Genghis Blues (1999)

Genghis Blues (1999) is a documentary film directed by Roko Belic. It centers on the journey of blind American singer Paul Pena to the isolated Russian Republic of Tuva due to his interest in Tuvan throat singing. It won the 1999 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award for a Documentary. It was also nominated for an Academy Award in 2000 in the Best Documentary Feature category.

Man's Favorite Sport? (1964)

Man's Favorite Sport? is a 1964 comedy film starring Rock Hudson and Paula Prentiss. Released by Universal Pictures, the movie was directed and produced by Howard Hawks. Hawks intended this movie to be a homage to his own 1938 screwball classic Bringing Up Baby with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant, and unsuccessfully tried to get the original stars to reprise their roles.

Marcel Proust's Time Regained (1999)

Time Regained (French: Le Temps retrouvé) is a 1999 French drama film directed by the Chilean filmmaker Raúl Ruiz. It is an adaptation of the final volume of In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust. The plot is about the anonymous narrator of In Search of Lost Time who reflects on his past experiences while lying on his deathbed. The choice to develop the last volume of In Search of Lost Time allows the film to refer to the entire series of books. For example, the film shows an episode of the first novel, Swann's Way, usually referred to as "the lady in pink", as a flashback of Time Regained. The film was entered into the 1999 Cannes Film Festival.

A Simple Wish (1997)

A Simple Wish (also known as The Fairy Godmother) is a 1997 children's-fantasy-comedy film directed by Michael Ritchie, and starring Martin Short, Mara Wilson, and Kathleen Turner. The film about a bumbling male fairy godmother named Murray (Short), who tries to help 8-year-old Annabel (Wilson) fulfill her wish that her father, a carriage driver, wins the leading role in a Broadway musical. It was the last film from director Michael Ritchie before his death in 2001.

The Sense of Wonder (2015)

The Sense of Wonder (original title: Le Goût des merveilles) is a 2015 French romance film written and directed by Éric Besnard. It stars Virginie Efira and Benjamin Lavernhe.

Helios (2015)

Helios is a 2015 Hong Kong-Chinese crime thriller film directed by Longman Leung and Sunny Luk and starring an international ensemble cast from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and South Korea. The film was released on 30 April 2015 in China and 1 May 2015 in Hong Kong.

Alpine Fire (1985)

Alpine Fire (German: Höhenfeuer) is a 1985 Swiss drama film directed by Fredi M. Murer. It won the Golden Leopard at the 1985 Locarno International Film Festival. The film was selected as the Swiss entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 58th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

The Deadly Tower (1975)

The Deadly Tower, also known as Sniper, is a 1975 television film directed by Jerry Jameson. It stars Kurt Russell and Richard Yniguez and is based on the University of Texas tower shooting.

Byzantium (2012)

Byzantium is a 2012 Irish horror fantasy thriller film directed by Neil Jordan and starring Gemma Arterton, Saoirse Ronan, and Jonny Lee Miller. The story concerns a mother and daughter vampire duo who move into a rundown hotel while hiding out from other vampires. The film premiered at the Irish Film Institute in April 2013 and was commercially released the following month. It has received generally positive reviews.

City By The Sea (2002)

Academy Award winners Robert De Niro and Frances McDormand star in this true story of a man who, as a cop, must bring a criminal to justice—but, as a father, must find a way to save his son. While investigating the murder of a surfer, New York City police detective Vincent LaMarca (De Niro)—whose own father was executed for murder—discovers that his estranged son (James Franco) may have committed the crime. Now LaMarca will put his life on the line to do right by both his family and his profession. Based on an Esquire magazine article by Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Mike McAlary

Miss Mary (1986)

Miss Mary is a 1986 drama film directed by María Luisa Bemberg and starring Julie Christie, Nacha Guevara and Eduardo Pavlovsky. It was an Argentine-American co-production shot on location in Argentina.

Like Minds (2006)

Like Minds is a feature film, written and directed by Gregory J. Read. The film was produced by the South Australian Film Corporation. It debuted in Australia on 9 November 2006. The psychological thriller is the first Australian/UK co-production to be set in the UK in over a decade. Like Minds was retitled Murderous Intent for its 2007 U.S. DVD release.

The Vanishing Prairie (1954)

The American prairie. A wondrous expanse teeming with life and vitality before the march of civilization all but destroyed it. Disney photographers use ingenious and innovative techniques to capture the magic of nature, still persevering on the American prairie.

