Jurmana (1996)

A police inspector takes justice for his wife's murder into his own hands.

Frankenstein's Hungry Dead (2013)

A high-school field trip to a wax museum turns into a fight for survival when reanimated undead monsters hunt the teens down for a demented doctor.

Man Of The Moment (1955)

A file clerk becomes a delegate to a Geneva conference and unknowingly uses veto powers for some political decisions.

Pasaporte a la muerte (1968)

Blue Demon chases a villain who kills scientists to steal their secrets, then he causes artificial earthquakes.

Up the Front (1972)

An English servant does his World War I duty with an enemy tattoo on his behind.

It's That Man Again (1943)

An English politician begs, borrows and eventually steals an alcoholic playwright's latest effort to save a theater.

Red River Valley (1941)

A singing cowboy (Roy Rogers) chases a gambler for robbing a water-project fund.

My Voice (2003)

The story of a young woman who cannot sing.

Four Days (1999)

During a botched bank heist in Montreal, a robber (William Forsythe) is shot, and his teenage son (Kevin Zegers) ends up fleeing with the money. The boy heads to an agreed-upon meeting point, pursued by his dad's partner, Fury (Colm Meaney), who was doubled-crossed in the holdup. Along the way, the boy encounters Chrystal (Lolita Davidovich), a shapely redhead, who pays him special attention to make her husband jealous. A confrontation follows in the woods of northern Quebec.

Infliction (2012)

Found-footage reveals the murder spree committed by two brothers in North Carolina.

Still Orangutans (2007)

Sixteen people live through the hottest day of the year.

Çarsi Pazar (2015)

Kahraman must battle a contractor to protect the hamam his family left him.

Galapagos (1999)

Part adventure, part scientific expedition, part personal quest, and part fantastic voyage, this unprecedented non-fiction film takes audiences on a journey with marine biologist Dr. Carole Baldwin, from the Smithsonian Institutions Museum of Natural History, on her first trips to the famed Galpagos Islands.

How to Murder a Rich Uncle (1957)

A broke British nobleman (Nigel Patrick) targets his Canadian uncle (Charles Coburn), but other relatives get in the way.

Of Good Report (2013)

A high school teacher in rural South Africa starts an affair with a pupil.

Blade in Hong Kong (1985)

A private eye (Terry Lester) saves his Chinese foster father (Keye Luke) from assassins and lands in a political puzzle.

Vanessa: Her Love Story (1935)

The Victorian wife (Helen Hayes) of a mad baron waits years for a British soldier (Robert Montgomery) sent to Egypt.

Death Makes Life Possible (2013)

Anthropologist Marilyn Schlitz explores the mysteries of death.

Tropic of Cancer (1970)

In this adaptation of Henry Miller's controversial 1934 novel, the film's backdrop is 1960s Paris. Expatriate American novelist Henry Miller (Rip Torn) spends his life womanizing and cavorting aimlessly around the city, while his forbearing wife, Mona (Ellen Burstyn), poses no deterrent to his hedonistic lifestyle. Miller and his friends romp through the streets searching for pleasure, one conquest after another, without regard for the consequences.

Move (2012)

Jessica wants to change everything, and Maria wants it all to be just as it is.

Play For Me (2001)

After a failed suicide attempt, a talented but troubled violinist learns to face his fears with a woman's help.

Iski Topi Uske Sarr (1998)

A kind-hearted woman adopts three orphans; the two boys grow up to become con men and double-cross an underworld don.

Houston, We've Got a Problem (1974)

Ground control personnel (Robert Culp, Clu Gulager) face a crisis in this drama based on the 1970 Apollo 13 moon mission.

A Crime of Passion (1999)

After her father is murdered, a young medical student (Tracey Gold) becomes the prime suspect and must exonerate herself.

The Killer Reserved Nine Seats (1974)

A wealthy man invites a group of friends to visit his villa, which includes an old playhouse. The guests quickly realize they are trapped inside as a masked man eliminates them one by one.

The Kansan (1943)

The new marshal (Richard Dix) of a Kansas town cracks down on his sponsor, a greedy banker (Albert Dekker).

A Hen in the Wind (1948)

A soldier returns home at the end of World War II, and refuses to forgive his wife for prostituting herself one night to pay off medical bills for their son.

Locked In (2010)

When Josh leaves his advertising career, his daughter has a car accident which leaves her in a coma and when everyone has given up, she starts communicating with him.

Life Is A Bed Of Roses (1983)

This film tells three tales set in the same castle. In the first, Count Michel Forbek (Ruggero Raimondi) builds a castle in which he tries to create a utopian society by strange means. Years later, an educational conference occurs in the castle in which trysts take precedence over education and Nora Winkle (Geraldine Chaplin) makes predictions about her friend's relationship. Finally, children in the castle create a fantastical story about medieval times.

