Video Killer (2016)

When Amy receives a haunted video tape containing weird films from a figure stalking her, she realizes she is not alone and must find other victims who are being haunted to try and work out who is trying to kill them.

Donkey Flies (2015)

A stubborn boy transforms a dumping ground into a playground and confides in his donkey his dreams of playing in the neighborhood band.

Ta'ang (2016)

The Ta'ang people undergo a forced migration when a civil war escalates.

It's All Good (2016)

Three broke filmmakers are about to give up their dreams when a crowdfunding effort brings in $75,000. After blowing the money on frivolous luxuries instead of their film, they must face an onslaught of angry donors.

Tattletale Corpse (2016)

The government develops a serum that allows murder cases to be solved by bringing the dead back to life for three minutes.

Uro (2006)

When a man (Nicolai Cleve Broch) joins the police force in an effort to put his delinquent past behind him, he finds himself trapped in a web of lies, which stretch out from both sides of the law.

Answering the Call (2016)

In 1965, John Witeck answered Dr. King's call to march on Selma. Now, he travels back to Alabama with his nephew to further explore voting rights in America and how things have changed.

Subways (2014)

A young gay man deals with depression and tragedy.

The Well (2013)

After her parents separate, a girl wants nothing more than to be with her father once again. Feeling emotionally abandoned, she retreats to a water well in her backyard, using it as a secret place where her imagination can run wild.

What Do You Think? (1937)

A screenwriter wonders if his odd day was the effect of coincidence or the paranormal.

Road to Ladakh (2003)

A woman (Koel Purie) and a quiet stranger (Irrfan Khan) are thrown together by a case of mistaken identity when a mechanic mistakenly exchanges their tires.

All's Well Ends Well '97 (1997)

The youngest of the three Shang brothers falls for a well-executed prank when his siblings convince him that he has won the lottery.

All's Well, Ends Well 2009 (2009)

A high-powered businesswoman with a shrill personality has little chance of finding a husband.

Moon Point (2011)

Darryl travels hundreds of miles in a wagon hooked to the back of his friend's electric wheelchair to find his childhood crush.

My companion, my friend (1968)

A cruel guardian overshadows the object of a man's (Dharmendra) affections.

Culture Jam: Highjacking Commercial Culture (2001)

Carly Stasko; Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping; Jack Napier with the Billboard Liberation Front.

The Gold Diggers (1983)

An exploration into the relationship between gold, money and celebrity.

Road Reps (2008)

A sales rep begins a road trip across the country with three friends to beat his estranged wife to a client.

The Deep (2012)

The sole survivor of a tragic shipwreck tries to survive in the freezing ocean off the coast of Iceland.

The Loser's Club (2001)

A program manager (Maggie Siu) tells a television producer (Eric Tsang) that the latter's friend (Francis Ng) must be removed from a New Year's telecast.

Three Days (1992)

Two Lithuanian boys and two Russian girls search for a place to sleep together.

Owning the Weather (2009)

Filmmaker Robert Greene examines scientific attempts to control the weather.

The Last Will (2014)

Jakob tries to get into a psychiatric hospital to visit his father to fulfill his dying mother's final wish. Before he can meet him, Jakob speaks to the doctor in charge and learns of the vents that landed his father in the care of the facility.

Duck Soup (1927)

Oliver and Stanley hide from forest rangers in a big game hunter's house.

Creed (2016)

Although a thief grows tired of being a crook and using women, his life spirals out of control when his decisions backfire.

Elena and the Secret of Avalor (2016)

Sofia discovers the incredible mystery behind her amulet. Princess Elena from the kingdom of Avalor has been magically trapped inside the amulet for 41 years, waiting for another princess to set her free, and Sofia is up to the task!

Captive (1998)

Desperate for cash, an artist (Richard Grieco) for ad agency joins a ruthless co-worker's (Michele Greene) kidnapping scheme.

Stelvio. Crocevia della Pace (2014)

The Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps offers a breathtaking landscape and summer skiing, but just 100 years ago, it was the highest and coldest battlefield of World War I.

The Rolling Stones Olé Olé Olé! : A Trip Across Latin America (2016)

The Rolling Stones make history in Havana, playing to a crowd of 1.2 million.

The Lorelei (2016)

A private detective investigates a missing man and discovers a serial killer in Oxford.

River of Exploding Durians (2014)

The construction of a rare plant leaves the inhabitants of a coastal town changed forever.

Broken Leg (2014)

A perennial student needs to take care of her sister's husband, who is dealing with a broken leg, for a weekend to prove she's responsible enough for yet another student loan.