3 Kids and a Queen (1935)

Three Kids and a Queen is a 1935 American drama film directed by Edward Ludwig and written by Samuel Ornitz and Barry Trivers. The film stars May Robson, Henry Armetta, Herman Bing, Frankie Darro, Bill Burrud and William "Billy" Benedict. The film was released on October 21, 1935, by Universal Pictures.

Hell High (1987)

Hell High is a 1989 slasher film. The film was shot in 1986.

Rebellion (2011)

Rebellion (French: L'Ordre et la Morale) is a 2011 French historical drama film directed, produced, co-written, co-edited by and starring Mathieu Kassovitz. Set in New Caledonia but filmed in Tahiti, the film recreates a version of the Ouvéa cave hostage taking in 1988. Kassovitz, Benoît Jaubert and Pierre Geller were collectively nominated for the 2012 Best Writing (Adaptation) César Award.

Glass Trap (2005)

Glass Trap is a 2005 sci-fi monster movie starring C. Thomas Howell & Stella Stevens and directed by Fred Olen Ray, credited as Ed Raymond.

Men With Brooms (2002)

This wickedly cool comedy racks four life-long friends on a hilarious quest for true love, macho bonding and big-time curling glory! Reunited by the last wishes of their recently deceased coach, four no-quite-together guys set out to win the local Superbowl of curling, an ancient, inscrutable sport involving large "stone," icy arenas and yes...MEN WITH BROOMS. Under the guidance of their befuddled new coach (Leslie Nielsen), the intrepid teammates fight their way to the big championship showdown, facing everything from jilted fiancees and murderous thugs to low sperm counts, amorous sisters of jilted fiancees and more. The side-spitting results is a comedy gem positively bristling with "on the button" laughter, romance and wit!

Wheelmen (2005)

A limousine driver unwittingly stumbles into a bizarre plot to kidnap the vice president.

Key (2011)

Forensic pathologist Martin Revell (Nathan Sapsford) finds a relic key inside of a suicide victim's stomach. His investigation into the key leads him into a world of obsession, insanity, and a confrontation with a detective.

Vampire (2011)

Vampire is a 2011 dramatic horror-thriller film that was directed and written by Shunji Iwai. It was first released on January 22, 2011 at the Sundance Film Festival and is the first film he has directed in English. The movie stars Kevin Zegers as a teacher who believes himself to be a blood-drinking vampire.

New Rose Hotel (1999)

New Rose Hotel is a 1998 Cyberpunk film by director Abel Ferrara, based on a William Gibson story of the same name, starring Christopher Walken, Willem Dafoe and Asia Argento.

Winterset (1936)

Winterset is a 1936 American crime film directed by Alfred Santell, based on the play by Maxwell Anderson. The film greatly changes the ending of the play, in which the lovers Mio and Miriamne are shot to death by gangsters. In the film, the two are cornered, but Mio deliberately causes a commotion by loudly playing a nearby abandoned hurdy-gurdy and deliberately causing himself and Miriamne to be arrested, thus placing them out of reach from the gangsters.

The Ocean Waif (1916)

Millie washes up on the shore of a fishing village and is taken in by an abusive man, who forces her to work as a drudge and who beats her, then a famous novelist falls in love with her.

Codebreaker (2011)

CODEBREAKER tells the remarkable and tragic story of Alan Turing, who set in motion the computer age, helped turn the tide of World War II as a codebreaker, and was then sentenced to undergo chemical castration as punishment for his homosexuality.

Filthy Mcnasty (2002)

Plain Janes make a deal with a lusty demon to ramp up their sex appeal.

Perfect Little Angels (1998)

A teen (Cheryl Ladd) and her mother (Jody Thompson) suspect mind control is being practiced in their suburban housing development.

Lady Avenger (1988)

A hardened woman breaks out of jail to take her revenge on the street gang that murdered her brother.

Utt Pataang (2011)

Utt Pataang is a 2011 Bollywood comedy thriller film, written and directed by Srikanth V. Velagaleti and features Vinay Pathak in a double role alongside, Mahie Gill, Mona Singh and Saurabh Shukla in the leading roles. The film was released on 4 February 2011, to mixed reviews and was also a commercial failure. It is inspired by Japanese film, A Stranger of Mine (2005).