Little Ghost (1997)

A lonely boy prepares for adventure when the ghost of a girl who died centuries ago becomes his new best friend.

The Dead Are Alive (1972)

Archaeologists stumble upon the tomb of an ancient Etruscan, unleashing its fury.

The Last Movie (1971)

A stuntman (Dennis Hopper) stays behind with culturally shocked natives after filming "Billy the Kid" in Peru.

Ghost Cat (2010)

Ghost Cat, also known by the title Mrs. Ashboro’s Cat, is a 2004 film starring Ellen Page and Michael Ontkean. When Wes Merritt and his daughter Natalie find the perfect home, they realize that the previous owner’s pet never left. This wouldn’t be a problem, but the pet is supposed to be deceased. The cat, named Margaret, has come back to protect the new owners of the home and everything that Mrs. Ashboro loved.

Morning Glory (1993)

A Georgia widow (Deborah Raffin) needs a helper not a husband, and along comes a jobless ex-convict (Christopher Reeve) to answer her ad.

Laborer's Love (1922)

Cheng falls in love with his neighbor's daughter, but her father will not consent to the marriage unless Cheng finds him more patients.

Romance of the Western Chamber (1927)

A love affair blossoms between a young scholar and a courtier's daughter.

Kentucky Jubilee (1951)

A mail-order emcee (Jerry Colonna), a performer (Jean Porter) and a writer (James Ellison) foil racketeers at a show.

The Past is a Grotesque Animal (2014)

Kevin Barnes, leader of the band Of Montreal, has a drive to make music so relentless that he begins to value art over human relationships.

Sector 4: Extraction (2014)

A team of mercenaries are ambushed and taken hostage in the Middle East. Team leader Nash escapes captivity and is told a rescue mission is impossible. Refusing to give up on his men, Nash begins a one-man rescue attempt to save his team.

Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1989)

Washington sends the bionic couple (Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner) to stop a bionic assassin at U.S./Soviet unity games.

Three Days In Havana (2014)

Jack (Gil Bellows) gets more than he bargained for when he travels to Havana on business, and becomes embroiled in an assassination attempt with a new friend.

To Paris With Love (1955)

Sir Edgar Fraser (Alec Guinness), an aging British royal, leaves the luxury of his Scottish mansion to take his sheltered son John (Vernon Gray) on a brief trip to Paris to learn about love. The Frasers visit a family friend and meet Lisette Marconnet (Odile Versois), a young Parisian beauty, and Sylvia Gilbert (Elina Labourdette), an aging French widow. In a surprising turn of events, the younger Fraser falls for Sylvia, while his graying father pursues the nubile Lisette.

Waterloo Road (1945)

In London, soon after railway worker Jim Colte (John Mills) reports for military duty, he suspects that his recent bride, Tillie (Joy Shelton), has been seeing draft dodger and womanizer Ted Purvis (Stewart Granger). Unable to get an approval for leave, Jim goes AWOL and spends a day one step behind Purvis. During his search, Jim must evade the military police and endure air raids. He also receives unexpected aid from one of Purvis' jilted girlfriends and kindly Dr. Montgomery (Alastair Sim).

From The Dead Of Night (1989)

The near-death of a fashion designer (Lindsay Wagner) makes her a target for six life-snatchers, the walking dead.

The Man in Grey (1943)

Desirous of an heir, the remote and cruel Lord Rohan (James Mason) marries pretty young Clarissa Marr (Phyllis Calvert). Soon after, Clarissa discovers old school friend Hesther Shaw (Margaret Lockwood), now impoverished in an acting troupe, and brings her home, unaware that Hesther has long nursed resentment of her good fortune. While the ambitious Hesther sets her sights on Rohan, she also secretly encourages Clarissa into a relationship with affable gypsy Peter Rokeby (Stewart Granger).

Aalwar (2007)

Aalwar, a priest, disguises himself as Shiva, a ward boy by day and a vigilante by night, in order to take revenge on the people who killed his mother and sister.

A Mosquito-Man (2013)

When Jim is fired from his job, his car is impounded and he learns his wife is having an affair with his archenemy. Things worsen when he is kidnapped by a mad scientist and injected with an experimental vaccine that turns him into a mutant.

Island of Desire (1952)

A nurse (Linda Darnell) and a Marine (Tab Hunter) are marooned on an island; a British pilot (Donald Gray) makes it a threesome.

Towards Mathilde (2005)

The life and work of choreographer Mathilde Monnier.

