The Map Reader (2008)

A misfit New Zealand teenager (Jordan Selwyn) is confused and conflicted by his feelings for a cheery, young blindwoman and a friendly classmate.

20 Years of Madness (2016)

The makers of a mid-'90s public access TV show make a new episode and reconcile the dreams of their youth with adulthood.

Santo Domingo Blues (2004)

Interviews with and performances by Luis Vargas and others highlight a history of bachata -- Santo Domingo's version of blues music.

Who Are You, Polly Maggoo? (1966)

A model (Dorothy McGowan) tells a television crew about her dreams of a life with prince charming all while fending off the lecherous advances of a horde of men.

Legions of the Nile (1959)

A Roman envoy (Ettore Manni) flirts with Cleopatra (Linda Cristal) and tries to sway Mark Antony (Georges Marchal).

King (2008)

The heir of the royal family takes over the legacy and riches after his father's demise; but his uncles are after his money and they plot to get him killed.

Fast Food (1989)

Adrift after graduation, college chums Auggie Hamilton (Clark Brandon) and Drew Taylor (Randal Patrick) decide to go into business together and open a fast-food restaurant. They happen upon a prime location but don't start attracting business until they mix up a special sauce, the secret ingredient of which is an aphrodisiac. As the hamburgers start flying off the griddle, the fun-loving pair draw the ire of the competition, fast-food mogul Wrangler Bob (Jim Varney).

Tess of the Storm Country (1960)

A girl and her uncle travel from Scotland to America, where they are caught in the midst of a feud between families.

Light Drops (2002)

A middle-aged man (Lus Sarmento) recalls his life as a 14-year-old (Filipe Carvalho) in Mozambique.

1 Way Up: The Story of Peckham BMX (2014)

Two London teens prepare to compete in the BMX World Championships.

Eccomi Qua (2003)

A carefree bachelor (Andrea Sartoretti) tries to decide if he is ready for fatherhood after an ex-lover shows up with their son in tow.

This Won't Hurt a Bit (1993)

Flashbacks relate the tale of an apparently incompetent but wealthy Australian dentist sought by the British police.

It's Hard Being Loved by Jerks (2008)

Islamic groups sue French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo after it publishes Danish cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad.

Hip-Hop Task Force (2004)

Khalil Jones, a Chicago detective goes under cover as a music producer at a hip-hop record label to pick up enough information to snag a crime lord who is affiliated with the label.

The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972)

Barry McKenzie is a die-hard Aussie who is sent to England by his family, accompanied by his eccentric aunt Edna Everage. Loud-mouthed, beer-crazy Bazza encounters a totally alien culture and becomes embroiled in a series of strange vicissitudes, from being pressured to marry the unattractive daughter of an aristocratic-but-penniless family to being kidnapped by a group of hippies.

Dead Stop (1995)

A journalist investigates gruesome murders after Jack the Ripper resurfaces from the grave.

The Ball (2010)

Two little boys use condoms in a different way.

Gossip (2000)

A cynical businessman has trouble with employees until a charming, distant relative shows up to settle a strike.

A Crude Awakening (2006)

In 1956, geologist Marion King Hubbard proposed the peak oil theory: Once easily extractable oil reserves are depleted, demand will exceed supply and the natural-gas-dependent global economy will eventually collapse. This documentary argues that Hubbard was correct, drawing upon the testimony of a wide range of experts, concluding oil supplies will peak by 2020 and that alternative energy solutions will not be found quickly enough to provide a viable alternative.

Dead Serious (2005)

Religious fanatics try to take over a gay bar which is -- they are about to discover -- owned by vampires.

Herod the Great (1959)

Defeated in battle and angry at his wife (Sylvia Lopez), the B.C. ruler (Edmund Purdom) of Judea goes roaring mad.

Murder Without Crime (1950)

A British writer's (Derek Farr) fight with his wife (Patricia Plunkett) inspires his landlord (Dennis Price) to try blackmail.