The Search (1948)

OSCAR WINNER: Best Original Screenplay In post-World War II Germany, a small boy who survived Auschwitz wanders alone -- feral, mute and terrified. He finds a makeshift home with a big-hearted GI, while the mother he does not remember searches desperately for him. Starring a then-unknown Montgomery Clift in his movie debut, directed in a near-documentary style by Fred Zinnemann and filmed in the ragged, rubble-strewn skeleton of Nuremberg, "The Search" vividly captures the horrifying human cost of war. This milestone of filmmaking won two 1948 Academy Awards, including a special award to Ivan Jandl for his haunting performance as the lost child.

I Went Down (1997)

I Went Down is an Irish comedy crime film by director Paddy Breathnach released 3 October 1997.

Witchtrap (1989)

Experts (James W. Quinn, Kathleen Bailey, Judy Tatum) try to exorcise a house which is haunted by the owner's heartless uncle.

Marie-Line (2000)

Marie-Line (Muriel Robin) is the often tyrannical leader of a group of cleaning ladies who scrub down a supermarket every night. The team is made up mostly of illegal immigrants, such as Malika (Aissa Maiga). Marie-Line deals with sexual harassment at work and her fascist husband at home. Her only consolation is her love for a deceased singer. Despite a harsh exterior, Marie-Line cares for her coworkers. As friendship blooms between them, she becomes willing to do anything to protect them.

Redemption (1930)

Redemption is a 1930 American Pre-Code drama film directed by Fred Niblo, produced and distributed by MGM, and starring John Gilbert. This film was actually Gilbert's first talking film but was released after the now infamous His Glorious Night, which garnered disastrous reviews. The film was based on a stage play, Redemption, adapted by Arthur Hopkins (who had seen the play in Europe) from the play The Living Corpse by Leo Tolstoy. Hopkins produced the play in 1918 with the lead none other than John Barrymore in a winning and successful stage interpretation.

Hard (1998)

A gay detective (Noel Palomaria) and his partner (Charles Lanyer) chase a serial killer (Malcolm Moorman) who targets male prostitutes.

Elephant White (2011)

Elephant White is a 2011 American action-thriller film starring Djimon Hounsou and Kevin Bacon. Filming took place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Don't Tell Anyone (1998)

A gay Peruvian (Santiago Magill) struggles with the double standard of socially acceptable behavior and sexual fulfillment.

My Brother... Nikhil (2005)

My Brother… Nikhil is a 2005 Indian film set in Goa, based on the life of Dominic d'Souza. The movie portrays the life of the protagonist, Nikhil, from 1987 to 1994, when AIDS awareness in India was considerably low. Onir, the film director, stated that the film is based on true historical fact, and the standard disclaimer about fictitious content was just a compromise with the Indian government to gain permission to make the film.

Space Junk 3D (2012)

A growing ring of orbiting debris threatens the safety of Earth's satellites and space exploration.

Disappearance (2002)

Disappearance is a 2002 television film that first aired on TBS and later was released on DVD.

The Magician (1926)

A magician/alchemist, seeking to create life, finds that he needs the "blood of a virgin" to continue his experiments. He sends out his dwarf assistant to pick out the right girl.

New York Memories (2010)

Rosa von Praunheim returns to New York City and remembers wild times from the 1970s.

Mulberry Child (2012)

Mulberry Child is a 2011 documentary film that was written and directed by Susan Morgan Cooper, based on the book by the same name by Jian Ping. It had its world premiere on October 16, 2011 at the Heartland Film Festival and features Jacqueline Bisset as the movie's narrator.

Touched (2005)

A devoted nurse (Jenna Elfman) falls in love with a formerly comatose patient who has lost his sense of touch.

Dan Aykroyd Unplugged On UFOs (2005)

The actor and comic discusses the UFO phenomenon.

Gypsy Colt (1954)

Gypsy Colt is a 1954 Ansco Color film about an eponymous horse. The films basic plot was taken from Lassie Come Home. A 60-minute version of Gypsy Colt was made available in 1967 as part of the weekly TV anthology Off to See the Wizard.

One Big Hapa Family (2010)

One Big Hapa Family is a 2010 animated/live-action documentary film directed by Canadian director Jeff Chiba Stearns. The documentary explores aspects that influence most Japanese-Canadians to marry inter-racially and how the mixed Japanese generation perceives its multiracial identity.

The Prophet's Son (2012)

As society crumbles, people's faith in God is their only path to hope.