The Gas Weapon (2014)

Filmmaker Alex Shiriaieff examines Ukranie's reliance on Russia for cheap natural gas.

Magic Hour (2015)

In the summer of 1990, Ray moves to Venice Beach and befriends five brothers with a criminal background. When he witnesses the brothers beat up a bar owner's son, he becomes involved in the bar owner's quest for bloody revenge.

15 to Life: Kenneth's Story (2014)

After 10 years of incarceration, a young man in his mid-20s fights for his release while serving four consecutive life sentences.

A Dog's Tale (1999)

A pet-loving boy is accidentally transformed into a dog after he makes a wish on the fabled Christmas star.

Racing Lady (1937)

After stable owner Tom Martin (Harry Carey) and his daughter, Ruth (Ann Dvorak), refuse to throw a race in exchange for a bribe, a rival stable's dastardly tactics on the racecourse lead to a career-ending injury for their beloved horse, Pepper Mary. Determined to vindicate her wounded steed, Ruth begins training Pepper Mary's offspring, Katydid. And, as Ruth breaks new ground as a female horse trainer, her growing prowess catches the eye of wealthy breeder Steve Wendel (Smith Ballew).

Columbo: Grand Deceptions (1989)

In addition to running a paramilitary mercenary school, Col. Frank Brailie (Robert Foxworth) is also embezzling money from the school's funds and having an affair with the wife of the school's owner, Gen. Padget. When Padget gets suspicious of Brailie's "Special Projects Fund," he tries to blackmail the colonel into cutting him in on the profits. Instead, Brailie stages a land mine explosion killing Padget, but homicide detective Columbo (Peter Falk) isn't convinced the death was accidental.

Mad Monkey Kung Fu (1979)

A martial artist seeks revenge on those who assaulted the elderly master who taught him a specialized form of kung fu.

Bouzkachi: Chant of the Steppes (2008)

An equestrian game is played in Uzbekistan.

Fuga (2006)

Impassioned young composer Eliseo Montalbn (Benjamn Vicua) is struggling to finish his "Macabre Rhapsody." But his traumatic childhood, in which he witnessed the rape and murder of his sister, poses huge obstacles to his creativity and mental well-being. When tragedy revisits him, Eliseo spends time in a mental institution. Years later, an intrigued music student, Ricardo Coppa (Gastn Pauls), tracks the composer down to beg forgiveness for plagiarizing his symphony.

Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story (2014)

Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle join the fight against mountain top removal.

In The Dark Room (2013)

The daughter of Carlos the Jackal takes an emotional journey beyond his myth.


Top teams in competitive puzzling prepare for the largest contest in the country.

What Now? Remind Me (2013)

While undergoing experimental drug treatment for AIDS, filmmaker Joachim Pinto reflects on his life in cinema as well as the mysteries of art and nature.

Glena (2013)

A single mother in her 30s stakes her future on her success as a mixed martial arts cage fighter.

The Michigan Kid (1947)

A former U.S. marshal (Jon Hall) rescues an instant heiress (Rita Johnson) from an outlaw's (Victor McLaglen) gang.

Zombie Holocaust (1980)

An anthropologist (Donald O'Brien) and her scientist friend (Ian McCulloch) visit an island of cannibals and find a mad doctor (Alexandra Delli Colli) creating zombies.

Mem Sahib (1956)

A wealthy woman chooses her own mate and refuses to marry the man chosen by her deceased father.

A Dog's Life (1918)

Charlie rescues a stray from other dogs, and together they meet Edna after finding a wallet full of cash.

From Hand to Mouth (1919)

A young penniless man (Harold Lloyd) tries to save an heiress (Mildred Davis) from kidnappers, and helps her secure her inheritance.

The Moon in a Bottle (2007)

The owner (Dominique Pinon) of a bar awaits a reunion with his former cabaret friends.

The Driller Killer (1979)

Enraged by rejection and a punk-rock band, an artist (Jimmy Laine) vents his anger on winos with a power drill.

Bachelor Apartment (1931)

A New York playboy (Lowell Sherman) dates wild women until he falls for a hard-working stenographer (Irene Dunne).

Visit, or Memories and Confessions (2015)

Filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira shares home movies and discusses family, cinema, architecture and other topics.

The French Detective (1975)

An aging gumshoe (Lino Ventura) and his young sidekick (Patrick Dewaere) try to prove that a corrupt politician (Victor Lanoux) killed a fellow officer.

The Hand (1965)

A massive hand torments an artist.

Further Tales of the City (2001)

The continuing adventures of the residents of San Francisco's Barbary Lane. Based on the novel by Armistead Maupin.