Comment ça va? (1976)

Two newspaper workers try to make a film.

Almost Pregnant (1992)

Infertility leads to infidelity for a couple (Tanya Roberts, Jeff Conaway) having lots of trouble having a baby.

7 Days in Slow Motion (2009)

A boy finds a video camera and decides to make a film in just seven days.

A-list (2006)

A wanna-be actor finds his life in turmoil when he is mistaken for Hollywood's latest big-name thespian.

The Adventures of Tarzan (1921)

In the jungle, Tarzan (Elmo Lincoln), the son of a British lord stranded in the African wilds and brought up by apes, has rejected human civilization as empty but clings to his friendship with American Jane Porter (Louise Lorraine). When Jane is abducted by Arab slave traders, Tarzan comes to her rescue -- only to see her kidnapped again by Queen La of Opar (Lillian Worth). To save Jane, Tarzan must battle both the queen's minions and William Clayton, who seeks Tarzan's family title.

İtirazım Var (2014)

Imam Selman Bulut investigates a murder committed at his mosque after the police take little interest.

TBS (2008)

Convicted of murdering his father and sister, Johan (Theo Maassen) is living in a psychiatric prison. When he loses his parole hearing, he learns that he will be transferred to a long-term prison for the criminally insane, where he will spend the rest of his life. Out of options, Johan escapes from custody and goes looking for his mother (Pim Lambeau), who he believes can prove his innocence. When the police get close to apprehending him, Johan takes a young girl (Lisa Smit) hostage.

Valley of the Fangs (1970)

With her daughter, a woman attempts to free her husband.

The Human Condition 2: The Road to Eternity (1959)

Kaji does his best to help his men avoid death during WWII.

Nickel & Dime (1992)

A guy (C. Thomas Howell) in debt teams up with an accountant (Wallace Shawn) to locate an heiress (Lise Cutter) and collect the finder's fee.

Kids of the Round Table (1995)

A 20th-century boy (Johnny Morina) pulls the sword Excalibur from a stone, giving him power over bullies and bad guys.

The Skeleton Dance (1929)

When the clock strikes midnight, four skeletons come out to dance.

Stardust (2010)

Images of celebrities in Las Vegas are edited together to make a thriller narrative.

The Empty (2014)

After the death of his wife, Ark takes refuge in a crumbling apartment building where all of his darkest fears come to life.

Forgiveness (2004)

A disgraced ex-cop's trip to a small town triggers a cathartic journey of forgiveness and revenge for himself and the family of the activist he killed.

Internal Combustion (2014)

Filmmaker Steve Faigenbaum compares Detroit's collapse to his family's history.

Jailbait! (2000)

A high-school athlete (Kevin Mundy) faces statutory rape charges after consensual sex with a 16-year-old.

Panic (1983)

A backfired genetic experiment turns a scientist into a bloodsucking zombie.

Midnight Flight (1998)

A woman trapped in an airport sees a man plant a bomb on the plane her ex-husband and son will soon be aboard.

Enough Rope (1963)

Two strangers suspect each other of murdering their own spouses.

Recovery (2007)

An accident changes a man's personality for the worse, leaving Tricia with a different husband.

Sunday in Peking (1956)

A glimpse into Mao's China in Beijing.

The Revolt of Mamie Stover (1956)

In 1941, prostitute Mamie Stover (Jane Russell) has no choice but to flee San Francisco when the police turn on her and want her out of town. Figuring Hawaii would be a great place to begin anew, Stover books a trip aboard a Honolulu-bound boat, where she happens to meet writer Jim Blair (Richard Egan), who is quite taken with the former streetwalker. However, when the ship reaches Hawaii, Stover soon falls back into her old ways and begins working at a nightclub, much to Blair's dismay.

Passinho Dance Off: The Movie (2012)

Kids from the favelas of Rio use dance as an alternative to drugs and crime.

Upstream (2009)

A mother-and-son relationship goes downhill after the son moves into an apartment and the mother moves in with a new boyfriend.