The Man Who Was Thursday (2016)

After an incident at his parish, Father Smith is recalled to Rome for a spiritual reconciliation. When he arrives in the holy city, Father Smith is tasked by his superiors to infiltrate a band of renegades to earn his redemption.

Bob the Builder: Bob's Winter Build (2016)

Bob's team works on a chairlift to take snowboarders up a hill.

The Greatest Gift (2018)

French monks take in a nearly frozen juggler for the winter.

Scalps (1987)

In the aftermath of the Civil war, rogue Southern soldiers kidnap a woman and slaughter everyone in her village after her father refuses to sell her to them.

Divertimento (2002)

An insecure actor (Federico Luppi) seeks mentoring advice from a legendary performer (Francisco Rabal) who is unwilling to part with it.

Nuummioq (2009)

A young man journeys from mundane existence into a profound sense of the sacred after learning he has a serious illness.

Toz Bezi (2015)

Two Kurdish cleaning women living in Istanbul try to survive. Nesrin tries to make ends meet with her daughter and understand why her husband left her, and Hatun dreams of buying a house someday.

Subordinate (2014)

A couple in their 40s draw their butler into a series of perverse power games.

Chasing Pavement (2015)

A young porn actor prepares to leave the industry and begin a new life as a chef.

Starlit Days at the Lido (1935)

Film stars from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios visit Hollywood's Lido Lounge.

The Nightless City (2014)

A woman finds herself completely unable to sleep after the Fukushima incident.

Derakula (2016)

A kidnapped family man's situation gets worse when he learns his captors are the last descendants of the Dracula family who fled Russia after World War II. The man and Dracula form an unlikely and dangerous friendship.

La Dream Team (2016)

When a fit of anger leads to a serious injury, a sidelined soccer star returns to his hometown and reluctantly agrees to train the local youth.

Saturday Killer (2010)

An assassin with an impotence problem falls in love with a woman who is searching for the man who killed her father.

Lock (2016)

A struggling screenwriter loses a script in the back of a rickshaw and recovering it will not be easy.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Space! (2016)

The Cat in the Hat (Martin Short) embarks on a cosmic adventure throughout the solar system.

Fiela's Child (1988)

A black woman in South Africa finds a white infant on her doorstep and raises him as her own.

Fireman Sam: Alien Alert (2016)

The iconic fireman has to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding alien-hunter-turned-TV-presenter Douglas' arrival to the town of Pontypandy. With UFO sightings on the increase, he is determined to get to the bottom of the odd events.

Vai que Dá Certo 2 (2016)

Underdogs in search of easy money find a compromising video and decide to get into the business of blackmailing people.

Vampyres (2015)

Campers unwittingly stumble upon a stately manor inhabited by masochistic vampires.

Resurrection (1998)

A Roman guard (Robert Jobe) searches for truth in the midst of a cover-up around Christ's execution.

Collector (2016)

Arthur, the top employee at a collection firm, risks losing it all when a scandalous video hits the web.

The Pearl (2016)

Closeted transgender women attend a conference that allows them to express their true identities.

Lambchops (1929)

Gracie tries to convince George she's not a ditz.

The Cowboy and the Girl (1928)

Barrelhouse piano and singing in a cowboy parlor.

The Diplomat Hotel (2013)

A disgraced reporter (Gretchen Barretto) seeks redemption by spending one night with her documentary crew at a hotel that is infamously known for its bloody past.

Superclásico (2011)

Christian travels to Buenos Aires to win his wife back from a younger and buffer man.

Journeys from Berlin/1971 (1980)

A woman explores the ramifications of terrorism through an extended therapy session.

Pour toujours, les Canadiens! (2009)

A teenage hockey player endures a slump, while his mother and father remain preoccupied with their careers.

Dream Home (2006)

Supernatural terror strikes when a couple buys a seemingly perfect house.

Escape (1995)

Wrongly imprisoned for conspiracy to assassinate the Philippines' President Marcos, two men unite to break out of jail.

Hot Chili (1985)

Teenage guys (Charles Schillaci, Chuck Hemingway, Joe Rubbo) fraternize with guests while working at a Mexican resort.

Queens Over Jacks (2005)

A man ponders how far he would go to help a friend in need.

Hulchul (1995)

Deva's parents die when he is very young, and he is adopted by ACP Siddhant. As he grows up, he assists his adoptive father in his police work, and even helps free his half brother who was framed for murder.

Identity Card (2010)

Four teenage boys turn into adults over three years.

Traficante sin ley (2000)

A beautiful and intelligent police lieutenant investigates a strange drug dealer and enters his world.