I Sell Anything (1934)

I Sell Anything is a 1934 American film directed by Robert Florey and featuring Pat O'Brien as an auctioneer involved with two highly contrasting women: Ann Dvorak, who tries to steal a watch because she hasn't eaten in a few days, and the Fifth Avenue rich girl Claire Dodd, who effortlessly swindles him out of five thousand dollars.

The Next Voice You Hear... (1950)

The Next Voice You Hear... (1950) is a drama film in which a voice claiming to be that of God preempts all radio programs for days all over the world. It stars James Whitmore and Nancy Davis as Joe and Mary Smith, a typical American couple. It was based on a short story of the same name by George Sumner Albee. The voice is never heard by the (film) audience. The production of the film, from script stage to screen, was extensively covered as the subject of producer Dore Schary's 1950 book (with Charles Palmer) Case History of a Movie.

Happy Here and Now (2002)

Happy Here and Now is a 2002 film directed by Michael Almereyda. It has a 45% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 20 reviews. It was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award in 2004.

Outlaw Women (1952)

Outlaw Women is a 1952 American western film directed by Sam Newfield and Ron Ormond and starring Marie Windsor, Richard Rober and Carla Balenda. It is set in a remote small town run entirely by women. The film was made in Cinecolor and released by the low-budget specialist Lippert Pictures.

The Brides of Fu Manchu (1966)

The Brides of Fu Manchu is a 1966 British/German Constantin Film co-production adventure crime film based on the fictional Asian villain Fu Manchu, created by Sax Rohmer. It was the second film in a series, and was preceded by The Face of Fu Manchu. The Vengeance of Fu Manchu followed in 1967, The Blood of Fu Manchu in 1968, and The Castle of Fu Manchu in 1969. It was produced by Harry Alan Towers for Hallam Productions. Like the first film, it was directed by Don Sharp, and starred Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu. Nigel Green was replaced by Douglas Wilmer as Scotland Yard detective Nayland Smith. The action takes place mainly in London, where much of the location filming took place.

The Great Wall Is a Great Wall (1986)

A Great Wall is a 1986 comedy-drama film written, directed and starring Peter Wang. It is the first American feature film shot in the People's Republic of China. This was Kelvin Han Yee's first film.

Love Speed and Loss (2006)

Kim and Janeen run away to Europe and join a convoy of Grand Prix motorcycle racers.

Khushi (2003)

Khushi is an Indian Hindi romantic comedy film released on 7 February 2003, starring Kareena Kapoor and Fardeen Khan in main roles, directed by S. J. Suryah and produced by Boney Kapoor under Narsimha Enterprises. The music was composed by Anu Malik.

Minor Mishaps (2002)

Minor Mishaps is a 2002 Danish film. It won a number of awards and nominations including the Blue Angel at the 2002 Berlin International Film Festival for director Annette K. Olesen and a nomination for European Discovery of the Year at the European Film Awards. The film is set in Amager in Denmark.

Curling (2010)

Curling is a Canadian drama film, directed by Denis Côté and released in 2010. The film stars Emmanuel Bilodeau and Philomène Bilodeau as Jean-François and Julyvonne Sauvageau, a father and daughter who are living in virtual isolation in rural Quebec.

Punk In Africa (2012)

Three chords, three countries, one revolution… Punk in Africa is the story of the multi-racial punk movement within the recent political and social upheavals experienced in three Southern African countries: South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Last Time Out (1994)

A former quarterback suits up again to help his talented but party-loving son aim for a professional football career.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones (1973)

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones is a concert movie featuring the British rock band The Rolling Stones that was first released in 1974. Directed by Rollin Binzer and produced by Binzer and Marshall Chess, it was filmed in 16mm by Bob Freeze and Steve Gebhardt of Butterfly Films during four shows in Fort Worth, Texas at the Tarrant County Convention Center and Houston, Texas at the Hofheinz Pavilion, from the band's 1972 North American Tour in support of their classic 1972 album Exile on Main St.

Apocalypse And The Beauty Queen (2005)

A former model comes to power after her country is ruined, but she can't regain her beauty and love.

Jalanan (2013)

Jalanan is an award-winning 2013 feature-length Indonesian documentary film directed and produced by Daniel Ziv and featuring Jakarta street musicians Bambang "Ho" Mulyono, Titi Juwariyah and Boni Putera. The movie follows the three musicians as they perform songs on Jakarta's commuter buses, clash with the law and confront the tumultuous politics of modern-day Indonesia. It follows them back to their home villages in East Java and traces their quest for legitimacy, identity and love in their adopted city of Jakarta. Jalanan won the Best Documentary prize at the prestigious Busan International Film Festival in October, 2013.

Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi (2015)

A university student who disappeared from his apartment is wrongfully implicated in the Boston Marathon bombings by collective fear, group mentality and social media.

Bojangles (2001)

Biography of the legendary showman Bill Robinson, better known as Mr. Bojangeles.

Penn & Teller Get Killed (1989)

Penn & Teller Get Killed is a 1989 black comedy film directed by Arthur Penn starring the magicians Penn & Teller. The duo play themselves, in a satirical account of what the audience would perhaps imagine the pair doing in their daily lives. Most of the action involves Penn and Teller playing practical jokes on each other along with Penn's girlfriend, Carlotta (Caitlin Clarke). The final joke, as the title of the film implies, has serious consequences for all three. It was the last feature film directed by Arthur Penn, and received mostly negative reviews from critics.

Meet the Mobsters (2005)

A gangster uses a nightclub singer's (John Fiore) terrible lyrics to give orders to his henchmen.

Two Cents Worth of Hope (1952)

Two Cents Worth of Hope is a 1952 film directed by Renato Castellani.

A Throw of Dice (1929)

A lavish silent super-production comprising 10,000 extras, a thousand horses, and scores of elephants, A Throw of Dice is the climax of German film pioneer Franz Osten's richly cinematic sojourn in India.

Marmato (2014)

Marmato is a 2014 American documentary film written, directed and produced by Mark Grieco. It is the debut feature film of Grieco. The film premiered in competition category of U.S. Documentary Competition program at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival on January 17, 2014, where it won the Candescent Award.

When Bjork Met Attenborough (2013)

Björk and David Attenborough have admired each other’s work for years, this is the document of their first discussion on their mutual love of music and the natural world.

Daddy or Mommy (2015)

Daddy or Mommy (French: Papa ou maman) is a 2015 French comedy film directed by Martin Bourboulon.

Decadent Evil II (2007)

Decadent Evil II (alternate US title: Depraved Decadence) (known in the UK as Decadent Evil Dead II) is the 2007 sequel to the 2005 film Decadent Evil.

Broken (2007)

Broken is a 2006 film by director Alan White, starring Heather Graham and Jeremy Sisto. The film had a limited run in theatres and was released to DVD.

Straight Right (2000)

An aspiring pro boxer (Brent Smith) turns vigilante when he witnesses acts of child abuse.

Hollywood Hong-Kong (2001)

Hollywood Hong Kong is a 2001 Hong Kong film directed by Fruit Chan, with screenplay written by Kei To Lam. It is the second instalment of his "prostitution trilogy" which Chan directed from 2000–02. The other two movies in the trilogy are Durian Durian (2000) and Public Toilet (2002).

The Nutcracker (1993)

Angels and sugarplums. Candy canes and ice. A magic prince, a dreamy young girl, a mysterious old man and a Christmas tree that grows sky high. Enter the world of George Balanchine's The Nutcracker, featuring the New York City Ballet, and let this all-new movie version of a timeless Yuletide fantasy, narrated by Academy Award winner Kevin Kline, draw you under its spell.

Two Shades Of Blue (1999)

When a novelist (Rachel Hunter) is accused of murdering her billionaire fiance (Gary Busey), she eludes authorities by changing identities and searches for the real killer.

Jewel (2001)

Jewel is a 2001 television drama film directed by Paul Shapiro, based on the book of the same name by Bret Lott.

Time to Say Goodbye? (1997)

Time to Say Goodbye? is a 1997 dramatic film directed by David Jones. The film is centered on the decision of an elderly family patriarch to end his life, when faced with the degradation of Alzheimer's disease.

Revolution Summer (2007)

Four young people search for meaning in an oppressive and alienating society.

The Flying Deuces (1939)

The Flying Deuces, also known as Flying Aces, is a 1939 comedy film starring Laurel and Hardy, in which the duo join the French Foreign Legion. It is a partial remake of their 1931 short film Beau Hunks.

Nobody's Children (1951)

Nobody’s Children is the first half of an overflowing diptych of melodramas chronicling the labyrinthine misfortunes of a couple torn cruelly apart by fate (and meddling villains). When Guido (Amedeo Nazzari), a young count, falls for Luisa (Yvonne Sanson), the poor daughter of one of the miners who works at his family’s quarry, his mother and her nefarious henchman scheme epically to separate the two forever.