Nun at the Crossroads (1967)

A nun raped by Congo natives becomes pregnant and must decide whether to give up her baby or leave the order.

Can Go Through Skin (2009)

Marieke (Rifka Lodeizen) moves to the country after being assaulted and lives alone within her mind until she accepts help from her neighbor John (Wim Opbrouck).

Lovebirds (2008)

A young man's world turns topsy-turvy when the Spaniard he's fallen for online arrives in Manila.

Frozen Assets (1992)

Zach Shepard (Corbin Bernsen) is excited to find he's been hired as president of a bank. When he finally arrives in Hobart, Ore., he discovers to his dismay that the bank is actually a sperm bank. There he meets the cold Dr. Grace Murdoch (Shelley Long), the scientist in charge, whose disregard for him seems to mask romantic intentions. Meanwhile, in order to save the business, the sperm bank holds a fundraiser to find the man with the highest sperm count.

Hand of God (2007)

Growing up in Massachusetts in the mid-1960s, Paul Cultrera is molested by Salem priest Father Joseph Birmingham. Even though Birmingham is repeatedly accused of child abuse, Paul tells his family about being molested only a few years after the priest's death. Documentarian Joe Cultrera films his brother as Paul recounts years of anger and depression. Investigating the stories of others touched by Birmingham, the siblings find a pattern of the church ignoring multiple abuse allegations.

I Love You... Don't Touch Me! (1997)

Friends (Mitchell Whitfield, Meredith Scott Lynn) advise an aspiring Los Angeles singer (Marla Schaffel) searching for the perfect man.

The Desert Flower (1925)

Living in a boxcar in the desert, Maggie Fortune is cruelly treated by her stepfather; when she goes to a mining town, she falls for hard-drinking Rance Conway.

Shinobi Girl: The Movie (2012)

Falsely accused of murder, a Wall Street business woman (Alexandra Hellquist) creates an alter-ego and becomes a sword-wielding vigilante.

Salvo (2013)

A mafia assassin give his latest victim's sister her sight back.

A Long and Happy Life (2013)

Sasha and his workers reject state payoffs to sell land.

William S. Burroughs in the Dreamachine (2015)

Jon Aes-Nihil visits David Woodard and William S. Burroughs to record Burroughs' last discussion on drugs and government policies.

Ride in a Pink Car (1974)

A Vietnam veteran (Glenn Corbett) comes home to hostility in the South.

The Curse of Dracula (1958)

Gone to California without a passport, Dracula (Francis Lederer) poses as an artist and moves in with a family.

The Return of Dracula (1958)

Gone to California without a passport, Dracula (Francis Lederer) poses as an artist and moves in with a family.

The Architect (2012)

A clash of two sins results in chaos, and a parent's dreams spawn into a cataclysmic nightmare that devastates the entire family.

A Film With Me In It (2008)

Two roommates (Dylan Moran, Mark Doherty) ponder the problems of disposal when freak accidents claim the lives of one's friends and family.

Starboard Light (2015)

Family members witness the evaporation of a century of memories when they sell their summer home on Cape Cod.

Angry Babies in Love (2014)

Jeevan and Sarah marry in Mumbai. When they seek a divorce a year later, the court orders them to stay together for six months, but their housemaid's soft corner for Jeevan complicates things more.

Beatriz's War (2013)

A woman's husband mysteriously returns 16 years after he disappeared during a brutal massacre by occupying Indonesian forces.

Sukeban: Octopus Pot (2008)

Reiko tries to put her life in order after serving time.

Boarding School (1978)

An American teenager organizes her Swiss schoolmates in hatching a scheme to attract the boys from a nearby school.

Le déménagement (1997)

Everything goes wrong on the day a new sitcom writer and his pregnant wife are due to move into their new home.

Yellow Pages (1985)

A Beverly Hills socialite (Jean Simmons) pays a would-be private eye (Chris Lemmon) to watch her stepdaughter (Lea Thompson) in Europe.

