Parapsycho - Spektrum der Angst (1975)

Parapsycho – Spectrum of Fear (German: Parapsycho - Spektrum der Angst) is a 1975 Austrian horror film directed by Peter Patzak, starring Marisa Mell, Leon Askin and Debra Berger. Split into three episodes, it uses extrasensory perception, reincarnation and telepathy as its subject matter. Even in the school of New German Cinema, the film was ground breaking for using footage of a real autopsy, beginning with the incision of the body from sternum to pubic bone, rather than recreating the scene using prosthetics or special effects.

A Day in the Dirt (2002)

A Tribute to Alvin Ailey (1990)

Rise Up! Wie weit würdest du gehen? (2012)

In fabbrica (2007)

King Zilch (1933)

El Hombre de las gerberas (2013)

A Historical Sketch of Indian Women (1975)

La Casa Triste (2013)

Der Majoratsherr (1943)

Kammesjukjul (1978)

Diarchy (2010)

Semana Santa (2013)

Danses cosmopolites (1902)

Bluto (1967)

El cerco de Huesca (1937)

En sommarsaga (1941)

Slow Glass (1991)

Das Portrait (1966)

Forma Otwarta - Gra na twarzy aktorki (1971)

Hocico ‎- A Través De Mundos Que Arden (2006)

Three Minutes (1999)

Disney's The American Presidents: Revolution and the New Nation & Expansion and Reform (2010)

Starting Place/Point de départ (1994)

Apa Dah Jadi? (2012)

Giron (1974)

Hi-so (2010)

¡No firmes más letras, cielo! (1972)

Wild, Free & Hungry (1969)

Turn Me On: The History of the Vibrator (2001)

A Princesa (2012)

Der getäuschte Pierrot (1917)

Down: Diary of a Mad Band - Europe in the Year of VI (2010)

Rakete (1999)

Las manos limpias (2012)

My days (2011)

Go Fly a Kit (1957)

Go Fly a Kit is a 1957 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Chuck Jones. It is available on disc 4 of the DVD set Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 4. The title is a pun on the phrase "Go fly a kite."

Helter Skelter (1929)

La force des choses (1998)

Felix Doubles for Darwin (1924)

Have You Heard: Jim Croce - Live (2003)

Trapped (1923)

Moscow Cat Theater (2008)

Corn's-A-Poppin' (1956)

Der letzte Mann - Das Making of (2003)

So Far from India (1983)

Kanimambo (2012)

Drakmar: A Vassal's Journey (2006)

Rage of Ninja (1988)

Top Gear: The Worst Car In the History of the World (2012)

Arrivano i bersaglieri (1980)

Arrivano i bersaglieri is a 1980 Italian historical-comedy film written and directed by Luigi Magni. The film is set during the days of the capture of Rome (1870), an event that marked the Italian unification and the end of the Papal States and of the temporal power of the Popes.

Io ti assolvo (2008)

Bankaku: Kanto sex gundan (1973)

The Monkey Sword Masamune (1930)

Africa, Prelude to Victory (1942)

Africa, Prelude to Victory was a short dramatic propaganda film produced by the Office of War Information (OWI) in the 1942 Frank Capra's film Prelude to War. It shows the african campaigns of World War II. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary in 1943.

Henpecked Rooster (1944)