Queen Mimi (2016)

Queen Mimi is a 2015 documentary film about the life of Marie Haist, an octogenarian homeless woman who lived in a Santa Monica laundromat for 18 years, directed by Yaniv Rokah and produced by Elliot V Kotek.

Iron Ivan (2014)

This film features the well-known athlete Ivan Poddubny -- the "Russian Hercules" -- who wrestled for more than 50 years and won tournaments well into his senior years.

Roboshark (2015)

What starts off as a typical day on the streets of Seattle soon becomes a terrifying bloodbath, when a great white shark devours an alien space probe…and ROBOSHARK is born. The U.S. military comes after it with guns blazing, but it’s the power of social media that puts an ambitious newscaster and her tech-savvy daughter ahead of everyone else in the race to stop the destruction. Get ready to dive into a killer good time packed with heart-pounding chases, high-tech battles, laugh-out-loud humor and unforgettable special effects.

Gentlemen of Fortune (1971)

Gentlemen of Fortune (Russian: Джентльмены удачи, translit. Dzhentlmeny udachi) is a 1971 Soviet comedy film, filmed at Mosfilm and directed by Aleksandr Seryj. The stars of the film include famous Soviet actors such as Savely Kramarov, Yevgeny Leonov, Georgy Vitsin, and Radner Muratov. The film was the leader of Soviet distribution in 1972 having 65.02 million viewers.

Blackout (2001)

A deranged man torments a woman (Jane Seymour), her teenage daughter (Alexandra Piccato) and young son trapped in a department store during a power outage.

Two Angry Moms (2007)

Parents can make a difference in America's school lunchrooms, getting rid of the trans fats, sugar and food dyes and advocating for healthy ingredients and healthy children.

Mixed Blood (1984)

Mixed Blood is a 1985 film directed by Paul Morrissey and John Leguizamo's film debut.

Say It With Songs (1929)

Say It With Songs is a 1929 American Pre-Code musical drama film, released by Warner Bros.. The film starred Al Jolson and was a follow-up to his previous film, The Singing Fool (1928).

SEAL Patrol (2014)

SEAL Patrol is a 2014 action-thriller film directed and co-written by Nicolas Mezzanatto. Released straight-to-DVD on February 11, 2014, it stars James C. Burns, Kristina Anapau, Roark Critchlow, Rich McDonald and Eric Roberts.

Grounds for Marriage (1951)

Grounds for Marriage is a 1951 American romantic comedy film directed by Robert Z. Leonard. Written and produced by Samuel Marx, the film stars Van Johnson and Kathryn Grayson.

To Dance With The White Dog (1993)

To Dance with the White Dog is a 1990 novel by Georgia author Terry Kay, based on the experiences of his father.

Two Lost in a Dirty Night (2002)

Two Lost in a Dirty Night (Portuguese: Dois Perdidos numa Noite Suja) is a 2002 Brazilian film directed by José Joffily. Based on the play of the same name by Plínio Marcos, it tells the story of Tonho (Roberto Bomtempo) and Paco (Débora Falabella).

The Light of Western Stars (1930)

The Light of Western Stars is a 1930 American Pre-Code Western produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It had two directors, Otto Brower and Edward H. Knopf. This film is the third filming of Zane Grey's novel, The Light of Western Stars. Richard Arlen and Mary Brian starred. Previously filmed by Paramount as a silent in 1925.

The Great Hypnotist (2014)

Ren (Karen Mok, SHAOLIN SOCCER) sees dead people, and it’s driving her mad. She’s also demonstrating psychic abilities, but psychiatrist Xu Ruining (Zheng Xu, LOST IN THAILAND) thinks it’s a hoax, and his radical new therapy could uncover the truth – through experimental hypnosis. Exploring the mind can be dangerous. If Ren’s hiding a secret, neither of them are safe. But if her powers are real, the truth might even be deadly. From the award-winning director of ETERNAL SUMMER and THE HEIRLOOM comes an expedition through the uncharted corners of the human psyche – with an alarming twist.

Young and Beautiful (1934)

Bob Preston, publicity man for Superba Pictures, uses his publicity skills in an attempt to make this fiancée June Dale the most famous movie star in the world. But in doing so, he forgets that women want to be attended to for themselves, not as objects of fame.