Amu (2005)

A 21-year-old Indian-American woman learns of secrets and lies that tie her origins to a horrifying genocide.

River (2016)

A Texas border detective is traumatized by the disappearance of his 9-year-old daughter.

Uspomene 677 (2011)

A haunting profile of the 20-year legacy left over from the Bosnian War.

Big Ball'n (2007)

Two thirty-something brothers (Todd Bridges, Jimmy Bridges) finally make it to law school, but when their father's tuition check bounces they turn to dealing drugs to raise the necessary funds.

A Haunting History (2016)

A lawyer with a troubled past returns to South Sudan to serve his country.

At Home in the World (2015)

The lives of five refugee kids during their first year in a Red Cross refugee school in Denmark.

The Queen of Spades (1916)

During a card game, a man tells his friends about his grandmother.

Don't F... in the Woods (2016)

After the stress and mental anguish of finals, Alex and her girlfriend Jane trek into the woods with a few friends to rest and relax. As the group begins to unwind, something in the dark discovers the new and intoxicating scene.

Zoology (2016)

Middle-aged zoo worker Natasha lives with her mother in a small coastal town. She feels stuck in a life that holds no surprises, until one day she grows a tail.

The Exchange (2016)

Lydia agrees to a blind date to try to get over a recent breakup. She meets a handsome actor and agrees to do whatever he asks as he tries to make her fall in love with him.

Attack of the Killer Refrigerator (1990)

A refrigerator goes on a killing spree after teenagers abuse it.

David and Goliath (2016)

Two ancient empires clash and a simple shepherd uses his sling to battle a fearsome giant.

Amish Witches: The True Story of Holmes County (2016)

A group of young Amish women solicit the help of a TV crew in an attempt to document the bizarre events seemingly orchestrated by a powerful malevolent force.

Nobody's Wife (1937)

A young woman must leave her home.

Farhope Tower (2015)

Paranormal investigators enter Farhope Tower, infamous for its unexplained suicides. As they climb higher, the investigators realize the layout is changing and shifting around them, and an evil presence is manipulating their fates.

Remote Paradise (2016)

An heiress (Boti Bliss) travels to Hawaii and becomes swept into a whirlwind romance with a man (Antonio Sabato Jr.) who may not be what he seems.

Forbidden Passage (1941)

The Department of Immigration's efforts to halt the smuggling of illegal aliens into the U.S.

Cock of the Air (1932)

An opera diva tries to woo a womanizing army officer.

The Three Fantastic Supermen (1967)

Self-proclaimed supermen in bulletproof suits take on crime and stop counterfeiters.

Blossom Seeley and Bennie Fields (1927)

Blossom Seeley and Bennie Fields perform three songs: "Hello Mr. Bluebird," Irving Berlin's "The Call of the South" and "(A Pretty Spanish Town) On a Night Like This."

The Tortoise and the Hare (1935)

The obnoxiously cocky Max Hare challenges the quiet, shy Toby Tortoise to a foot race.

Torrey Pines (2016)

A boy is raised by a schizophrenic single mother.

The Last Appeal (2016)

Prisoners on death row sometimes face insurmountable legal battles, family struggles, and ultimately, their own mortality.

23 Kilometres (2015)

In Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, an Armenian man with late-stage Parkinson's takes one last journey.

Delusion (2016)

Three years after the death of his wife, Frank becomes attracted to a mysterious woman.

First Lady of the Revolution (2016)

Henrietta Boggs becomes first lady of Costa Rica after beginning as a Southern belle in Alabama.

The Last Exit (2013)

Friends battle a werewolf that is terrorizing a small town.

Blue Turquoise (2016)

An escaped mental patient returns home to terrorize his twin brother with gruesome crimes.

Largo Baracche (2014)

Seven boys show the beating heart of the Spanish Quarter of Naples.

Drôle de Guerre (2014)

When his mother is hospitalized, a young boy (Matis Hoquet) escapes boredom by playing with some of his grandfather's things, including an old gun and a Resistance medal.