In This Life (2010)

A couple that is deeply in love prepares to get married.

In the Shadows (2010)

Released from prison, a Trojan (Misel Maticevic) begins to plan an armored car robbery with an old friend and a crooked cop.

Karz: The Burden of Truth (2002)

A troubled man (Sunny Deol) worries that his new friend (Sunil Shetty) will steal his love interest (Shilpa Shetty).

The Rider of the Skulls (1965)

El Charro comes to the rescue in three stories: the human wolf, the human vampire and the headless horseman.

Marimbas From Hell (2010)

A traditional musician and a rocker combine their talents.

Dirkie - Lost in the Desert (1969)

A boy and his dog wander through the Kalahari after a plane crash in southern Africa.

Kanoon Ki Awaaz (1989)

A crook (Prem Chopra) plots revenge against the judge (Jaya Prada) who sentenced his son to death.

Laugh, Clown, Laugh (1928)

A clown named Tito Beppi (Lon Chaney) adopts orphaned Simonetta (Loretta Young), and they begin to travel and perform in the circus together. As Simonetta grows into a beautiful young woman, Tito eventually falls in love with her. Though the girl actually has eyes for the young and noble Count Ravelli (Nils Asther), she pretends to want the kindly clown because she is unwilling to break his heart. When Tito realizes that he stands in the way of her happiness, things turn tragic.

Chain Gang (1950)

A reporter (Douglas Kennedy) poses as a guard for a chain gang to expose corruption.

The Clean Bin Project (2010)

A couple tries to lead a waste-free life.

Hurricanes (2003)

A dissatisfied man sees a chance to improve his lot in life when he meets an alluring photographer.

Bullying (2009)

A teen (Albert Carb) must contend with a relentless bully (Joan Carles Suau) and his gang after moving to a new town.

What Your Eyes Don't See (2000)

The owner of a political magazine is gunned down.

El Tesoro del Indito (1961)

A Mexican Indian child wants to be an actor and the head of the tribe decides to sponsor him.

Caminos de Sangre (1945)

A group of men paralyzes an entire area of the city and submits to the orders of the head of that operation.

Cinderella (1914)

Although mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters, Cinderella is able to go to the royal ball through the help of her fairy godmother.

Helen (2009)

A talented professor is forced to deal with her clinical depression.

Sex and the College Girl (1964)

A notorious womanizer meets his match while on vacation.

Pokémon the Movie: Black - Victini and Reshiram (2011)

Ash and his friends arrive in Eindoak Town, where they meet the mythical Pokmon Victini. When Damon plans to trap Victini and harness its power, Ash has to awaken the legendary Pokmon Reshiram to help him stop Damon.

Amore (1948)

In the first of two separate tales, an Italian woman (Anna Magnani) desperate to reconcile with her ex-husband, pours out her feelings to him in an emotional phone conversation. In the second, a volatile peasant (also Magnani) in a small village believes a vagrant (Federico Fellini) is Saint Joseph. After the woman speaks with him, he offers her wine, and later she passes out. Weeks later, discovering she's pregnant, the woman tells the scoffing villagers that she is carrying the Christ child.

The Oath (2016)

The daughter of a well-respected doctor begins dating a dangerous criminal.

Lumiere! (2016)

Restored prints from the Lumière Brothers.

Accordions Rising (2015)

Filmmaker Roberta Cantow chronicles the resurgence of accordion music.

Rubbertown (2016)

A resident of Louisville, Ky., tries to move her entire house to another county after suffering through years of regular leaks, spills, and occasional explosions at nearby manufacturing facilities.

All-Star Vaudeville (1935)

Contortionists, a duet and comic acrobats.

You Don't Know the Half of It (1929)

Ann Butler tells Jay Brennan about men she's known.

Buzzin' Around (1933)

Fatty (Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle) manages to invent a liquid that makes objects unbreakable, but in a rush to demonstrate the invention he accidentally grabs a jar of moonshine.

Sharps and Flats (1928)

A husband and wife musical duo.

Okinawa: The Afterburn (2015)

A comprehensive look at the Battle of Okinawa, which claimed some 240,000 lives, and America's ensuing 70-year occupation of the island.

Our Sister Mambo (2015)

A young woman in a middle class family tries to find husbands for her three sisters.

Heaven and Hell (2012)

Three surveillance cameras in homes and convenience stores capture the paranormal.

The Trial of Ben Barry (2012)

An estranged son, a changed man after being in and out of prison for 20 years, returns home to help his elderly father confront the mistakes of his past.