The Icicle Thief (1989)

A cheeky satire of television and an ode to Italian neo-realist films, this playful movie features director Maurizio Nichetti playing himself. The filmmaker becomes distressed when one of his classic black-and-white movies airs on TV and is frequently interrupted by gaudy color commercials. As the film and the ads begin to overlap, and the movie's characters attempt to leave their tragic situations for consumer bliss, Nichetti enters the television world to try and sort things out.

Videoclub (2013)

People take refuge in a video store during a zombie invasion.

Sgt. Matlovich Vs. Us Airforce (1978)

in this film based on a true story, Leonard Matlovich (Brad Dourif) is a decorated Vietnam veteran who faces a court-martial from the U.S. Air Force after his admission of homosexuality. Convinced he is taking a stand for civil rights, Matlovich intentionally reveals his homosexuality to challenge the rules that forbid openly gay men from serving in the military. When the Air Force attempts to oust Matlovich with a discharge, he fights the case in court, citing his perfect military record.

Slaves of Babylon (1953)

An Israelite (Richard Conte) helps the prophet Daniel (Maurice Schwartz) work miracles to free their people from Nebuchadnezzar.

The Girl on the Stone (2006)

A young man (Gabino Rodrguez) seeks revenge against a female student (Sofa Espinosa) who humiliates him.

My Sweet Pepper Land (2014)

Baran, a war hero, becomes sheriff of the capital and refuses to bow down to a tribal chief.

Sweet Amerika (2008)

Four Americans kidnap and torture a Sikh owner of a grocery store.

The Amazing Mr. X (1948)

A rich widow (Lynn Bari) pays a fake medium (Turhan Bey) to contact her late husband, who, it turns out, is still alive.

Enter the Lone Ranger (1949)

A re-editing of the first three episodes of the television series explains the origins of the Lone Ranger.

Matlock: The Mayor (1988)

Atlanta lawyer Matlock's (Andy Griffith) defense of a '60s activist accused of assassination uncovers a mayor's unsavory past.

Delight (2013)

A former war photographer's intense affair with a younger man in a remote Welsh village forces her to exorcise the ghosts of her past.

Alias: The Bad Man (1931)

A cowboy falls in love with the daughter of a suspected cattle rustler while looking for his father's killer.

Palo Pinto Gold (2009)

The son of a murdered Texas Ranger hunts for the rogue Ranger who killed hi father.

Jack, Jules, Esther & Me (2013)

Lou is forced to improvise when his plot to win the heart of his running mate falls apart.

Keet & Koen en de speurtocht naar Bassie & Adriaan (2015)

Amusement park entertainers search for the missing Bassie and Adriaan.

Guerrillas in Pink Lace (1964)

Chorus girls (Valerie Varda, Joan Shawlee) and a fake priest (George Montgomery) flee from the Japanese in the Philippines.

The Flight of the Eagle (1982)

This film, based on real-life events, follows Salomon August Andre (Max von Sydow), a daring Swedish engineer who attempts to reach the North Pole via hot-air balloon. Joined by his loyal companions, Knut Fraenkel (Sverre Anker Ousdal) and Nils Strindberg (Gran Stangertz), Andre departs from northern Norway in his balloon, but he and his partners don't make it far before complications ensue. Once the balloon crashes and the men are stranded on the ice, the expedition veers towards tragedy.

May Allah Bless France (2014)

A petty thief and drug dealer (Marc Zinga) becomes determined to make something more of his life and finds redemption through music and Islam.

Alfred & Jakobine (2014)

Alfred and Jakobine meet in 1995 and spend the next four years touring the world in an old taxicab, then Alfred abruptly leaves the marriage. Forty years later, he restores the vehicle and hopes to track down Jakobine to make amends.

Man of the People (1937)

The son (Joseph Calleia) of Italian immigrants targets the politician (Thomas Mitchell) who has made him assistant district attorney.

India's Daughter (2015)

Filmmaker Leslee Udwin examines the society and values of India after a 23-year-old medical student is raped and murdered on a bus.

Letters to Jackie: Remembering President Kennedy (2013)

Following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Americans unite to write personal letters to the grieving first lady.

Carry On Spying (1964)

A British spy (Kenneth Williams) and his pupils are sent to recover a secret formula stolen by an agent of STENCH.

Por amor en el caserio (2014)

Crystal and Angelo fall in love amid a life full of violence, drugs and social deterioration.

The Bronte Sisters (1979)

Literary Emily (Isabelle Adjani), Anne (Isabelle Huppert) and Charlotte (Marie-France Pisier) have short lives in early 19th-century England.